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  1. yeah but not too many want to play gerbils or fairies.
  2. point is groups with 'specialists' may be under-powered to groups featuring less of them. small group with a rat tunnels into keep and a similar sized defense group is there with only tanks, dps, and support as they're not carrying any niche 2nd tier (vs pvp focused toons) specialist. this is all wild speculation and guessing on our part we could be completely off on what any of these general 'roles' mean as they come to game play.
  3. if so their popularity is likely to be quite low as most are unlikely to find the role all that fun.
  4. effort and skill is only going to carry one so far if the archetype doesnt have the toolset.
  5. my guess is they'll have access to abilities that allow for specialized roles. ie the rat can tunnel under walls, amazon fairy flies, etc.. more advanced unfortunately sometimes means typically at a disadvantage outside their niche role. so 2nd rate dps, durability, CC, escapes, etc..
  6. come on non-amazon fairy assassins! lol
  7. dont see how the original statement had anything to do with empirical (observed fact) data. I took it as meaning from the image and lore he felt it appeared the ranger is inspired by THE medieval fantasy ranger archetype, Tolkien's Aragorn whom was a Ranger. Not to imply Tolkien invented the Ranger concept. Robin Hood, The Huntsman, and the likes are likely inspirations for Aragorn.
  8. I have always only had one character and never any "alts". dont know what archetype I'll play. typically something rogue-ish.
  9. Sneaky physical dps (melee and/or archery) types. Assassin is currently seemingly only available to amazon fairies and Stalker is raced by deerman. So either those archetypes open up to other less 'unusual' races (and not gender locked) or from the currently available archetypes I'm hoping the Ranger can be a stealthy rogue type. lol
  10. it'd make a bit more sense for people to normally steal mounts then slay them. sure they should be possibly casualties during conflict however historically people stole them as spoils of war they didnt put them all to the sword.
  11. thanks for the highlevel run down. an hour long interview? "Aint nobody got time for that!"
  12. truth be told the issue you're discussing is actually an exceedingly challenging one. friend or foe has been an issue for warring parties for millennia. the point of distinctive uniforms / tabards / marching under banners is so that everyone can see whom is whom. while removing the possibility of a name plate over players/mobs increases realism and adds a degree of challenge requiring people to be more aware of whom/what is around them, it also makes targeting and directing in group pvp extraordinarily challenging as it's extremely difficult to determine friend or foe as groups clash w/o
  13. yeah but would be cooler if they werent vanity mounts but team operated war machines. would be interesting to have the mount not be instantly tied to player controls. so they'd have the mount respond to inputs making the rig deliberately cumbersome and it'd react to it's environment, being attacked, being near fire, etc. really horses should be similar but people would probably riot not having immediate and total domination over their mounts.
  14. off topic but a war elephant w/player platform would be awesome.
  15. please no.. we should get some lore that states it's some extreme offense or something.. centaurs should be able to carry (in their arms) smaller races (in story lines and what not, dont see how that's really needed in game) and would place other wounded centaurs in carts that they'd pull. no one ever rides them.. ever. suppose wounded could be draped across their back ie like western cowboy bounty hunters would carry someone captured/killed. no riding..
  16. 'mouse over' blind has always been a standout favorite.
  17. perhaps centaurs could equip barding in place of leggings and boots.
  18. So I gather the 800k in a few days is to indicate to investors the market interest in the concept?
  19. We know the hunger corruption / destruction manifests as seemingly like the onset of an especially brutal winter. Players encounter the world as spring and go through the seasons till winter-hell. Aside from the varying rule set and random generated terrain, I wonder if there may be different themed worlds entirely? Tropics, desert, tundra, mountains, atoll ,island chain, volcanic, expansive urban/ruins, vast underground caves/network, ..?
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