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  1. So it would be correct to say this disc is working and only affects the Templar execute skill and provides ~10% bonus while affecting the execute base power scaling? Meaning it is it’s own stat that we cannot see on the stats page. @vkromas
  2. Cant figure out what the Finish Him! rune actually does. Seems to affect no visible stat in the stat page and in my minor testing yielded no obvious benefit. Can we get confirmation this rune actually does what it says it does and if it works what exact stat does it affect? @vkromas
  3. Archers are incredibly over bearing. Rangers can delete players in a few seconds from ranges of 65m or more. I have supplied a video below, judge for yourself if you think this is balanced. Keep in mind I only have 750 AP and 170% crit hit damage or less depending on how old the clip is. I dont think we can reasonably say this is ok, especially with how low the skill ceiling is on the class. Hold left click 3 times and press rapid fire = kill. Dont forget the projectile is the size of a small city so you cant even miss.
  4. So the vindicator tree needs some reworking here. It gives straight stats over and over and over when the class hard caps so fast it does not actually use some of its nodes. This is a white vessel vindicator. Notice the 38% slashing bonus and the 28% fire bonus. They both hard cap at 40%. This gives +15% fire damage giving you 43%/40% over capping that stat. This is BEFORE armor and weapons and discs. A naked vindicator overcaps their fire stat just by using devotion. Oh and fire% is slashing % as vindi which will be important to remember for the next node... This skill removes the health portion of holy warrior for more damage. Seems reasonable until you realize this would give you 68%/40% BEFORE armor weapons and discs (not to mention devotion will give you 15% as well). You lose a huge portion of your survivability for literally nothing. A node that should be one of the trees most important nodes is actually a detriment to the class. This one is just questionable stat pumping. All of vindi damage is execute/riposte and divine light. Its realistically 50/50 split however the vastly more important portion of your impact is execute/riposte. This node does nothing to affect that. Most other classes get 225 AP or at least something impactful off this node. Vindi gets 6% crit chance, a stat that is not overall that impactful for this kit. Also with anti crit being so rampant 6% additional crit to the minimal existing crit is still not high enough to actually crit at any meaningful rate on anyone in decent gear. Oh and did i mention Execute and riposte are auto crit? Please no one say you can increase your caps so that's OK. You can but not by enough to matter when were over capping slashing by up to 43% just by using the skills on our kit BEFORE armor weapons and discs. May I suggest throwing some more crit damage into the tree? Maybe a conversion for Fire or slashing damage bonus to critical damage, not 1:1 obviously. Make the Holy Warrior node give a flat power bonus to execute or just melee skills in general? There's a lot that could be done here but just throwing flat stats into this class did not make it viable (for the very minimal time it was)the absurd execute and divine light numbers did. Please work on some of these nodes, they are in dire need of some loving @mhalashace TLDR: Vindis cap stats by existing and their tree gives them way over cap stats. Please fix
  5. Damage and healing fly text is all messed up, occasionally damage you to do a target will be green like you healed them and healing you do for yourself will be red like its damage. Some weird yellow numbers occur occasionally as well.
  6. Champion has 3 ult charges and does 1600 and can be auto crit while myrmidon ult has 1 charge and does 75 about 6 times. Can I get a buff to myrmidon ult or something? Why does the three charge auto crit ult do atleast 4x the damage while also being one hit instead of over time damage? Come on now.... can this please be changed? @mhalashace @jtoddcoleman
  7. This cannot possibly be regulated. Please don't make this a rule. People will just complain about colored vessels when they lose even if there are none.
  8. @jtoddcoleman Some of the classes still have crazy issues. Vindi for instance has a capstone that does not actually help it much given the hard cap on slashing is 40%, the holy warrior conversion in vindi tree as well PROVIDES 0 BENEFIT AS YOU ARE ALREADY WAY OVER CAPPED FROM CAPSTONE. (more complaints with vindi but im sure they have been previously detailed) Warden is given runic short sword use only but gets crushing damage bonus. Archer gets nearly no attack power in its tree while all the other DPS trait lines get a bunch. Confessor still has rampant mana issues while maintaining worse DPS than most other DPS classes. Paladins still are not healers buff please. Druid ults are still stationary use make mobile please (keep in mind cleric ult heals for more, has faster animations, and is more mobile) Radicals still dont do near enough damage to be called a DPS class. Storm caller has huge essence issues as well as a lacking damage rotation *coughs* suboptimal. Champions are still the kings of mobility and DPS while being one of the easiest to play with some of the highest survivability. Sanctifier feels too clunky with no mobility skill or real CC outside of 8m, add some range on them or give them movement of some kind. Arch is too cluncky, they are bomb one tricks, a functioning bear helps but please give it something to do other then left click. Druid beam currently is inconsistent at best nonfunctional at worst. Most CC specs are just the normal class where every skill has been added a CC that may or may not actually make sense. Most need to be reworked. These classes need some work. Not even for balancing purposes (except champion nerf it again nerf it so good maybe target their incredibly high mobility and survivability or their incredibly easy play style that still nets the highest burst in the game aside from bombs or something like that) but most are irritating to play, extremely ineffective at their role, or just simply unfun to play as or against.
  9. Has anyone noticed that the life tray ultimate does more damage then the death tray ultimate while also healing your group? Sure its over time but its still 2x the damage at least. The death tray ult has never been good but it was able to throw people off things which was fun but now they took that away from us with the movement controller update. Please buff the death tray ultimate it is a joke... or give me back my big push so i can have fun with it again.
  10. Vessel leveling is just painful. For getting new and improved vessels you are currently penalized 4 times. 1. Items sac for less sooner 2. Increased XP needed to hit 30 3. Mobs give less XP sooner 4. The actual gathering of materials to make said vessel Can we please not be penalized so many times? Right now to get from 18ish-30 you are required to kill the same few R10 spiders on cooldown and it takes forever. Its unnecessary grind added in because there is no content. Levels themselves are pointless, Just let us start 30 and spend our points as we wish or give us a pay to win option to do so. $10 is worth 10 hours of my time and I'll assume I speak for most in the community when I say that. On top of all this stuff gold will now be getting nerfed for leveling higher end vessels. This is a PVP game not a korean MMO. Please save us from this unnecessary pain.
  11. EU Outposts = (29+47+65) = 141 Forts = (2+4+6) = 12 Keeps (3+0+0) = 3 Total Holding Points = (2180+925+1655) = 4760 141O+12F+3K = 4760 NA Outposts = (36+48+60) = 144 Forts = (3+4+5) = 12 Keeps = (1+0+2) = 3 Total Holding Points = (1660+1180+2255) = 5095 144O + 12F+3K = 5095 141O+12F+3K = 4760 - 144O + 12F+3K = 5095 -3O = -335 O = 111.6667 Just watched an OP flip and reduce holding points by 10... somethings wrong here
  12. Balathan

    Zone Caps

    no mandy he said average, you're a 5
  13. Disclaimer: I am not suggesting fundamental class redesigns rather improving on what we have now. The classes have the parts to become interesting we just need to put them together and add to them a little. I know disciplines enhance the base kits of these classes but they cannot and should not be crutched upon for the depth of all classes. A lot of the damage spec line classes in this game feel very lackluster. The damage classes in this game have no ramp up, no depth, no ability interaction. To explain i will use an example of probably the only well designed damage class: Alpha Warrior. I don't pick it because its the best damage class at the moment i pick it because it is actually well designed... some may say these 2 things are related. Alpha Warrior: The Example The Alpha warrior has a very simple class design that allows it to be far more interesting then the other dps classes. First it ramps up, in this case it gathers dominance pips by leaping or criticaling with an auto, it then expends dominance to stack its capstone passive and auto crit its damage skills. A simple concept executed perfectly. You can stack to full pips and expend quickly for high burst damage and a nice buff from your passive or you can expend as you go for decent sustain. It allows you to choose when and how to dump your damage for maximum effect, essentially there is some choice and player skill evolved. As a player I can choose how and when to use my skills to get the result I want. I want to clarify that by no means is this class complicated or nuanced and there is some room for improvement but it allows for more interesting game play then the other options. Because I chose to wait and save my pips I got to expend those pips quickly for high burst damage and because of that I secured a kill. Very simple cause and effect, something as simple as that can make a class more interesting. The class also has the choice of the warrior buffs to help its damage or tankiness but that's more a champion thing rather then Alpha Warrior. My point is simply there is a ramp up and a pay off, this is a very simple concept that a lot of the classes fundamentally lack and it causes them to be very uninteresting. Boring Class design: Stormcaller: Ill start with this one because its the most egregious case of what I am discussing. This class is quite literally hold left click and toss a call storm in there with 1 single combo skill with a long CD. There are no combos, no rotations, no skill. It ultimately amounts to can you hold left click and hit 1 combo skill on cd? The only depth the class has is when it has the choice to buff its damage and thats a 5 minute CD... It would be more interesting if they could make it so something the player does actually interacts with the kit itself, as the player I want my choices to matter and to be rewarded for what I have or have not done. In the Alpha warrior kit I am rewarded for saving pips and expending fast, here I suggest changing the buff. Instead of having it be a click and forget once every 5 minutes instead have it be triggered. If I hit a max target combo with my lightning burst or I use lightning burst when i have plasma spark I proc a version of that buff that temporarily improves my dps output. Maybe it partially refunds the CD of call storm, maybe its just like storm avatar is now but slightly weaker, maybe it buffs my next call storm for more damage. These are just off the top of my head but the point is there should be a very clear cause and effect relationship when I play the class. Right now everything is just a passive or a fire and forget buff. Its not interesting or rewarding it simply lacks any sort of skill expression and makes dpsing on it very uninteresting for any player. Inquisitor: This damage spec amounts to a very simple boring rotation. Hold left click to 5 hits, then hit abso (i know that third auto hits very hard and usually people hit 6 times then abso... its for example don't nitpick). Sure people throw in a nado/knockup but its dps rotation is very boring and the only thing keeping this class interesting in the least to play is the physics CC that will get changed in 5.9. The capstone is a passive effect that requires no thought it just dots people sometimes. It has a very small ramp up and pay off, its so fast it can hardly be considered a ramp up. It is not cool or interesting to have my best skill be spamable on an 8 second CD. There needs to be more interaction between my skills so there can be more rewarding game play. If for example they made it so if I spam my abso on CD i get what i have now or, I can get a stacking buff that increases my next abso damage each time I stun or knockup an enemy there would be more chance for interesting gameplay or trade offs. If I as the player had the choice to either decent sustain damage or charge up my best skill and CC then hit a called target with a big hit of spike damage there would be more options for dps gameplay. The way this class currently stands spamming my skill bar is the best route to dps and that should never be the case. Slayer: This class has a similar problem to the inquisitor except it gets pips faster then the Inquisitor stacks sin and its cash out skill, pepper box, has half the cool down. Again I will say that there is nothing interesting about spamming my big skills, it takes away the meaning behind them. The Slayer is in a unique position of having a bit more nuance to the kit with its buff system but ultimately it boils down to RNG as to what buffs I get, perhaps something to be looked at in the future. For this class i suggest a very simple stacking system. They have 2 primary cashout skills, pepperbox and rapidfire, yet they have no interaction between them and it comes down to always use pepperbox. If they made it so If i use pepperbox well for example hitting max targets in a shot, it empowers my next rapid fire for increased damage stack up and blow the buffs for a big hitting rapid fire. This is a simplistic suggestion I know (look I don't design games...) but the premise is simple, make the skills interact with each other so people dont just AFK left click while throwing in a few second CD cashout skill. Archer: I dont play one so Im not sure here, i suspect they have a very similar problem as the one above where i spam left click then hit rapid fire with no difference in my rotation ever. Not all bad: Titan: This is a class where the pieces are here its just not within my control. ALL of the buffs that make my class good are completely RNG with the exception of the capstone buff. It has a very solid ramp up mechanic through the fight and can begin to do solid damage, its a lot longer ramp up period then most classes but has a lot longer cash out period. This class has actually solid class design I just wish the procing buffs were a little more within the players control. I think the actual class numbers are holding this class back infact I've only heard good things about it. Vindicator: There is a solid foundation here, it has a different sort of ramp up for this damage class. It's pips are a bit harder to come by, barring a confined space in a siege, and its cashout is in the form of high damage executes. However lets be clear the only thing making this class interesting and playable is the parry mechanic and the high execute numbers. The class needs a little more to make it interesting. I like the devotion ability and how it interacts with the damage you do but some other sort of mechanic to reward the player for good play would be interesting. The class is a target finisher, thats the class's whole premise. So a mechanic where they get a damage buff when they finish a target would be something neat that would make it unique. Maybe it flat buffs damage, maybe it increases pip gain, maybe it makes execute do more damage, maybe it buffs your group, who knows... There should just be a little more to this kit and I think its in a fairly good spot. The point of this post is to address that we need the class abilities to have a little more cross interaction, a little more nuance. Right now the classes boil down AFK spam rotations with no player choice or skill expression. I think we can all agree that mechanically this game is simplistic, it would be nice if the classes had a bit more depth in them so that player skill can play more of a role in the outcome of a fight rather than the gear and training. Ultimately the kits of these classes should reward good play by good players so there is a real performance difference between a good and a bad player.
  14. The pitfighter out damages the sanctifier easy. And sanctifier does not out damage the healing of a pit fighter. Its a long fight but by attrition the pitfighter wins. The pitfighter could literally hurlbat the sanctifier to death... The duelist cant finish the fight, pitfighter just runs = stalemate
  15. I must have missed when they gave sanctifier, myrmidon, ranger and duelist heals now... Sure the stealther guys can try to use Agent but thats where molehunter and bleeds come in and I think we all know that you will never get a bandage off. Keep in mind kiting for heal CD is easily doable from 30m against all of these classes and can and will be hurlbat abused.
  16. Could we please define what is meant by "1v1" do we mean it can fight a pitfighter 1v1 and not die or that it can kill a pitfighter? In case anyone was unaware a pitfighter cannot die if they just try to run away. No one does enough damage while moving to out dps a pitfighter's self heals. Sure a few classes may be able to hold their own but none of them will actually kill a pitfighter who does not want to die. If a pitfighter dies 1v1 they are undergeared/bad/both. Sanctifier loses to a pitfighter, simple math... Brigand is a stalemate unless pitfighter has molehunter in which case pitfighter wins. Duelist is a stalemate. Myrm is a stalemate or win for pitfighter depending on the skill of the myrm. When a class cannot die in a 1v1 unless they choose to there is a fundamental design problem with that class. If someones really going to tell me they can out dps 140% max health healing + the leap heal in 30 seconds (40?) while keeping up with champ mobility I will be requiring some video.
  17. This cannot actually be working as intended. I have no healing modifier rings which could be used to get 30% more healing... Please ACE nerf this incredibly broken spec.
  18. @yianni my friend its not just about the bombs its about the follow up.
  19. I have played Crowfall since 5.3, I am a pvper/harvester and have never crafted anything for anyone. I have never played Shadowbane, I never even heard of it until I was about a month into Crowfall. I played Everquest, Everquest 2, and LOTRO for about 5 years each and I have tried SWTOR and Archage. I only mention this because if this game is to be truly commercially successful people like me are at least half of your new audience. While I am not familiar with the Shadowbane player counts my understanding is that they are not enough to be the core audience for this game. This means that a lot people like me who try the game without any prior knowledge of Shadowbane and its mechanics will make up a large portion of your first-time players. With that in mind I am going to give you some thoughts I had about the game from an outsider’s prospective. (The “It is a pre-alpha” excuse will not be applicable here as most of my critiques are around major game systems and not the balancing or lack of detail or something nitpicky like that though there will be a few of those as well. Ill be sure to label them) TIMEGATING (Major Game System) For this game to be successful it must capture a new audience and to do that it will need a create a great first time/early game for players and currently the early game is lackluster at best and pointless at worst. When 5.7 launched I was as excited as anyone I got on as it launched but about an hour in I sat there and began to wonder “Why am I doing this again?”. For the first 8.2 days (that is on 3x training too, it will be a month when it launches with the current system) you cannot make advanced armor or weapons. The vessels maybe even longer though I do not know the time to make all the different kinds of vessels. When I have nothing to work toward really there is not much reason to play and while you could say that I should be working toward stockpiling mats for gear there is not much reason to do that either as even if I got crafters good resources (green or above) they have no experimentation points to do anything with it so why waste my time when I can free farm for gold and convert it into white materials of any kind (this method of farming is far superior I alone farmed over 20k gold on day one that’s 44 stacks of whites for people who don’t want to math). All the crafting progression for the game (by which I mean recipes and experimentation points) is locked behind these time gates and there doesn’t even seem to be a real reason why it is done that way other then that’s how we have done it so far. I think that for combat the time gating system may work because I can still PVP but I will PVP better over time (the same thing goes for the harvesting) whereas for crafting I can’t craft anything of use for the first 8 days or a month at launch. This experience will drive away new players in droves because they will be told of all these cool items they can make but then realize they can’t make them for a month and just go play something else. After some discussion with my guild we thought that the best way to minimize this problem would be to remove the recipes from skill training and instead put them on the crafting disciplines when they come out. Make these crafting discs drop off of bosses in the wild, the spider queen for example though you would need to add more, and have players need to get together for some PVE and go kill a boss to get their main crafter the blacksmithing disc or so that they can make armor or weapons. It would drive PVP in those areas and make it so that a new player (or guild as we have seen many gaming groups come over as a whole to try the game) has something to work toward beyond training 6 skills and going AFK for a month. The loop would go something like Load in -> gear up (basics/intermediate) -> group up -> PVE for discs to get recipes -> harvest -> get new gear (advanced/runetools) -> maybe PVE for higher end or more specific recipes (sickle or rapier come to mind) -> use new items to harvest actual motherloads or high ranked nodes -> make high end gear. PVP would naturally occur in at most points in that structure. Under this system I still have something to work toward (gear/items) but the stuff I work toward will get better overtime with the skill training system. If you want to take the recipes you now know you just export that vessel at the end of the campaign and move it to the next one. Its not a perfect idea and has its own problems but I think it would go a long way to improving the first time/early gameplay for new players. Harvesting (Major Game System) The harvesting grind is another thing that a lot of people I know have talked about and it is something that will need to be addressed especially given the new durability changes, which are a step in good direction but may need to be toned down a little. The vendors were a great change that will help guilds get large numbers of people geared the first time around without hitting a ton of rocks, that’s good but it does not solve the problem in the late game when I need blue+ mats to be competitive from a gear stand point. People, myself included, do not want to hit rocks all day they want to get the gear they need so they can go PVP (which is why they play). I have heard about the old mine system from shadowbane and think something along those lines would fix the problem nicely as long as they generated higher end mats. If I am going to have 20 people go take and hold a mine I better get some blue+ mats from it. That system also generates PVP which is what makes gathering fun and creates a lot of great memories for the players. Telling new players, they need to go harvest for hours and hours to make a great set of gear and then it will be destroyed fairly quickly in PVP is great way to drive away players. Creating a system to help generate resources for people who do not want to hit rocks would be a step in the right direction for the game and would once again improve the new player experience after all most of the player base is there to PVP. Group Size (Game system/mechanic) The reduction of group size from 6 to 5 simply put is a mistake. In a group OF ANY SIZE I need two healers if I am going to survive. As I have been told by a number of people, other healers included, a healer is not supposed to be able to heal themselves very well. While I disagree with that principle that is fine on its own the problem is that a healer outside of group has minimal healing for you as well. I play a druid so I can only give you my end but the clerics appear to have just as many problems with this as I do. As a healer trying to heal another healer or just another player outside of my group there is not much I can really do. As a druid my left click cannot heal people outside of the group and that is most of my healing when you really think about it (more about why that is when I discuss assassin poison next). With no left click I am left with five ways to save someone, soothing winds (in advanced gear 100 point HoT, yea that’s not saving anyone), healing rain (It is a good heal but it requires the guy being focused to stand still in the puddle and I have to wait the full animation which is way to long), Will O’ Wisps (Actually a good heal finally, but with a 25 second CD), and then disc heals. Standard bearer does not stack making it minimal value add as the large group fights get larger (that 200 - 300 point heal is not saving anyone when they are plague lorded disease toxined and attacked by 6 people), Rescue is a good heal with a forever CD though that maybe actually fine for that skill specifically, other healing discs are used rarely at best and are used for filling in after we have the necessary standard bearers and pixies for the raid. So in summary a druid has one good heal, a small hot, and rescue to save a guy outside of their group plus someone’s standard bearer. There just not enough HPS from outside the group to allow a healer to be in a group with 4 other DPS. The healer NEEDS another healer in group for their druid orbs, cleric illuminate, and their Qs. But this is not a complaint about where healing is at as a whole it was strong last patch and I think it will be decent this patch. The point is simply a healer needs another healing buddy in group to have a consistent stream of healing. This means regardless of group size there will be 2 in a group from experienced players. If anything, we needed to make the groups bigger maybe 8. The way it is now 40% of my player base must be healers to be competitive. There is no game in existence where 40% of the base are support players. Its far closer to maybe 25% or lower. Many of the current healers are people who were dps but realized we are going to need more healers to be competitive. People want to play what they like so we should model the ideal group for PVP to be a fairly accurate representation of the player base demographic. A change of group size to 8 or even just back to 6 would be greatly appreciated. Assassin Toxic (Balancing, flame me because it’s a pre alpha its ok) The entire meta of 5.7 on test was based around the assassin toxin and for good reason it is really strong at all points of the game. 2500 points per assassin that STACKS INFINATELY. While I am not against this type of mechanic in the game, in fact the 5.7 fights on test with full epic gear were a lot of fun and were a prime example of why people want to play Crowfall, the toxin is simply too strong early game. It will take 8 days for the toxins to be made on live (or so I’m told again, not a crafter but I trust my guys math skills) when that happens the game will be unplayable from a healing prospective. Right now as an intermediate geared druid if I could put out 2500 healing in total from all my skills outside of Q (and even then that’s only going to help med for about ½ of a disease toxin one time) I would be surprised and then I have cooldowns where as the toxin will stack far faster than my save skills will come back. The amount it absorbs healing needs to scale with weapon damage or something because in 8 days when people get this toxin you may as well have no healers because not a single heal will get through to your guy who’s dying. On test in full epic gear we were having trouble with this and the only counter we found to this meta are defensive druid bomb heals which worked fairly well (this is the reason we need 2 healers per group you really need a druid per group to save people with these defensive druid bombs and we need clerics as well for illuminate and their Q) but that was because we actually had gear. This all stacks with plague lord/mortal strike from champions. Simply put this needs a nerf bat or there’s going to be a lot of problems. Also as a side note that mechanic is really not fun to play against especially for new players you need to add some feedback for people to know their healing got absorbed because they will be confused and think there’s a bug or they missed or something. I know, its pre-alpha but it would be nice to get in at some point. Food (Game system) Food consumption is a joke, the vendors saved players from the massive food grind but come on, I need 10 whole briskets to fill my stomach for maybe 20 minutes of PVP. There has been a lot of talk about this already but I figured I would toss it in quick. CC (Balancing) Crowd controls as a whole are really strong right now, as of live test yesterday it was taking over half of my stamina bar to retaliate just one time. And after that I was just stuck there at the mercy of endless CCs with nearly 0 diminishing return. This is something that has been a problem for several patches and as the game gets larger the problem will only grow. Most classes have a CC, a few usually, and right now there seems to be no way to escape an endless CC chain. There is escape artist but with the 5-man group size how many people can I really have running that disc before there’s a major hit to my raids DPS or healing. Also, it does not work on knockdowns I am told. There needs to be a better way to handle the endless CC because right now you can be knocked down retaliate it and then get knocked down again almost instantly, then you are stuck and will likely die. It is one of those mechanics where people feel like they really didn’t have a chance to even play the game because they were chain CCed so long. I don’t have a solution to this really, but it is something that should be addressed at some point. While there were several critiques for the game here I think its important to note that I think the game is a lot of fun and has a lot of potential but there are somethings that need to be addressed if the game is going to really gather a large player base.
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