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  1. Cools, thanks for the thoughts and videos. I also found out about the super loud blight explosions recently. I had never personally planted so many orbs but then I was watching some Druid gameplay on youtube and BAM! It turns out that the sounds were stacking many times over and making the whole event super loud. I fixed this in 5.8. That's interesting about how there used to be a "warning" sound for Blight - I'll look into it - thanks!
  2. yeah, that LMB sure gets used a lot! I have made the LMB sounds a little more subtle for 5.8, thanks for the feedback.
  3. ok yeah that thing gets used a lot, I'll look at it, thanks
  4. thanks! You're right - there's a lot out there already. While I usually wind up recording something for each thing I work on, most of my sound sources do come from sound libraries (such as those from "Hiss and a Roar" or "The Recordist", for example). But it's still just elements (a whoosh, an impact, a fire element, a low hit) all put together. Rarely is there a single sound in a library (like fireball_attack_01) that magically works perfectly in the context of the game I'm working on - editing and layering are always needed to get it right. Sound libraries just save me the time of recording the elements myself. And in some cases I need things I simply wouldn't record myself, like exotic animals, big drums, trees falling, explosions, etc. Yeah, dragging a bag for wind is a funny thing - the idea is it's an easy way to get a generic noisy wind sound that could be used in any context and looped endlessly. Whereas if you recorded "real wind" you might actually be recording materials being moved by the wind, like fabric flapping or leaves rustling or sand/debris blowing past. Those things are cool, they just could only be used for specific settings. That is a very interesting idea with having a day->night transition sound, thanks for sharing it! I'll talk about it with the team. I'm glad you dig the random creature noises - I also wish they changed when you got closer. Ultimately I would like to accomplish this by adding vocalizations to the creatures' fidget animations, which are the short animations that occasionally play while they are patrolling around. Then you would hear the vague distant sounds from far away, the close-up fidget sounds as you get closer (which would match the animations), and then you'd start fighting them and hear their fighting vocalizations. However I can, I would like to support the immersion without getting too repetitive/annoying. Thanks again for sharing
  5. I took a pass at the Druid a while back. If you have any feedback feel free to share. My favorite might be the Hunger nodes - the evil crystal things scattered around the world that freeze the area around them. It was fun trying to make them sound otherworldly and imposing. There are some subtle things, like how I have the ambient nature sounds to fade out when you're close to one, and also one of the engineers helped make sure the heartbeat sound was synced up with the pulsing visual effects. I am looking forward to working on the castle destruction and siege weapons! They'll be big fun sounds but also they might present some unique opportunities. Like, it might be cool to make appropriate distant-sounding versions of some of those sounds so you could be relatively far away but still get the feeling that something big was going down over there and you should probably head that direction and help out.
  6. Hello! My first post. I'm here - happy to discuss things Overwatch! yes, that "hit mark" sound is so satisfying and cuts through the sound mix nicely.
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