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  1. Hey, I just read about this game over on www.mmorpg.com Agreed, it looks quite interesting. One thing that struck me, was that the graphics and some of the core concepts seem similar to Crowfall. Don't you agree? I like how they intend to handle the "zerging" issue, by having AoE skills hit harder the more people that are hit... cool idea. Also, the way that sieges (for territory control) will only be 5v5... another interesting way to level the field for smaller guilds to be competitive. Crowfall is my #1, but I'd say Albion Online is worth checking out. and PS
  2. 100% Agree Unlock lots of skills, but only 5-10 skills available at a time (i.e. GW2 and ESO). Makes picking and choosing your weapon/ utility skills much more strategic and allows us to each be different.
  3. The team member bio page is over the top impressive. Looking forward to backing this game.
  4. I liked Age of Conan. The story telling was really good. I'm one who normally just ignores and tabs through the quest conversations. That said, one thing I absolutely hated was that all the classes were tied to specific weapons.. My ranger had a choice: Bow or Crossbow. Having come from Shadowbane,,, that was a really poor adjustment. * I prefer being able to choose my weapons and armor, but each choice being a trade off of another. Then again, those "Fatality" moves were awesome! How many times did somebody electrify me-- burned and sizzled to a crisp in front of my very
  5. Love this show. I read the books and they are quite "long winded" (?), but I'm glad I read them as I watch the series... I feel like I'm enjoying the series more, because I have read the books. (if that makes sense). ...and Little Finger is just creepy the way he looks at and talks to Sansa... (agreed?)
  6. I like traps as general utility skills.
  7. I very much like having stealth, sneak, hide, snoop, and steal in the game. The key seems to be having a balance of counter measures. I also like when there are more than one way to achieve a goal. There could be lots of different ways to counter a stealthier: reveal, tracking skills, AoE damage to reveal or slow or both, traps, etc.. There could be lots of ways to counter balance the advantage of stealthing.
  8. Buy to Play + Cash Shop with cosmetic/ vanity/ convenience items only . Allow the casual gamer, multi-game gamer, and broke gamer to all enjoy the game together... without monthly bill. A good cash shop will make up for the subscription. Popular Concerns: Pay2Win: Guild Wars2 has an excellent model. Their cash shop is all cosmetic, convenience, and, vanity items. GW2 is absolutely not P2W. Gold Selling: Gold will be sold, better that the Game devs sell/ control/ profit from selling in-game gold than third party companies using bots Bots: Nope, I never see any bots
  9. Crowfall Store: high quality Crowfall poster art (signed by the devs) is it too soon for this? or our the pictures on this site good enough to print 8"x10" and still look good?
  10. So "The Hunger" is like an Undead Army but also like a disease...and also more dangerous/deadly the more (time) we are exposed to it. *** and it is not just an evil army of undead,, but undead that used to be our former friends, allies, and family (The Walking Dead, Game of thrones, World War Z, Vampire movies...) Hunger Resistance = reduce the (the hunger damage over time effect) Cold Resistance = reduce (cold effect) movement penalty/efficiency penalty ...x% movement speed decrease? On the dying worlds we must consider: fighting other players, fighting the
  11. The Hunger There is a movie (1983) "The Hunger" it's about Vampire(s) and the "hunger" to feed on blood.... And if you sort of combine this concept with the Game of Thrones "Winter is Coming" theme... (as the White Walker army approaches an extreme cold takes over) Perhaps if you combine these three concepts: Undead Army + Hunger to feed on flesh of the living + Time as time passes the undead on the dying worlds become stronger ( every X minutes they get +X power ???) as time passes we become weaker (every X minutes we lose X power @modified by X hunger resistance ???
  12. I like the way SW: ToR did tanking. You could "guard" another player and the incoming damage was redirected from the guarded person (healer?) and to the Tank (my Vanguard Trooper). You also had to maintain a close proximity in order to maintain the "guard".
  13. Well, just my thoughts here, but I enjoy low level PvP. Anybody remember, the "White Sands" and "Underhalls" areas in Age of Conan? The low level PvP was really fun and good practice. It seems when you get to the higher levels, small mistakes have more impact (die faster) and the competition (player skill) is higher. With the auto down-level system, you character is down leveled to the zone; nothing else changes. So, when my level 50 character goes to the level 20-30 Centaur area to farm, fight Centaurs, etc... my character is down leveled to level 30. By the way,, the maps ar
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