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  1. I was with the group when trying to take Brookhurst and the walls were impenetrable. Normally a few players could target a specific area of the wall and after attacking it a bit, the wall would eventually give. However during this specific attempt, it seemed that the attacks were not confirming as you can normally here a different sound effect when your attack actually makes contact with the wall or enemy. Unless this was changed recently, there is currently no way to re-take the forts unless you have a class that can by-pass the walls - very frustrating.
  2. Hi Yoink,

    Did you ever get the issue resolved with the increased cool down times that barbarian skill tree was applying?  I think i'm in the same boat as you with my Minotaur Myrmidon character.  I think the tool tip displays the right information but the mechanic is still broke.

    My cooldown timers for my skills are way high, some increasing over 60 sec's now. 

    Anyhow just wanted to see if this was fixed for you. Please let me know.



    1. Yoink


      Hey Frantic.

      No, it is an issue with the skill node itself in the barbarian tree. It is actually giving +20% cooldown reduction per pip, or 100% increased cool down reduction at 5 points.  What it should be giving is -2% per pip or -10% total.

      The skill is off by an entire decimal and in the wrong direction.

      Positive cooldown reduction is a bad thing, it makes them longer. Negative is good and makes them shorter.


      It isnt an issue with your character, its an issue with the skill itself.

    2. Frantic3


      Ah, I see what you mean.  I was reading the tool tip wrong.  Either way, its not working as intended.  I sent support@crowfall.com an email but i'm sure it will get buried with all the rest of the bugs.

      I posted in testing 5.4 thread and others have reported the same issue so I hope they get to it sooner than later.

      My bull rush cool down is at 60 seconds since I have the skill at 5 pip'd.  No way can I participate in any PVP with those cooldowns.  FML

      Thanks for the reply.




    3. Yoink


      I sent an email in last week and got a reply. Also, Blair had mentioned that it was fixed in 5.5


      Hopefully they fix it sooner.

  3. Did a search on the forums and I think this could be what i'm facing as well. Its dated back during the Feb. 7th and although the tool tip shows correct, I think the mechanic for the reduction is broke. I posted in the testing area for Pre-Alpha 5.4. Is there a possibility to reach out to the Dev's directly or will I be in the "waiting line" for this to get fixed?
  4. Barab, Thanks for checking the skills on your character. Something is definitely up with my character skills cool down and I think its as you suggested. The cool down timer, instead of getting shorter is getting longer. I'm into the third tier of skills for both class and race so at this point, not really sure what skill might have triggered the "reverse" affect. I just checked the Bull Rush skill and the cool down time is now at 60 seconds. Cast Net jump up one second to 18 now. FML I'll comb the forums and see where I can post to get some help from ACE.
  5. Playing today and notice that the cool down for the skills seem to be longer now. Cast Net is now at 17 seconds cool down. Bull Rush is up to 55 seconds cool down. Anyone else notice the increased cool down times on their myrmidon character skills?
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