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  1. The pitfighter out damages the sanctifier easy. And sanctifier does not out damage the healing of a pit fighter. Its a long fight but by attrition the pitfighter wins. The pitfighter could literally hurlbat the sanctifier to death... The duelist cant finish the fight, pitfighter just runs = stalemate
  2. I must have missed when they gave sanctifier, myrmidon, ranger and duelist heals now... Sure the stealther guys can try to use Agent but thats where molehunter and bleeds come in and I think we all know that you will never get a bandage off. Keep in mind kiting for heal CD is easily doable from 30m against all of these classes and can and will be hurlbat abused.
  3. Could we please define what is meant by "1v1" do we mean it can fight a pitfighter 1v1 and not die or that it can kill a pitfighter? In case anyone was unaware a pitfighter cannot die if they just try to run away. No one does enough damage while moving to out dps a pitfighter's self heals. Sure a few classes may be able to hold their own but none of them will actually kill a pitfighter who does not want to die. If a pitfighter dies 1v1 they are undergeared/bad/both. Sanctifier loses to a pitfighter, simple math... Brigand is a stalemate unless pitfighter has molehunter in which case pitfighter wins. Duelist is a stalemate. Myrm is a stalemate or win for pitfighter depending on the skill of the myrm. When a class cannot die in a 1v1 unless they choose to there is a fundamental design problem with that class. If someones really going to tell me they can out dps 140% max health healing + the leap heal in 30 seconds (40?) while keeping up with champ mobility I will be requiring some video.
  4. Leather classes are indeed bad compared to tank classes (as the name of this thread would suggest) this issue has less to do with the damage numbers on leather classes (though they are lowish) and more to do with the relative damage of the tank variants. The current meta is: healing clerics, healing druids, tank fessors, tank champs, damage knights, damage champs. That's it. That's the whole thing... in a game with 33 specs (a few less because no FW but I'm not going to count) we are funneled into these 2 healers and 4 damage specs. Notice I say 4 damage specs and not 2 damage 2 tank specs because while the damage specs certainly do have more damage then the tank specs the tanks specs all have laughably high damage especially against leather wearers. There is no trade off for being more tanky and jumping 1 or 2 armor classes. Armor/weapon scaling on tank classes causes them to have 14k+ health while still autoing for over 1k regularly. There is simply no compensation in the base kits of the leather classes (or on their armor) to make up for the fact they have 15%+ less mitigations and many thousands less health. For rolling into a tank spec there should be a flat damage REDUCTION not an increase like the tank fessor who gets 20% base damage increase for going tank (sure they have to go melee range but the whole plate armor thing offsets that they don't need that damage boost). The knight and the dps champ are a tad more balanced in the damage to tank ratio, the damage champ is squshier and gets high damage the knight is tankier but gets lower damage, awesome we got some balance. The problem comes with the tank champ and tank fessor. They are tanky enough to not even be in groups for large siege fights while still doing equal or greater damage then some damage specs. If people were actually TANKS when going tank spec instead of these hybrid abominations that require no healing while doing fairly high damage maybe we would have some more class variance. Why do damage when i can be 100x tankier and do 95% of the damage if not more...Take these issues and add the fact most fights are now sieges where we are funneled into tight spaces where tanks have an advantage over squshies by virtue of survive ability (oh I almost forgot, you dont do damage while you're dead incase that was unclear...) and we have this lopsided tank meta where even though we are all tank speced damage toons or damage speced tank toons we can still drop healers and ultimately outlast our opponents in a confined space while doing large AoE damage. Ace make leather great again... but please no 80m ranger rapid fire one shots...
  5. Templar circles keep appearing after they are dropped, shown above.
  6. This cannot actually be working as intended. I have no healing modifier rings which could be used to get 30% more healing... Please ACE nerf this incredibly broken spec.
  7. @yianni my friend its not just about the bombs its about the follow up.
  8. Use of druid ultimate in large scale will now increase the chances you die. Watch as i root myself in place for a few seconds with a 35% max health shield as my only defense. Lets call it 3500... that will protect me against maybe 3 people for 3 seconds, in large scale they laugh at me as I just rooted myself in place and asked to die. Please let druids move while ulting or they are going to be deleted next patch.
  9. While I agree with much of what has been said here it is important to recognize that while the promo classes are not necessarily as engaging as the previous iterations they are performing quite well. The Earthkeeper is undeniably the best healer right now, this is a function of the absurdly high orb numbers (Ace might need to look at those), the Arch druid while clunky and niche is the number one keep defense toon, the sickle druid, while still sub optimally made of glass, is an effective solo toon if you can wade through the mass of pitfighters. The Earthkeeper's previous iteration had tornado combo, root and, the lightning strike combo while the loss of these certainly guts the offensive capabilities of the class it does not ultimately impact the healing potential of the class. The Earthkeeper is a healer first and foremost, the ability to flex dps was certainly one of my favorite parts but with the introduction of promo classes this portion of the class was going to be removed, there was no way around it. That being said i would like to see the root returned to Earthkeeper, it was nice to have a hard CC. The Arch druid while currently an invisible bomber due to a bug will continue to remain viable long after visibility is restored. Bombs have always been a fantastic defensive mechanic and the current iteration of the Arch druid makes them even stronger with the flat damage buffs that the bombs received after the split. Bombs are an AoE one shot mechanic, visible or not a little coordination can make them an incredible asset in a siege. I think most of the complaints here are about its ability to solo, be a sustained dps, or function in small scale and while I would like to see the class able to do that stuff as well it is not the intention of the subclass. It is a large scale siege toon with a high skill cap and high burst and high potential impact, nothing more nothing less. While the bomb portion of the kit certainly is viable I am forced to agree with the claim that the class is clucky and niche. It does not work unless you are hitting bombs, perhaps something that may need to be looked at and improved. Sickle druid is fundamentally not a group toon, its a leather wearer with no save skills and an ult that roots it in place.... what were we expecting here? It is (and still was before the split) a solo ganker toon that can kite decently and has the nice sustain heals that while effective in 1v1 situations are useless in large scale. The class needs a real save skill to make it viable in large scale, ironwood body would be a start though not enough in my opinion. In the solo realm it is a solid choice that is currently overshadowed by pitfighters, I'm sure that will be addressed soon. I do not agree with the way things were split up and I miss the old druid as well (arch is closest we have sadly) each of the subclasses are in their own way viable... can that be said for another class?
  10. Druid bomb animation still not working properly. Orbs turn blue and appear after the bomb has already detonated giving you no time to avoid it.
  11. That is correct. The Chain avatar node is now just plain Nature's Avatar
  12. Arch druid Buffs: 50% orb healing increase Got Wisps Got Grasping Roots Nerfs: Lost soothing winds Lost stars align So a net nerf of their bomb potential, the entire purpose of the subclass. Also you cant give them back the heal you took then take the other one they had. They only have one heal skill in base kit now.... Earthkeeper Buffs: 50% orb healing increase Nerfs: Lost Grasping Roots Lost Stars Align Lost double beam Huge loss in utility for a fair increase in healing but buffing the bad mechanic does not make it a good one. Just change the left click for healing druids already to something useful in large scale. Scim druid: Buffs: Gained Stars Align Nerfs: Stars Align is bad now Atleast they gained something
  13. For this one time I will agree with Yianni. I get the need to make it simpler for new players but this whole update has me confused. Why take wisps from hybrid druid? Were they too strong as healers or something? I must have missed the arch druid healer meta. You took slow growth, blight, and Quick Burn from healer druid making essence more of a problem to maintain and making them unable to flex dps/bomb if they wanted too. You then gave healing druid Ironwood body as some sort of compensation but made it unequipable in life tray making it useless (please be a bug) and now I have this damage skill that I cannot use as it is gated to sickles. So in summary we have a net nerf to arch druid, a net nerf to heal druid and narrowed its playstyle to only healing, and im not sure about sickle maybe they are relatively unaffected. I must be confused someone explain it to me slowly so I understand, thanks
  14. Druids in Earthkeeper tree do not have normal beam anymore they also have all druid capstone passives. Please save druid, thanks
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