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  1. Why do people play Overwatch or Starcraft? I mean, you can play and play and play, and your stats never get higher, you never have a better DPS and you don't advance at all! The only thing you get after hundreds of hours of playing is a vanity skin that does nothing to help with your gameplay!! What a stupid system!!!! /s
  2. Land's not going cheap these days - I'd take that parcel if you still have it. Maybe we'll see you in another game, too.
  3. I think what is getting lost here is that for the first 7.5 days on a crafter account, they literally do not have any crafting advantage over a combat player. Yes, they're training the basic crafting tree, but that doesn't unlock anything until they hit the 'advanced' crafting stage (at least not currently). Also, many of the skill nodes in the basic tree don't even make them a better crafter. For example, I decided to go into Leatherworking and all of the skill nodes on the way to unlocking Leather give me "increased speed in basic crafting". Which is absolutely valueless. It doesn't allow me to make "better" gear, or even have a better chance at making intermediate gear. Joe CombatPlayer has the exact same odds and opportunities to make an intermediate weapon that I do... I can just do it one second faster. The only nodes in the basic tree that actually DO anything are the ones that increase the chances of success in basic assembly. And once you train past those, you're literally only a few hours away from unlocking 'advanced' crafting. You never actually "need" the bonuses in Basic once you progress into 'real' crafting. The system in it's current form is only working for dedicated crafting alt-accounts that log in to craft a few goods for their guild, and then log out to sit idle on the skill tree the other 90% of the time. Do any of the "big" guilds have crafter/players or are they all just crafterbot/accounts? That should be a big red flag right there.
  4. I don't know about 2018, but I would estimate there has been ONE skill wipe for 2018! (So far.)
  5. Yeah, I'm playing as a half-elf too, and it feels like I'm never going to be viable without a CC "helper" to slow people down. Caltrops helps, but it's too easy to "miss" or have the opponent use their CC break and then they can move out of the area before the snare is re-applied. I'm hoping Fae helps with their double-jump and glide racials. With a pocket CC-er though: Stealth->Mark->Stun->Backstab(x3)->Kidney Punch->Backstab(x3), repeat. If the opponent stops running, I hit "Call Darkness" (from Black Mask) and just facespam backstab(x3)->Kidney Punch until they die.
  6. Yes, but what does SEVERE CORRUPTION actually do?! At least with the poison and disease toxins, there is some kind of listed effect (slow and damage, and prevent healing respectively). But it looks like ALL of the toxins require the Diffusion attack to take effect, which seems clunky to me. Attack attack attack, wait for a poison proc and then use a highly situational ability that triggers the toxin effect. I mean, I'm all for high-skill ceiling abilities, but this seems... unusual... to me.
  7. Weapon: Master of Daggers Major: Agent Provocateur + Black Mask Minor: Careless Whisper + Demon's Pact + Shadow's Caress I would change out Shadow's Caress for Uniform Leather if/when I get a set of non-basic crafted armor.
  8. This is why I am extremely hopeful about crafting in Crowfall. A semi-complex system that allows a knowledgeable player to out-perform a less-knowledgeable player with similar (in-game, statistical/numerical) "skill" is one that I definitely want to be part of! For the first four months after DAoC's release I crafted for 4 to 6 hours a day and a year later people still remembered my character's name. I knew that system inside and out and I used that knowledge to make the best possible goods that I could and I sold them at a fair (but not inexpensive) price. Even though this predated the 'shop' mechanics that were added two years later, I would have a half-dozen players literally lining up outside my (in-game) "home" and wait until I could take their orders. Wealthy patrons would pay double my asking price because they knew I would produce quality goods. Because I knew the game systems and what was important and what wasn't. I often would tell people who asked why I charged as much as I did that it was because "Crafting skill is more than just a number." I'm still learning about the crafting system in Crowfall. My biggest complaint is that the passive skill system is stopping me from even making the attempt (so far). But as I learned earlier today, that's just a temporary pre-alpha situation, so that's okay. I also learned today what "sheen" is and why it's probably the most powerful stat for a crafted item. So, yeah. I've forgotten what my point was.
  9. You know, that would address 99% of my current concerns with the base game design. Thanks for that tidbit!
  10. If it were a democracy (and it isn't) I would vote against a full skill wipe for 5.4. I think it is vitally important to test what a "fresh start" feels like, and we should probably do that multiple times at some point. I don't think we are at that point yet. There are still far too many un-implemented systems still to be developed in order to get a reasonable look at what the early game is going to look like. Maybe 5.5 will have a bit more "stuff" included and a wipe will make sense. Maybe it wont make sense to have a full wipe until we throw off the title of "pre-alpha". Who knows? We'll see.
  11. As I said in another thread, that "fresh start" is where 99% of players will be seeing Crowfall for the first time. That experience needs to be polished to a WoW level of sheen and if it isn't the most fun game you've ever played, then it needs more polish! I, for one, think that we, as testers, should be repeating that experience as many times as possible to make sure that it is the most fun part of the game possible. If ever anyone calls it "painful" or "tedious" or even "something to not look forward to" then that New Player Experience is fundamentally broken and needs fixing. Having said that, repeating that experience before the much ballyhooed 'Tutorial' is in the game might not really add much value, as we would be pointlessly repeating an experience that new players wont even have.
  12. I think you're conflating the idea of "I want to craft" with the pipe-dream of "I want to be able to craft the best stuff right away." As a new player, I -expect- to be locked out from crafting the biggest and best stuff. I -know- that people who have more advanced skills are going to make whatever I'm doing seem pointless. But, here's the thing, as a new player (in the current state of the 5.4 build) I can't even make pointless, crappy (slag) gear! Playing on 5.3, I was pleased as punch when I made my first slag weapon. Sure it's lower quality than someone who has been playing for several weeks/months and it probably has an overall in-game value of next-to-nothing. So what? I made it! It took me several days to figure out the game systems to gather the 'right' materials, to find the right places to gather them, and then to assemble them... all while dreading the notorious "You get nothing, good day sir!" And at the end of that effort, I had created a near-worthless slag weapon and I was overjoyed by that! Want to know what I did after that? I farmed boars for a few hours to collect hide and made a pair of leather gloves for myself. Again, low-level, and low-quality, but I MADE IT!! Only a fool would expect to be instantly competitive within moment after they log in and create a character. But time-gating crafting for over a full week after logging in for the first time is simply beyond the pale. Crafters want to craft for the sake of crafting. And on 5.4, I just can't (at least not yet).
  13. EDIT: It turns out you CAN make better quality Basic items. I went out and farmed a bunch of white/common raw materials and crafted a white/common Basic Dagger. As expected, it's not as good at the white/common (Intermediate) Rapier I had already crafted. Aside from the requirement for 25 Dust, there is no reason to make a Basic anything. The intermediate level stuff is so much better. And, I assume that the "advanced" gear is better still, but I can't verify that for another week or so. Either way, it ultimately doesn't matter. Gathering higher level materials is time-locked on the Exploration tree. Creating higher level rune-tools that would increase the chances of better materials is time-locked at the end of the Crafting tree, just like Blacksmithing and Leathercrafting. Just as crafting is hamstrung with a 7.5 day wait, so is gathering higher level materials. Personally I think it would be interesting to see what would happen if ACE did a complete skill wipe every time they pushed a new revision to LIVE. I suspect many of the testers saying "It's not a problem, really, just play the game and wait it out" might have their heads explode.
  14. This may be true, but it's the start of the life of the account for most folks. You, having seen what you can do three months in, are willing to say "It's just a temporary condition." Meanwhile Joe the Gamer buys the product for $50, tries to play and find that he can't do anything, looks at the skill tree and discovers that he wont be able to do anything meaningful for X days/weeks/months. Guess what Joe does then? He returns the game for a refund and makes a zillion posts on reddit about what a horrible game Crowfall is. The mid- and end-game simply don't matter to a new player, and in today's game market there are more than enough games for people to completely abandon anything that isn't immediately compelling. The New Player Experience has to be fun, or the game is DOA. Now, we all know the game isn't done yet and maybe there are plans to add a lot of "fun" in that first week while waiting to get through the first (mandatory) tree. Maybe the tutorial (which we have ZERO knowledge about) will put the new player in a position where they've already completed the no-choice trees. Personally, I'm hopeful that something will be done at some point. But the current (unfinished) iteration of pre-alpha simply isn't there yet. I remain cautiously hopeful.
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