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  1. Yeah as far as i know, the albion alliance we have formed now will transition into CF. UDL/MWH/SiN and possibly Mostly Harmless.
  2. What it really means to be part of a long standing guild with your brothers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFLVwBqy50E
  3. Have to get our Kraken Mounts early.
  4. LoD visits Austin! Great bunch of guys, this game will truly be our gaming future. https://twitter.com/jtoddcoleman/status/594277075265064960
  5. These guys were fun to play against in the Albion online alphas, even if they allied up the zerg a bit too much each time
  6. We ran into the same problem with this and Ashen explained that you need the correct SB client build to play the recording. I dont think anything can be done at this point unless he has a dusty computer somewhere with EVERY old client build on it. Obs Master, Lords of Death www.lordsofdeath.com www.youtube.com/obslod
  7. Oh man thank you so much for posting these. awesome.
  8. hahah that was a funny moment. Shock and Awe! Skunkbush is still with us to this day.
  9. What is clutch may never die.
  10. I like it because id sacrifice graphic "realism" for siege/pvp computer performance any day of the week. Dont care about ultra-realistic graphics, make it smooth with 100v100 on the screen with stick figures. Also liking all the character customization just in this glimpse.. building spec characters and groups was a major upside of Shadowbane.
  11. ArcheAge died out and im proud to say i didnt touch that steaming pile. Got about a group still playing Darkfall, small group playing Smite, another playing PoE, and another playing some Arma III mod kinda like dayz with no zombies. It's basically "filler" time until a real game comes out. We'll be playing the next Albion alpha phase on January 26th, the last two have been great fun. Full Loot, SB style sieges, top down UO style view.. its a good game. Also will be looking at H1Z1 and The Division.
  12. Hail Mayson! i still remember making this for Rerolled
  13. Although both from the Baja server in UO, LoD(Lords of Death) and LotD(Lords of the Dead) are actually different guilds. When UO first started we both wanted the name LoD so we had a guild fight over it and won. True story. They have been around a long time like us, and we've been enemies off an on throughout the years.
  14. You know, i cant really remember this video... what was it about? Maybe i can dig it up.
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