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  1. I like the sound of the guild. I’m trying to apply just waiting on admin to grant me access. Thanks ! what alliance are you with ?
  2. A good system I think would be to have a system in place that tally’s your kills and you get some kind of currency from kills which allows you to purchase pvp resources that can be crafted in to pvp specific gear or something along those lines. Gives pvp players a reason/way to grind also. And a system like this fulfills the cycle of trading and crafting. There just has to be a system in place that prevents people farming kills on each other over and over .
  3. Well depends on the circumstances I’m a realistic vegan not a cult following crazy vegan
  4. Hey, Just bought the silver founders pack, been following the game for a while. I was just wondering whats the best class for dps (specifically burst dps), there's not much info anywhere about anything on the game >.>. Anyway thanks see you in game!
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