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  1. So it would be correct to say this disc is working and only affects the Templar execute skill and provides ~10% bonus while affecting the execute base power scaling? Meaning it is it’s own stat that we cannot see on the stats page. @vkromas
  2. Cant figure out what the Finish Him! rune actually does. Seems to affect no visible stat in the stat page and in my minor testing yielded no obvious benefit. Can we get confirmation this rune actually does what it says it does and if it works what exact stat does it affect? @vkromas
  3. Archers are incredibly over bearing. Rangers can delete players in a few seconds from ranges of 65m or more. I have supplied a video below, judge for yourself if you think this is balanced. Keep in mind I only have 750 AP and 170% crit hit damage or less depending on how old the clip is. I dont think we can reasonably say this is ok, especially with how low the skill ceiling is on the class. Hold left click 3 times and press rapid fire = kill. Dont forget the projectile is the size of a small city so you cant even miss.
  4. So the vindicator tree needs some reworking here. It gives straight stats over and over and over when the class hard caps so fast it does not actually use some of its nodes. This is a white vessel vindicator. Notice the 38% slashing bonus and the 28% fire bonus. They both hard cap at 40%. This gives +15% fire damage giving you 43%/40% over capping that stat. This is BEFORE armor and weapons and discs. A naked vindicator overcaps their fire stat just by using devotion. Oh and fire% is slashing % as vindi which will be important to remember for the next node...
  5. Damage and healing fly text is all messed up, occasionally damage you to do a target will be green like you healed them and healing you do for yourself will be red like its damage. Some weird yellow numbers occur occasionally as well.
  6. Champion has 3 ult charges and does 1600 and can be auto crit while myrmidon ult has 1 charge and does 75 about 6 times. Can I get a buff to myrmidon ult or something? Why does the three charge auto crit ult do atleast 4x the damage while also being one hit instead of over time damage? Come on now.... can this please be changed? @mhalashace @jtoddcoleman
  7. This cannot possibly be regulated. Please don't make this a rule. People will just complain about colored vessels when they lose even if there are none.
  8. @jtoddcoleman Some of the classes still have crazy issues. Vindi for instance has a capstone that does not actually help it much given the hard cap on slashing is 40%, the holy warrior conversion in vindi tree as well PROVIDES 0 BENEFIT AS YOU ARE ALREADY WAY OVER CAPPED FROM CAPSTONE. (more complaints with vindi but im sure they have been previously detailed) Warden is given runic short sword use only but gets crushing damage bonus. Archer gets nearly no attack power in its tree while all the other DPS trait lines get a bunch. Confessor still has rampant mana issues w
  9. Has anyone noticed that the life tray ultimate does more damage then the death tray ultimate while also healing your group? Sure its over time but its still 2x the damage at least. The death tray ult has never been good but it was able to throw people off things which was fun but now they took that away from us with the movement controller update. Please buff the death tray ultimate it is a joke... or give me back my big push so i can have fun with it again.
  10. EU Outposts = (29+47+65) = 141 Forts = (2+4+6) = 12 Keeps (3+0+0) = 3 Total Holding Points = (2180+925+1655) = 4760 141O+12F+3K = 4760 NA Outposts = (36+48+60) = 144 Forts = (3+4+5) = 12 Keeps = (1+0+2) = 3 Total Holding Points = (1660+1180+2255) = 5095 144O + 12F+3K = 5095 141O+12F+3K = 4760 - 144O + 12F+3K = 5095 -3O = -335 O = 111.6667 Just watched an OP flip and reduce holding points by 10... somethings wrong here
  11. no mandy he said average, you're a 5
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