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  1. I'm not sure how I'd feel about spherical worlds. I guess it depends on the physical size of the world itself. While I can't imagine the campaign worlds being small, I haven't the slightest idea how big they might get.
  2. What do you folks think the world boundaries will be like? What do you hope they will be like? Personally, I hope the worlds have literal edges, as if they were flat. If you swim or sail out far enough you'll find a place where the oceans drain into infinity, where you can see the universe and maybe even the Hunger itself as dark spaces between the stars. OR, YOU KNOW, INVISIBLE WALLS. I LOVE INVISIBLE WALLS.
  3. Cautious isn't really the word I'd use. You're working yourself up over something that's not really that big of a deal. Yeah, they don't specifically say "Additional Copy", but they also don't specifically say "Upgrade". What they do say is that you get a Physical Collector's Edition plus all previous rewards, one of which is a digital copy of the game. If you can't take that at face value, then so be it. Did you consider that the reason they didn't say "Additional Copy" anywhere is because they didn't want people to think they'd be getting three copies (Basic Digital Copy + Additional Copy + Collector's Edition)?
  4. It seems to me that the wording's not tricky, and you folks are just being cynical.
  5. It says Physical Collector's Edition, +All Previous Rewards.
  6. Endrak


    Is there a way I can change my name on the Crowfall forums? All I want to do is capitalize the E at the beginning of my name. I don't know why it's not capitalized; it should be. Please help me. The more I look at it, the more it ticks me off.
  7. Amber and above grants a physical copy of the game, but you still have the digital copy which you can then give away.
  8. First of all, Illara is the Goddess of Cats: I would really like to see the choice of Gods become a serious thing to consider. From a lore perspective, it doesn't really make sense for the Gods to elevate so many people to immortality in their service if they're just going to go worship another God. So here's what I think should happen. GODS ARE CHOSEN UPON CHARACTER CREATION When you create a character, you choose a God to follow. You cannot change that choice later. (In terms of a game like WoW, saying you want to pick Kane but play with the Order faction is like saying you want to be an Orc working for the Alliance. Nobody says that. If they want to work for the Alliance, they create an Alliance character.) GODS HAVE UNIQUE FLAVOR AND PERSONALITY The personality part is already there, but there isn't much flavor besides a couple sigils on armor. Certain armor and weapons (or even spells) should look different depending on which God you worship. This also gives you a way to tell the factions apart in combat (Order Confessors shoot red fire, but Chaos Confessors shoot green fire. Templars worshiping Arkyn have silver armor, but Templars worshiping Kane have black armor). GODS GIVE BENEFITS AND BONUSES This, I think, would be a good reason to pick certain Gods depending on your playstyle. Arkyn, for example, could give Confessors who worship him a strong AoE fire nova thing, and Knights would get a dash attack that leaves fire behind them.
  9. The majority of WoW players don't know about the movie, and the game isn't due for a new expansion until 2017 at least. Plus, Crowfall isn't really competing with WoW, so as long as they put themselves out there people will see it and become interested.
  10. I'd like it if they put some serious work into Disciplines, either expanding their options wide (more Promotions) or tall (Disciplines are highly customizable in and of themselves). I worry that the smaller the tree is, the more one specific build will become viable over everything else that Archetype can do. Second, I'd like the choice of a God to have a series impact on things, more than just dividing you into factions. Worshipers of certain Gods having unique feels to them, for example, like unique cosmetics (Arkyn's worshipers can have flames on their armor, Illara's worshipers are surrounded by spectral cats) or abilities depending on your Archetype (Hero gives the Knight a bash attack, but gives the Confessor an armor bonus).
  11. They're changing it. Pretty much everything we've seen are placeholders, including the telegraphs. They're aiming for a system similar to Tera's.
  12. MMORPG.com for me, as well. I would like to see my guild forums, since they're usually super on top of that stuff, but not this time.
  13. Each campaign should have different win conditions. Dregs is most likely going to have some very brutal ones. I won't go so far as to say it will last until there's one survivor, but killing 75% of the players in the campaign sounds about right. Keep in mind this is speculation.
  14. If Taming comes back in a similar form as in Ultima, we need to find Belan.
  15. We don't know much about the Gods yet, but hints from the team lean toward specific bonuses you get by worshiping them. If you can only worship one God at a time, that's going to decide your faction in both the three-way and twelve-way campaigns. I don't think Archetypes are bound to certain Gods. The concept art for the Knights shows them wearing both the sigils of Hero (Male) and Arkyn (Female).
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