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  1. I have found some group bosses will leash and get stuck and become vulnerable While not attacking back.
  2. About me: - Another old school MMORPG player here. Started a bit in EQ(very briefly) almost 20 years ago, then went full ham in DAoC. I've played most of the pvp mmos pretty hard-core DAOC, WoW, WAR, RIFT, AION, GW2, SWTOR, ESO and a handful of asian ports as well. - I prefer to play rogues and melee dps. Currenty I am playing a lvl 25+ sin on order faction soloing and figuring stuff out. - PVP is my main focus and crafting is a necessary evil. I am currently skilling up skinning and leather working. -I am Casual Streamer as well. I don't have a set schedule I just start it up when I have time/feel like it. I like to meet new people that are currently playing and I like to get people who aren't excited about the game. I have met plenty of very helpful viewers In quite a few games! - WIfe, Kids, work - I feel Im a super chill guy. I don't Rage out ever. I do have a potty mouth; especially after a couple beers! What I am looking for: -I tend to favor smaller to mid sized guilds. I dont want to be a rando in a zerg. -I would prefer if most members were on mature side. -I will probably be taking breaks from time to time. I really want this game to succeed but ive burnt myself out playing alphas and betas. - I need direction and focus, Currently I'm just trying to figure stuff out and feel like i am not having good time management -I am a team player and if something is needed ill do my best to accommodate. I am not a greedy person and dont have crazy expectation for help, but this game is obvious meant for a lot of team work and cooperation. -Most of all i am just looking for some chill people that love wrecking faces. - dont mind going through tryouts but dont ask me to fill out an essay of an application. currently playing aurrek/order
  3. Haven't played for almost a year. There is a lot of new stuff to take in. I feel like a noob all over. Not that i ever really made it out of noob status. The guild i played with before is apparently inactive and in game chats seem to only have crickets. Just looking for somehwere to have casual Q&A if there is a Community discord or one ran by a guild who doesnt mind showing ppl the ropes it would be much appreciated
  4. i think i saw like 180ish in gods reach the other night after patch
  5. From what ive experienced last few days this needs an update
  6. Not addressing population issues promptly has always made me sad as it usually leads to mass exodus. If they dont do a mega server i hope there are options for transfers/merges in place at launch.
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