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  1. Vessel leveling is just painful. For getting new and improved vessels you are currently penalized 4 times. 1. Items sac for less sooner 2. Increased XP needed to hit 30 3. Mobs give less XP sooner 4. The actual gathering of materials to make said vessel Can we please not be penalized so many times? Right now to get from 18ish-30 you are required to kill the same few R10 spiders on cooldown and it takes forever. Its unnecessary grind added in because there is no content. Levels themselves are pointless, Just let us start 30 and spend our points as we wish or give us a pay to win option to do so. $10 is worth 10 hours of my time and I'll assume I speak for most in the community when I say that. On top of all this stuff gold will now be getting nerfed for leveling higher end vessels. This is a PVP game not a korean MMO. Please save us from this unnecessary pain.
  2. EU Outposts = (29+47+65) = 141 Forts = (2+4+6) = 12 Keeps (3+0+0) = 3 Total Holding Points = (2180+925+1655) = 4760 141O+12F+3K = 4760 NA Outposts = (36+48+60) = 144 Forts = (3+4+5) = 12 Keeps = (1+0+2) = 3 Total Holding Points = (1660+1180+2255) = 5095 144O + 12F+3K = 5095 141O+12F+3K = 4760 - 144O + 12F+3K = 5095 -3O = -335 O = 111.6667 Just watched an OP flip and reduce holding points by 10... somethings wrong here
  3. @vkromas@thomasblair Drop rates still appear untouched. Will we be seeing an increase to drop rates any time soon?
  4. Stoneborn still dont jump as high as other races. They cant make it over small ledges that the other races can.
  5. So disc drop rates... lets start with animal world spawns... Animal world spawns are now the only way to drop major disciplines and to say the least their drop rates are poor. These are static spawns with 3 or 4 hour respawn times (we didn't bother to figure out which) that have a lot of health and are hard to find. Once found one would think that the long respawn boss would always drop a discipline. This however is not the case in our testing we killed 14 R4/R5 bosses with 0 disciplines dropped, we killed 3 R7 bosses with disciplines dropped 1 time and 1 R9 and it dropped that 1 time (these were all killed during night time, not sure if that is important). Now when discs drop they drop 4 and that is great but that drop rate on the lower ranks is abysmal and needs to be fixed. If these are 3-4 hour spawns that are static (meaning that once the time of death is known they will be pvp contestable) they MUST drop disciplines every time. I shouldn't be killing world bosses and getting nothing for it no matter what rank they are. We bounced the idea around them having guaranteed drops but the number of majors varied on rank. R1-4 1 disc, R5-6 2 discs, R7-8 3 discs, R9-10 4 discs. Given that from our few drops we had some overlapping discs we can assume that the tables are the same across all bosses and could be any major so with the system right now its almost impossible to get discs at all and the ones you do get you probably wont want. Please increase drop rates or rework how they drop on low ranked bosses. Aside from the drop rates there is a spawning bug... ill drop some pictures. ACE please fix Moving on to War tribe drops... We farmed with 3 people R8 Urgu for 3 hours and came up with 1 minor discipline. We killed elites, captains, bosses, etc and came up with a few runic weapon recipes (maybe 12-15 between us) but only one discipline. The drop rates should be increased on minor disciplines, i don't know what the percentage drop rate on that is but its not high. We need 3 per person and a lot of them are useless so only 1/2 to 1/3 of the minors people will actually use. This system needs some touch up before live or people will be minor disc less. Again I'm going to say that maybe the rates at which the runic components drop and the discipline drop rates need to be flipped (and preferably increased). 12-15 discs after 3 hours of farming with 3 people is not great but at least its something. This morning we killed 2 group bosses (evidently different then normal bosses) and they had a lot of loot (pictured below). This seems really backwards to me, if the minor drop rates are so poor why do the group bosses drop only 1 but they drop 4 recipes. With these drop rates we will be able to make 6 runic weapons a person before we ever get our minor disciplines. These realistically should be flipped so that when I kill one of these i get 4 discs and 1 recipe. But they had dropped loot both times we killed them so who could complain about that .
  6. Con may have been over nerfed. It was 40 hp a point but now its 8 hp a point and the base health scalings have been increased. While this did drastically reduce the health disparity between races it may have done it too much. A centaur cleric now has 7612 health and a wood elf druid now has 7276 health on lvl 1 white vessels. Con being a major part of centaur stat spread they should probably have more health then what it is now. If this is really the only way people will now be getting health the Con stat should probably be like 15 or 20 a point instead. Right now hard dumping stats into your class primary is a no brainer, 800 health or 100 ap and some FDM is not a tough choice. This also means that if i hard dump Con on a melee toon ill get what 11000 health? when people are running around with 15k+ while strength dumping right now on live. This in conjunction with the increase to stat scalings will drastically reduce time to kill. Speciality seals have also been nerfed to about 1/3 or 1/2 of what they are on test. Don't know if thats intentional. Also its .2 stam per spirit not 2 like it says in patch notes
  7. Balathan

    Zone Caps

    no mandy he said average, you're a 5
  8. I left this clip a bit longer so you can see the build up. So I apparently was teleported at some point above the floor im on into the tree room. On other peoples screens i was just not there. I then died as you see and it resets my camera and im in the tree room. Weird bug, feelsbadman about the death.
  9. Confessors have been nerfed out of existence. No one played the leather variants because they are in leather and the plate variant just got hit too hard in 5.8.3/4 to be played. In addition to the obvious nerf of the righteous shield cool down increase they also had elementalist introduced an extremely popular rune which hard counters them, fall damage was gutted (thankfully) and they lost firebox as part of their kit due to weapon mastery's being deprecated. The Sanctifier was certainly strong at the start of 5.8.3 and needed some tuning but all these things together have made the class unplayable. There were maybe 3 or 4 in a zone capped siege and all of the people playing them were probably new and didn't know how bad they are right now. Please look into some small buffs to Sanctifier to get it back into the meta and as always please nerf the abomination that is the unreasonably tanky pitfighter.
  10. There have been many instances of Templar skills just not connecting when they very clearly should be. The video above was the first example I found of this I'm sure I have plenty more. I very clearly get stopped on my target like i hit him but he is neither damaged or stunned. I then execute twice right in front of him and they just miss. Sure my aims not perfect but certainly within the allowed margin of error. Where are my skills going? @mhalashace please fix
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