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  1. To everyone: The whole point of this post was to get everyone to laugh at myself and express frustration, so the "toxic" responses were expected, and the genuine responses were very appreciated. Yes I did read up on the game before I bought it. Read up on pre-alpha and the similar phrases (which to my limited knowledge sounded very similar), but at the end of the day all the youtube videos, reddit posts, and forum posts make it seem like a "game" more than the "test-environment" that y'all say it is. So this is where the frustration comes from. Its like when the seller and marketing team sells you a 500$ beater and makes it sound like a lamborghini. You get the car super stoked then realize you gotta put in your own time and money just to get the damn thing to run! I'll just wait until the game is a lamborghini. I didn't mean to in any way blame the game for me spending the 50 bucks. Clearly this is my fault (if you think you have to tell me this then you're missing the point of this post). There are ways to avoid this frustration in future players, which I recommended, but I won't be playing until its in more of beta stages when its more of a game, as y'all describe it.
  2. Hello. I recently bought crowfall and am extremely dissapointed and insulted. This is a rant explaining the issues I experienced. I was looking for a good MMO with PvP which this game appears to have, but too many things prevented me from enjoying the game. I saw this, watched some videos, got stoked, saw it was 50 bucks and slept on the decision for a few days. Decided to buy it, knowing it is "pre-alpha" (whatever the custard that means), thinking it will at least be playable and properly developed. NOPE. The moment I bought the game they were just like thanks for the money! I'm like wtf wheres the game. Took me about 5-10 mins to figure out how to download it, I'm thinking okay lets download this and go start a grind. Then it doesn't even give you the option to select where it downloads to (unless you manually extract it somewhere, which didnt even seem to work) and theres no launcher like wtf dudes. Im paying 50 bucks for the game just make it easy to play at least. Once I download the game im like okay s'go. Wait. Where the custard is it? I look around in my program files where it said it would download and its not there. Turns out you go back to the zip file and launch it through that. Im thinkin wtf i just paid 50 bucks to some neckbeards for this? I get it, its "pre-alpha" (just call it beta ass-holes. Youre not fancy), but i expect to have a launcher at least! Okay, launched it (after an hour of confusion and frustration). The hard parts over, I'm thinking. I load the server and my custard its the laggiest thing i've ever experienced. Even moving my cursor around in the main menus gave me a migraine. Then its like wtf do i make a character? Theres multiple worlds to load, PvP, private, or join another persons. I make my own server and there I am, a friggin bird. Just show a character selection screen instead of have me fly around the map for 30 minutes looking for something in nothing. I finally figure out this statue is my character. I make one and the stats are different then the website (update your poorly made socks). Im like okay w/e give them a break. I made my character now lets farm some stuff and go to PvP. I hit some wood make some axes, make some armor, grind for 30 mins to an hour. No biggie its an MMO. I then back out and load the PvP server (not to mention the load screens my god). I load in and Im a bird again like wtf i just made a character. I make a new character and grind for another 30 mins. Lag is pretty bad so i throw my stuff in the spirit bank and restart the game. When i try to reload the game through the launcher in the zip file it makes me redownload the whole damn thing! (this happened every time i launched it) and then it starts making my computer have a stroke and flashback in time whenever I do anything CPU intensive. I launch it a second time and get into PvP, me and my buddy (whos also disgruntled experiencing the same issues) finally find a guy and have a good fight (druid whooped our asses) after like 3-5 hours of frustration. We decide to log off because our training is low and we are super weak, and that we don't have any gear. We come back the next day to the same round of issues (redownloading, horribly laggy menus, flashbacks in time, not having an established character, etc.) and decide to wait for updates. I unistalled the game and my PC went back to normal (no flashbacks in time) Again, I get it, the game is in early development. But at least make it user friendly so that people can play. I want to play this game, the PvP looks sweet and I like the concept (except for training skills in real-time, gives unfair advantage to people who simply started playing early), but it is too hard to play at this point in time. I will wait for the game to develop more and improve but until it does this feels like the biggest waste of 50 dollars. Takeaways to not piss other people off: Let us choose where to download it. Give us a proper launcher. Don't make it redownload every time. Have us pick characters from server load (instead of once in a server) Make these characters established Get rid of real-time training (unfair, not totally skill based. People don't want to log in every day) Just call it beta. /rant Thanks for reading. Squidbillies
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