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  1. Some interesting stuff in the info drop today! Personally I am most intrigued by two stats shown in the Character Creation preview: Hunger Resistance and Warmth Conversion. These could represent a great many possible mechanics. I think the most intuitive, because we've seen them in some other games is: having to eat food or acquire warmth a part of a regular routine, in order to stave off unfortunate side effects. I think that's pretty simplistic though. I think these are early hints at siege mechanics. For instance, hunger could be a measure of how well supplied your garrison is. Keeps and fortified garrisons inherently posses a defensive bonus historically -- maybe this transfers into a boost (or maybe even ownership) in-game. As the time you are besieged increases, your garrison's supplies could dwindle, and your own personal hunger would suffer as a result. Maybe some archetypes are more resistant to this penalty than are others. What are your theories?
  2. Dibs on the horned llama! (OK, stag is probably more accurate but I'll be damned if I'm not calling it a horned llama!) Looks great so far. Can absolutely see the relation between the concept art and the knight's model.
  3. I liked Medievia. Favorite memory is pretty simple: finding a MUD that had a colorized ASCII map that updated as you moved.
  4. This interview cracks me up every time I see it. Not sure if it has been drudged up and posted here yet.
  5. Today's word of the day is: Weltwyrdangssaga
  6. ::grabs a beer:: I'll be in my bunk.
  7. Eldreth

    Like my post

    While technically Off-Topic, this thread is pretty baseless and, well, creepy. Not to mention lacking in meaningful content. Going to lock it. Per the Code of Conduct:
  8. It's true. We're having a really intense discussion on what types of PVP encounters are appropriate to wear chartreuse for on Stratics. Well, I am anyway. I'm pretty sure everyone else is just shaking their heads in disappointment.
  9. I played Medievia for a while (and, later, Blackfire MUD). The former was based off of Diku if I recall correctly. Good times!
  10. Darktide was great. Dropping your most valuable items to other players felt meaningful, at least in the beginning. Once you were established and acquired enough junk items with high value, it took the consequence out of the equation a little bit.
  11. I play Pathfinder once a week, and for some reason this totally unrelated sentence reminds me, greatly, of one of the other players. (Okay, okay. I'm that player.) +1 for the Myth: TFL and Shining Force mentions. Myth is my all-time favorite video game (sorry, Shadowbane). Dorfs throwing moloctovs into masses of thralls, mmmmm..... I didn't know that about the Game of Thrones inspiration. I (like most of everyone else) read the books only after HBO popularized it.
  12. Hahaha. I was there. I think I may have helped moderate the Q&A. "play2crush" being born was as momentous of an occasion as it sounds. Damnit Ashen, some of us are still just fanbois 15 years later. :'(
  13. Eldreth

    Dev Tracker

    This is great, thanks! Now to just get it in the sidebar. I'm a needy bastard, I know.
  14. Ah, gotcha. I'm with ya there: variety is a good thing.
  15. At the risk of seeming to pander: wow. That was an excellent and thoroughly revealing response. Thanks! 48 days. Ugh.
  16. Eldreth

    Dev Tracker

    I (and the eventual fansites, I'm sure) would love a dev tracker on the sidebar somewhere. Yunno, for stalking informational purposes and such. I know it's early still! Don't kill me!
  17. I voted classless. I don't think it's the more popular or more marketable route. But it sure as hell is different and in my opinion, much needed in this genre.
  18. @rock: NPC factions done right are tricky. AI is tough business in any medium. But I agree, AI that pose a real threat and real reward are a great system for players to interact with. Also easily exploitable, historically. Not that Shadowbane had any of that going on. :> @puddles: A scale to dig yourself out of the pit is agreeable. But you shouldn't be able to have it all: choices and consequences. If you're a known bandit, profiteering off the misfortune of others (sounds fun!), someone should probably be on your ass. Star Citizen, a wholly different game from a wholly different genre, has some interesting ideas on this. @bradicus: Great point, but with one hesitation. Don't force me into a fantasy trope. And, for the love of god, don't let there be a series of menus/radio buttons that put me there. There should be some other initiator to that effect. Can it be player driven instead?
  19. Modern MMOs have come a long way. Game systems designed today outclass and outperform what we had in early MMOs by leagues. This goes without saying. What we don't have today are real consequences. In UO, if you disgruntled off the wrong people, you could be camped -- or worse, burgled. Yes, that's right: your home would be broken into and you would be left destitute and helpless (well, at least until you worked out your plan for revenge). In Shadowbane, we had this on a much larger scale of communities instead of players or small bands of players. While I will surely boast that I play2crush as much as any other eager reader here, in truth I'm not an overly selfish or inconsiderate person. I don't like to see people suffer (other than a good case of schadenfreude, I guess). What I do like to see is people held accountable for their actions; whether that means bringing measurable, real justice to that unapologetic douchebag, or watching the tragically uninformed noob come to terms with their lack of knowledge. These people don't deserve bad experiences in MMOs. But if there is a real penalty to my own actions, to the actions of others, then there also must be a real reward. Not just some meaningless currency to purchase Redundant Upgrade #237. So that's why I'm here. I played Shadowbane. I played UO. I played AC:Darktide. Here's hoping. -Eld
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