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  1. Shame I actually wanted to chat with you personally to appeal a warning. Just not able to with direct messages turned off.
  2. I haven't looked, but does alpha access also change? EDIT: Nevermind, I get it now. It's making sense
  3. Just so I'm clear, if a person is a kickstarter backer and they upgrade, will all badges and rewards given be kickstarter ones, 2015, or 2016? Example, someone going from bronze KS to gold (upgrade), would the gold badge be the KS one or the 2015/2016 one?
  4. It collected players experiences with other games and how they would rate those games against other games, how close those games were to their ideal playing, and how they would compare all that to Crowfall.
  5. Proud to be in the minority of women who backed and took the survey 100% complete.
  6. So it is a glitch that it says Beta 1... that was what I was wondering.
  7. So when I first pledged the very first day it was available, I pledged to bronze and in that it included and said that access would be Alpha 3. Now it is changed to say it is Beta 1. I know it is donating and not actually buying, so rewards are a bonus, but is it fair for a potential consumer to donate money expecting one thing, then have it changed on them? Or should those who bought it before the change be grandfathered in? EDIT: My settings does still say Alpha 3, but the package upgrades says Beta 1. Confused. EDIT 2: So Packages still says Alpha 3 too, but when it has the upgrade option at top, it says Beta 1. "KS BRONZE TO 2015 SILVER UPGRADE Your Kickstarter Bronze bundle provides the following:Access to Beta 1 and all subsequent tests"
  8. Welcome back? I stop by on here often to check for messages... I just don't post anywhere. I am taking 4 classes at my college, all 400 level, so been very busy with that.
  9. -Points to my previous message- Yup, already mentioned that. Thanks.
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