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  1. Not really, you farm them for the gems they can drop.
  2. Yup I said it. As someone who keeps a crafting/harvesting guild active and is always able to find a second person to do these with I must say. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A WORSE GAMING EXPERIENCE THEN CROWFALL MOTHERLODES. Now you may find this statement a tad rash but in reality its not, lets start off with a list of the basic issues and then I will explain how I have seen them actually make players quit. The issues are: You need foreman to do them - This is just ridiculous, now you may go no you can do lower rank ranks its okay. To which I reply when your mining is at 68% you are most certainly not going to this and in fact if your mining/stone is anything less then 60% its not worth the grind to farm Motherlodes. The horrible coding - Nothing is worse then having 4 people hitting a Motherlode and 2 party members perfectly timing the right skills only to have 1/6 hits actually register. Yes register. You'll notice that your not told 0 you are just shown a hitting animation with zero feedback by this I mean you have no idea if the game even knows you are hitting one. Horrible just horrible. Your dont feel like a end level character when doing these - This is more related to the fact we have a skill time boost but in reality this speaks to a bigger problem. Motherloades make you feel like the time invest into runes and your skills are completely pointless. No really when 2 characters with 60+% in mining/quarry cannot finish a rank 10 Motherloade before it disappears? They are an artificial wall to crafting - Lets look at my favorite craft jewel crafting. You have no choice but to farm Motherlodes but when combined with everything else you need to farm including the now added embers I just cant imagine anyone getting much crafting done for at least 6 month after launch in jewel crafting. In an end level scope these resources will be hotly contest by pvp and limited amounts. It wont be hard for a single decent sized guild to nearly prevent jewel crafting from being performed. Now you may have read this as someone whos salty that they need to grind and well you would be wrong. I help run Black Market a guild who exists to farm and craft but I have watched our guild farm 10 hours a day and once we get to Motherlodes maybe do 10 minutes then give up due to frustration. This frustration makes people not play for an entire week as they dread the thought of wasting their time on this planet doing a task they absolutely hate for any period of time. I am officially requesting on behalf of those of us who hit big things that Motherlodes get a rework. At the very least a restructure on hit registers and a removal of the Armour system. Signed: KittyBot lord of all Hamsters and owner of a rune pick.
  3. I live in Africa and I also get my full download speed 10Mbps(100 line) to the client. May I suggest a DNS flush your routing may be at fault.
  4. Looking for an artist! No really we need banners and such. I would art but I am an terrible at such things haha.
  5. Just adding this note, if your dropping by our discord please say hi, it would help us know who has pop'd by to check us out or join. We are growing at a healthly rate and so this is becoming a slight issue and we would rather not have to add a bot to control discord corpse generation :D.
  6. Your VGA driver? A few question: Is this your GPU or Mother Board VGA port? You say your VGA driver crashed but after alt-f4 your screen was fine? Lets tackle this!
  7. Look you seem new to game development concepts so let me teach you, this may help you feel less annoyed but I doubt it. In game development you need to test and so there are stages to a games development. Alpha means pre-public access grade completion/ also known as a prototype (usually this means no art, music and game feel additions), beta which is when the game is at public testing (IE assets and mechanics in place and ready to be tested) and finally launch (your game is done). I note in your rant all these issues but frankly its not Crowfalls faults, its your own for making assumptions of what you were getting. The game is in pre-aplha and lets you buy into it now to fund its development. This concept may seem strange to you. When you consider just how many salaries are paid to get a game developed it makes sense, especially when you aren't backed by 1 mega corporation. The fact you are disappointed again just shows you didnt bother to do any research and you were looking for a game to play right now however Crowfall is in a testing environment therefore by buying in you acknowledged that you were here to test and give feedback. AGAIN the game is in a prototype phase and nothing is yet remotely complete. This is not a game, its public testing to allow a game to be made so please don't go on rants about your expectations of an agile development based process, its just makes it seem AGAIN like you didn't even bother to google what pre-aplha means... this term has existed since the 80s. When I worked in the game design field I hate nothing more then when I showed someone a prototype and they cried by it feels unfinished. Thanks for reading and I hope this taught you something about game development terms. Also as these terms are not specific to game development please refer to this wiki page for what software cycles are and how they are named https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle .
  8. Dont worry bit-defender did the same, its a false positive. It was caused by a save location for one of the unity files.
  9. The gem type and cut style effects the real stats, the rest is just extra for fun really.
  10. Moving cutting grit is just too mean, give stone soul gems.
  11. A little update: Using: a common plentiful harvest potion. + 59% mining rune pick with +0.1 plentiful harvest. Spamming "Finer Things" I have the skill pip at 5 and almost maxed all mining skills that don't fall into "Ore Specialization". I farmed slag 30 minutes and got: 268 slag 53 dust 3 grit To compare if I farm rank 7 or 9 tin I make in 10 minutes: 70+ common ore 30+ uncommon ore 10+ rare ore 2+ Epic ore and a bunch of soul gems Again Grit is nothing more then a forced bottleneck to my crafting as I get rare gems more often then i ever get grit. I am also lord of all hamsters so how can the game be so cruel to me??
  12. I discovered this yesterday but I am unable to use Soul-gems to make cut gems. I don't get it why aren't gems found from ores able to be used in jewel crafting? The ingredient is simply called a "Rough Gem", so why cant I use "Rough Soulgem"s? I mean I can polish these but then's what the point?
  13. Cant imagine anything worse then having to pay real money to make my hamsters cute. I would pay for EK stuff but if my character is held hostage that would be a shame and so following an MOBAs money strategy would be a real shame. Also Crowfall has a dedicated number of backers and if only us who have already back this game played it I wouldn't have a issue with the populations in the campaign, it would be sufficient but its naive to believe that it will be that low with some many people buying EA games at a starting price of 120 euros for all content. So in reality what is 50 euros to gamers these days anyways.
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