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  1. Super annoying things

    I did and retrieved my stuff, then got dced from server
  2. Super annoying things

    You know what else is super annoying..... getting killed by you when I was only about 6 stones from being able to build my EK stations

    Yup... I believe you are correct..

    haha.. that's awesome.. Thank you... I can totally see it on my account page but It won't let me accept it yet... it says "otp required"...

    LOL.... don't tempt me...
  6. Kraahk, no I completely understand all of that. My above post wasn't very clear. What I meant by it was: it would have been a waste for me to take your inventory because I wouldn't have used any of it. And I was also referring to permanently trading my EK stuff in for crowns from The main page (which may no longer even be an option).
  7. I would have but Todd's right.... I'm totally a lookie-loo and I don't have the patience for perfecting an EK... Yeah, I know I have a lot of EK stuff from the kickstarter pledge. I'll either use it or I won't but selling it for crowns seems a little short-sighted, so I'll hang on to it at launch and hope that the EK bug bites me in the future.
  8. Whatchoo Listenin To?

    Just a little Die Antwoord
  9. * raises hand >>>>>> This guy right here<<<<<<
  10. Kraahk, this is awesome... Such a cool opportunity for someone interested in the EK side of things. You totally get my vote for Community builder of the month club
  11. New World - Amazon Game Studios I guess this has been on everyone's radar since 2016. Not sure how I missed it but I still stand by the meat of my above post.
  12. New World - Amazon Game Studios

    Ok.. I see this as a threat to crowfall. It's like Bezos spotted the same opportunity as j. And gordan and just got started a bit later. I'm afraid ArtCraft will have to hit overdrive and try to beat Amazon to market by like a year to really make people feel to invested not to switch. I worry because of the amount of money and manpower that Amazon can throw at this. It's very unfortunate that both games share a similar vision. I have no doubt that ArtCraft has the creme of the crop of developer talent, but fracking Amazon can field hundreds of developers and take a loss on the front end, if they feel they can make it up on the back end... And that is dangerous. I'd almost suggest that gordan either look to see if they are copying any of aircrafts tech or vision and then sue to stall or either outright say but us out.. in the end, sure there is room for two but this announcement just cut crowfall's market at least in half. My fingers are crossed and my prayers are for ArtCraft... We shall see.
  13. Unachievable Parity

    KrakkenSmacken, thank you for the clarification... Obviously, how this is handled by the Devs will be critical.... I myself have already done the work and theory-crafting (with the diminishing returns calculated) about how many accounts I would need to feed into my main to meet my personal objectives quicker... I really wish, this wasn't even a possibility as I'm sure there's a million better ways to spend that amount of money but alas, I know there are many more of a similar mind. I have complete faith that they have and will do what's absolutely best for the game, I'm just being impatient on the knowing part.
  14. I like the idea of giving special set of limited use blueprints out to the winners.. For the future... I also like the idea of having campaigns that cost crowns to enter... and have a payout to the winners similiar to a poker tournament... Oh... man.... so many cool things they can do with this system.... It's so exciting.
  15. Unachievable Parity

    Based on this video So from about the 13:30 mark to 28:30, they talk about skill tomes and it gives me the overall impression that it will be beneficial to feed tomes to a main account. It didn't seem to me that they were going to implement a cumulative skill point cap but instead to rely on the 1d/30d time bank to act as the cap... And a player with the knowledge, money and proper planning could totally damn near max out all the skills in a single year... Not saying it would be cheap (probably a full house payment a month) but I do think it will be a possibility. In the end.... I think it will be a boon to ArtCrafts coffers but I'd personally like them to announce that they will be implementing a total cumulative skill point cap.... Although, a cap would limit the maximum $ they can draw from a single player, it would honestly make the player base much happier as a whole and still provide enough room for the system to work effectively. I really hope they shed some more light on their skill tome ideas soon...