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  1. Something like the Rhox in MTG would be awesome. I also like the idea of a Were-race, especially if there is some variety on which creature you can choose to be from.
  2. I would prefer the MMO route as well. But If they were going to bring permadeath in, a more MOBA-style character creation could be better for getting back into the action quickly.
  3. I am cautiously optimistic on this reveal. I like the potential for promotions. But I do hope that second dot is for customization.
  4. If this game goes the class route, I really want to see a thief class. Sneaking and stealing was so much fun, as long as players are fair game. Personally I would rather see a more skill based progression instead of class based. Let me build my own class, and if it sucks that's on me.
  5. Voice overs are nice, but having played quite a bit of SWTOR, I will say that it wasn't quite as awesome as I originally thought it would be. It really slowed down game play waiting for people to tell you about the quest. About halfway through leveling I gave up listening to it and just read the quest text at my own pace. It also seemed to be a major drawback for the pace of new content. I think the costs and the amount of work it took to get it really limited the additional quests they could do for everyone. In conclusion, I don't mind the little snippets that are used upon initially speaking with NPCs in WoW or SWTOR, but fully voiced is not the way to go.
  6. The feels in this thread are too damn high
  7. I'm down with the mice people. Maybe even an expansion of the Were-creature disciplines in SB.
  8. Dragons would be kind of awesome. Although I would think you'd be more likely to get something along the lines of the Draconians from Dragonlance. BUt maybe a dragon that has assumed a human-like form and only occasionally reverts to dragon as a finishing move, or maybe as a travel form. Winged races would be awesome. And tentacle people are ok if they are actual tentacles like a mindflayer. No fleshy, dangling, skin flaps please.
  9. I would prefer the game to allow us to create our own factions. Perhaps there are some basic NPC starter factions, or Lore based factions that we could choose to represent, but I think the main factions should be player created. If this game is to include raiding, I would love to see some new way to reward people for doing so other than more gear. Give out titles, or cosmetic items, or NPC followers to go in your cities. But there has to be a better way to get people to do things other than for the gear.
  10. Minotaurs, centaurs, Irekei... the more the merrier and the crazier the better.
  11. I've played too many games to list. I try just about every MMO I can get my hands on. Spent the most time in Shadowbane, SWG, SWTOR, and WoW.
  12. I went from Deception to Mourning before switching over to the test server. Started out in an Irekei guild and then joined up with Thorin's Hammer.
  13. I am excited to see where this goes. I think the MMO genre needs something that is different to stir things up. Nice to see someone not setting out to be a "game we shall not name"-killer.
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