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  1. Sorry Soulein, you're not getting a bladeweaver in heavy plate! Don't think it is in the cards ("blademaster thrall" notwithstanding). I'm not getting my bard, either....
  2. Missing me my bard type. (I still love the Shadowbane bard more than any other.)
  3. If aiming a reticule = skill, then to me, the combat will be designed around who moves the mouse best. Maybe for some people that means "skillful," a kind that is different from meaningful choice (which seems be the intent behind the Tera-style "animation locks"). For me, if we want skill, then forget aiming a mouse altogether. This game needs to come with full body suits armed with sensors over every joint and along every limb. Let me swing a proxy sword in my living room while standing on a feedback pad and translate every swing and block I do to the game. That, to me, is a lot more
  4. Rest well, Ta'Kier. Tomorrow the battle begins.
  5. When you got it, flaunt it.
  6. Mass matters, too. I expect the stoneborn to have as much mass as a half-giant champion even though they aren't nearly as big.
  7. Because of the shovel on the icon!
  8. Destructible character models? Would love to be able to chop off my opponents leg. ;-) In all seriousness, the level of strategy this will offer to sieges is fascinating.
  9. Ah, I missed that one (though I suspected it might be the case -- it didn't make sense to have as many as 24 archetypes if they weren't locked race combos anyway). I also agree with your supposition about the "Crest Faction" flexibility.
  10. Both of the emblems ("Hero" and "Arkyn") are on the left side of the Cryptic Tree, which is next to the Sun, which is generally presumed to be "Order" (in the Order, Balance, Chaos tripartite system). I think what you are seeing here is that (certain) archetypes (maybe not all?) will be able to choose which crest to which they align themselves. Probably there are certain restrictions, like the Fae Assassin probably cannot align to Arkyn, or to d'Orion (which seems like a nature faction). I suspect of the 13 crests, you choose your archetype (now you have 8 crests to choose), then your ra
  11. On one hand, I can agree, simply because most people want to do what they want and they get touchy about it when the game doesn't allow them to (for what gamers perceive as arbitrary rules). On the other, I see it as another form of strategic choice. While I don't suspect that you will be tied to a particular crest/deity from the start and that you will be able to choose, I do expect that you won't be able to change that decision. I also suspect each deity/crest offers some particular buff/advantage/whatever. This would mean that everyone who wants to play together would need to ch
  12. kishijo


    I have the distinct impression that for the moment, the customization options will be pretty limited. Probably hair color, some facial features and hair styles. The models we have seen from pre-alpha game footage don't seem like they are going to scale up and down particularly well (completely unprofessional opinion...), so I'm doubting there will be a lot of variability in somatotype. Maybe I'm off-base, and certainly player customization is a big part of an MMO for many players. But I get the feeling more effort on the small team is going into the overall game design and less into i
  13. I'm glad to see the varied crests sported by each. Given the past structure in SB, I was anticipating this kind of flexibility in allegiance. It remains to be seen how this works with the different worlds and different rulesets for each campaign. In God's Reach/Three Faction, ostensibly both these knights would be fighting on the same side. But in The Infected/God War, they would be different. And in The Shadow/GvG, it would depend on the guild structure (perhaps guilds now don't have to be aligned with any particular god/crest). So how will "guilds" handle this for their ca
  14. Love the concept, and have been hoping this would be part of the mechanism to de-power zeros, as well as provide a target for specialized groups to go after.
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