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  1. Good points. That obligation has been burdensome. But they have allowed the open sharing of opinions, good or bad, it was their decision. The OP raised valid points echoed by many of us. Who's already eagerly awaiting the release of Crowfall Unchained/Remastered..... *raises hand The good ole' reset button
  2. I personally would vote with a Sad face. I really want to play this game in a good state RIGHT NOW, BUT honestly I kinda wish they would just do whatever it takes to give it another 2-3 years of development to make it actually good. SELL OUT, BEG FOR MORE MONEY... whatever it takes but don't release this.
  3. Okay... Quick Unofficial Poll here until an Actual one gets created: ?= Who Thinks this game will be ready to launch live to the masses in (lets say) a year and a half time. Give a Thanks to this post if you DO think it will be ready Give a Sad to this post if you DON'T think it will be ready
  4. I'm a forum lurker and only log in on occasionally to test new builds and such. I have not become involved heavily with a guild this whole time (I have my reasons) ^ take the above comment for what it's worth. For 5 years I've been logging in only to get bored within a single day and have zero desire to log in again until the next big announcement. Doesn't anyone realize what a problem that is? I was excited as anyone about this game and it's promises, only to become more and more disappointed over time. I will certainly play at release BUT at this point, only because
  5. y You must not be familiar with the new system's. It's arguably better for the game. Hint: there will be plenty of pvp.
  6. Well fella's... New World has me worried for Crowfall. It is becoming a both a great and complete game. The lore and visuals of the game are attractive as well as the character development. I'm not overly fond of the combat at the moment but it is arguably better than what we have here. It's also scary that New World will likely be launching before Crowfall and will draw the same gamer crowd that Crowfall is shooting for. If people try and like New world, what does that mean for Crowfall? Will they still pay retail and maintain a subscription. Of those that do, how many will choose to spend ti
  7. I vote for either a single tree at a time or removal of the passive system all together. However, they seem to keep catering to the typical mmo population, so they probably will eventually make it possible to train all 3 simultaneously. Honestly, the passive system adds zero fun to the gameplay and is only acting as a time gate to progression and a motivator for us to keep paying (real reason for it in the first place). In all honesty, they should just allow 1 tree at a time and just allot each new account a certain number of already accumulated skill points to distribute. That would allo
  8. with any luck... they drop letting us pick 2 different paths and just double up the speed of our preferred playstyle.... Then later when we need more options they can re-introduce the racial tree's and deeper armor and weapon specializations... I'm hopeful that they somehow make the passive tree and it's associated skills require a gold dump of some kind like in EVE.. could make hunting for skill tomes a lucrative part of the game. Let's face it, EVE has perfected the passive leveling system. maybe you can add more to it but anything less is just disappointing. and just require a su
  9. lol... "come over, I've got sex and mac and cheese".... ROFL..
  10. why do I smell a double-cross in the future of these guilds?
  11. Well Thank you APE, I appreciate that. I do wish I would have taken the time to word it better and add a few more details to some points.
  12. I bet it's a card game or the like of dota chess. what I really want is a dnd style tabletop game on pc.
  13. This is a good change. Looking forward to it.
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