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  1. Hey guys, This is a great topic and one that merits heartfelt discussion. Please be respectful of each other, though. If you can't do that then really you're only weakening your own argument/position. I cleaned up some of the personal attacks. Thanks!
  2. The Dread Horned Llama enjoys chocolates. And, obviously, human hearts.
  3. In fact, here's a conveniently insightful post from 2003 of J. covering some of Wolfpack's early development history. It's a second-hand accounting of a technote presentation by Todd. We've already had this story told on the boards, but it's interesting hearing it in another light nonetheless. (Yes, my internet stalking skill is maxed out.)
  4. This doesn't really have anything to do with Shadowbane. Going to lock this. If you have any questions PM myself or Tully.
  5. J! I REMEMBER YOU! I was browsing around for your old blog a couple of weeks ago, actually.
  6. The Stormlight Archive TV show, kthx! I'd settle for a little of Kvothe, even.
  7. Xterra guy here. The Pathfinders are nice too, though.
  8. I've crowdfunded a very selective set of games. Star Citizen and Pillars of Eternity are odes to some of my favorite PC genres, have some proven developers working on them respectively, and I believed in their vision enough to lay down the dolla dolla bills. WHERE DO I SIGN.
  9. Awesome! VERY interesting setup on loot rules varying by world type.
  10. Yeah. From what I read, Gaius' back story is just that: a back story. Character development seems to be: choose an archetype, spend creation points on advantages/disadvantages, acquire promotions to specialize your archetype, develop particular skills to further specialize. That level of customization is nothing at all like MOBA heroes.
  11. In-game screenshot: check. Jon Snow HL3 confirmed: check. Skill based character progression (passive as well!): check. Another hunger reference supporting some type of siege/city mechanic in the Centaur backstory: check. HYPE LEVEL INCREASED.
  12. Great insight! Definitely looks to be some type of D&D themed alignment categorization. Now only if we knew of what, exactly...
  13. Today we were gifted with a female Templar character model (the translation from concept art to the actual model is uncannily accurate), another suggestive "Banner Concept" featuring our friend the knight in combat with a Champion, and an appropriately boggling image of a tree: At first glance these could be factions. However, the inclusion of Kronos and Gaea suggests deities to me. Maybe these are one path for choosing skills/spells? What do you think?
  14. OK, this is awesome. I'll have to put aside my Colbert of Righteousness in favor of the Dreaded Horned Llama. Thank you!
  15. Hail! While we don't know too many details just yet, I fully expect sieges to be a big part of the game per the initial press release:
  16. Here's an idea. And again, pure, rampant speculation. What if you choose an archetype from the base lists. The base archetypes are just templates with random genders, stats, features. You then use your "Creation Points" when forming your character to basically make ALL of your other character creation choices. Maybe there's something to spend the points on to choose your gender, your spec, your background, your skills. e.g., maybe you pick up a 'Templar' background to gain a healing spell (or line of spells). Or 'Daughter of a High Lord' background to choose your gender and backstory. All these things could be weighted with different costs (and different perks).
  17. Absolutely! GW2 had something similar with their RvRvR. You would intercept supply caravans and such, but it was a glorified points system. I want something more substantial.
  18. I don't think it's cartoonish necessarily. Look at the guys armor, particularly the scuffs and features that make it look worn in. There's some real grit and depth in there. If you darkened it up just a teensy bit (particularly his face) I think it would absolve your fears. I imagine it looks a little extra bright due to the fact that you're looking at a 'selection' screen. I do get a Diablo 3 vibe -- maybe even a little Overwatch thrown in. Neither of those are a bad thing. The former I would not describe as cartoonish, but it does make great use of color.
  19. Great overview manofbass! Definitely very excited. I'm in the minority I see about the hunger resistance! That's OK, pioneers of thought often fight an uphill battle against their peers! I just think "eat some food" is too mundane for this crowd (of developers). Could be wrong!
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