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  1. Best of luck Pann! We’ll always have the memories! ...😫
  2. OK, you got me, I don't even want to play Crowfall anymore. I just want more insight into the life of JTC.
  3. Database guy here. Appreciated the schema discussion, sounds like a fun problem. puts down his sandwich and turns off the Cosby Show
  4. Yeah VN, just be happy you were banned for something actually legitimate. :-)
  5. VN, I have you beat, I earned my 2nd ban months ago. Don't ask me how, though.
  6. Aw shucks, hope you had a decent cheesesteak at least. And yeah, there's not much down here in general heh.
  7. CYT, Make it out to South Jersey and I'll buy ya a beer. We don't exactly have a whole lot of trails out here though.
  8. Yeah, this stretch goal seems to be progressing just as quickly -- if not slightly faster -- as the previous ones.
  9. I'm strongly against a respec option. In a game promoting strategy and consequence, your decisions should have actual weight -- and not just the appearance that they matter. I'd be OK if you were able to buy back very small sums of skill points, but there'd have to be a considerable timer associated with it.
  10. Oh man. Even I wouldn't subject you to such cruel and depraved punishment.
  11. how ever far away, headlight
  12. Every couple of weeks I get the urge to throw some money at this. I keep reminding myself at how lame the combat looks (and I don't mean graphically).
  13. The way I interpreted it, the time of life dictates a theoretical maximum, where the distance traveled is a function of at least mass - and probably mass * power/skill. Not sure if arrows will have a 'true' trajectory or just a visual one, but based on what we've seen so far in terms of physics, I'd wager it's the former.
  14. I do indeed see my KS pledge listed under Backer Rewards now, whereas earlier today I did not (same as OP describes).
  15. I'll point this out to Val soon as I see her online. Sorry for the trouble (those of you who can't post).
  16. That's exactly how I feel! Just kidding. Some pretty good stuff in there. I hope you're letting Budkin eat and sleep. (Also just kidding. Get back to work Budkin!)
  17. I imagine this is where disciplines will come into play when the game is fully fleshed out. i.e., they may start out with some centralized support skills, but you should be able to pick up some additional disciplines to further specialize yourself into melee DPS if desired.
  18. Well. Ayup. That sounds pretty awesome! Can't wait to see this in action.
  19. I prefer Allagash White. Same style of beer, but much better. More expensive, however.
  20. There are number of legitimate and thoughtful points made in this thread. I want to thank everyone who has remained on-topic and civil. It's clear that those of you who have care about the community, even if some of us disagree on what particular attributes of it should be championed. However, the very nature of the thread does (more than?) flirt with the whole "discussing/challenging moderator actions" mantra; and because the latest page or two of posts have become a little less constructive, I am going to lock this. That said, I'm going to make sure at least one or two ACE employees see it, ask their input, and have them unlock it if they see fit. Thanks for your understanding, Eld
  21. Haven't had this happen for at least 48 hours now. Seems to be resolved (for me at least)!
  22. I'm curious what the approximate scale is for these renders. JTodd mentioned using the doors as a reference point. We have a pretty good shot at the door of the building in the top image, and it looks to me like the ramp up to the ramparts is sized similarly. Can we assume a Legionnaire would take up maybe 4-5 adjacent tiles (along one axis) and a human would take 3-4?
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