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  1. Thank you, you are right. I have not put enough time into crafting to know the nuances of how to maximize efficiency. I will try what you have mentioned to see if it helps my interest in the matter.
  2. I appreciate your input. I am all for long term goals that are a challenge to achieve. What I am not into is a game that feels like work. I use Fantasy MMO's to get out of my daily grind, not to enter into one. If things are indeed as you describe, then I fear you are right. This game will ultimately not be for me. Sad because the other aspects sound very exciting.
  3. I agree with you, and have played around with this method as well. It still feels like too much of a "grind" for something, that for me, does not feel worth it. I do not plan on focusing on crafting as a specialization, I am here to PVP. If it takes me 5 hours to craft a mediocre sword for battle, I will not feel this game is time well spent.
  4. Hey all, I recently purchased the top package available and started my way into Pre-Alpha. I like just about every aspect of what I have experienced in 5.3.5 with one exception. It feels really cumbersome to have tools that break. I don't mind grinding mats for metal bars, which can be turned into sword pieces, which can make a sword. I do find it a HUGE turnoff that I have to grind a bunch of mats just to make tools that break, seemingly way too soon. This in itself almost makes me regret buying the game to begin with. Is there any talk of having tools that won't take durability damage?
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