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  1. Yeah as far as i know, the albion alliance we have formed now will transition into CF. UDL/MWH/SiN and possibly Mostly Harmless.
  2. ObsLoD


    It does work, i use it at the very end of the video, however a legion with run speed on is still pretty damn fast even with the snare on. Might be better to increase it to like 70% snare.
  3. ObsLoD


    Yeah the snare is really nice on the legios, way underused. I was more thinking like an aimed ability with the crosshair like the chain pull. Not so much just "face your en enemy and cone aoe etc". Like if the legios had the group heal but add another direct heal which you have to aim with the crosshair(and it can hit enemy targets) would be very fun.
  4. ObsLoD


    The heal could definitely be more fun to use by having to aim it. The most fun skills in the game obviously have to be aimed like the chain pull, this is something the devs should consider. Every single class should have some kind of "aim" mechanic skill. The mana cost is pretty high on the heal and in order to generate mana on the legion, you HAVE to melee people which makes it a bit harder than you think to just run around and heal. My other big issue is that characters stop movement to swing, this is a huge problem as it makes it too easy to kite. Way to easy.
  5. ObsLoD


    Confessor dmg is still outa control on the fire ring thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPsaKZYqMlA#t=26
  6. ObsLoD


    Oh yeah true, i dont think we got a 7th person in time.
  7. Loved the 7 man teams, had more of an "open world" feel to it with larger teams. Highlight of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn_G51elU68
  8. Nice vid man, more fun today and tomorrow!
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