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    Eldreth reacted to AshenTemper in What game is everyone coming over from? SB, DF, other? POLL   
    I've played and worked on a handful of MMOs so probably no need to post that all on here. But I have a deep history and love (sometimes love/hate) relationship with Shadowbane. Oh the memories!
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    Eldreth got a reaction from AshenTemper in Dev Tracker   
    I (and the eventual fansites, I'm sure) would love a dev tracker on the sidebar somewhere. Yunno, for stalking  informational purposes and such. I know it's early still! Don't kill me!
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    Eldreth got a reaction from ironpoint in Choice and Consequence   
    Modern MMOs have come a long way. Game systems designed today outclass and outperform what we had in early MMOs by leagues. This goes without saying.
    What we don't have today are real consequences. In UO, if you disgruntled off the wrong people, you could be camped -- or worse, burgled. Yes, that's right: your home would be broken into and you would be left destitute and helpless (well, at least until you worked out your plan for revenge). In Shadowbane, we had this on a much larger scale of communities instead of players or small bands of players.
    While I will surely boast that I play2crush as much as any other eager reader here, in truth I'm not an overly selfish or inconsiderate person. I don't like to see people suffer (other than a good case of schadenfreude, I guess).
    What I do like to see is people held accountable for their actions; whether that means bringing measurable, real justice to that unapologetic douchebag, or watching the tragically uninformed noob come to terms with their lack of knowledge.
    These people don't deserve bad experiences in MMOs. But if there is a real penalty to my own actions, to the actions of others, then there also must be a real reward. Not just some meaningless currency to purchase Redundant Upgrade #237.
    So that's why I'm here. I played Shadowbane. I played UO. I played AC:Darktide.
    Here's hoping.
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