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  1. lol... "come over, I've got sex and mac and cheese".... ROFL..
  2. why do I smell a double-cross in the future of these guilds?
  3. Well Thank you APE, I appreciate that. I do wish I would have taken the time to word it better and add a few more details to some points.
  4. I bet it's a card game or the like of dota chess. what I really want is a dnd style tabletop game on pc.
  5. This is a good change. Looking forward to it.
  6. Honestly, with how good New World feels.... Crowfall might be better served by holding off on the launch and really nailing down exactly what it is they want the game to be. New World's launch will likely overtake everything else. It may be in Crowfall's best interest to let New World's release excitement to die out and its playerbase to grow tired, then try and capitalize on that exodus. Of course, they'd have to be able to support development for another 1-2 years. I just hope they don't try to sell Crowfall the game (amazon would probably try and buy just to eliminate competition) and then focus on marketing the engine they've built. ***The government has ruined me, I've become skeptic of everything ;(
  7. Your information is outdated.
  8. Again... This is no longer true. Russia has been playing a different game than us in America. I can't help but laugh at all the lies we have been told over the years. While stationed in Alaska, I have personally been witness to such lies straight from Ash Carter's mouth (at the time, the U.S. Secretary of Defense). I had been warning people for year's that Russia's economy and military were way more powerful than we were being told. So much so, that my colleagues would call me "Little Putin", They even presented me a placque with those words, when I PCS' d. People need to understand, Russia doesn't seemingly have a large miltary Navy because they invested in Submarines. I'm sure you all can understand the capabilities of a submarine, even over those of a battlecruiser. Sure battleships look cool and can support field armies with artillery but in the modern world they are HUGELY outdated... people, all surface level military assets are obsolete. Everyone with any knowledge and brains already understand this. Missle capabilities have become to advance and cost effective answers to them. Just within the last couple months I saw the news poking fun at the Russian Navy when they had a mishap with their sole (count it... ONE) Aircraft carrier and made mention of Russia not having a fifth gen air fighter and scraping their plans for it. PEOPLE, they don't need aircraft... while we were fracking around with the f-22's and f-35's. They covertly put battlestations IN SPACE. They can Strike ANYWHERE in the World in a matter of minutes, They can take out 5, 10, 20 fracking State-of-the-Art F-22's at the same time, with the press of a button. Just about a year and a half ago, they demonstrated this capability and sent a missle and detonated it in the air above Thule Air Force base in Greenland. I was laughing my ass off when the news claimed it was a meteor that BLEW UP just over the base... Come on people... Lastly, Russia has focused on fielding a modular army. In the last 8 years alone they have added over 80 ships 24 of which are submarines with nuclear capabilities, 1000 helicopters, 1000 aircraft, 1500 tanks, 250 ICBM (w/countless more on standby ready to have their nuclear heads mounted... * they do this to manipulate the IMF treaty, just like we do), 2500 armored vehicles and the creation of 100's of more tactical vehicles delivery systems such as AVANGARD and SATAN II. Also they employ over 3.5 million people (5%+ of their labor population) in their active military... We in american have only 1.4 active duty and another 1.3 in the reserves for a total of 2.7 million total military personnel. WE HAVE 2.28x their population and still have less military men than them. Not to mention that on average Russian men are both larger and more fit than American males. Russia has checkmated the United States as far as military capabilities go. All the American Generals know it, but the American people are lied to (as is the norm) to maintain the false perception of worlds #1 Superpower. TRUST ME. Let's talk economy. Russia's economy has been growing at 7-9% every year for the last 15 years.... We have been stuck at 2% or less during that same time frame..... THIS is below the inflation rate... As they say in business, if your not growing, your dying... WE ARE dying. YES our Economists are playing financial jiu-jitsu to give the appearance of growth but everyone knows that this isn't organic. Meanwhile, we and the rest of Europe has been placing sanctions after sanctions on Russia TO TRY AND STOP THEIR MASSIVE GROWTH... As far as GDP (Current) they are ranked either 4th or 5th right up there with Japan and Germany, AND THAT IS WITH ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE PUTTING SANCTIONS ON THEM... Once those sanctions get lifted, Russian GDP is going to take off like a bullet out of a gun. (IMO, I think they will be right on par with USA and India... Not China because 1.5 billion souls) This has had the complete opposite effect on the Russian Economy because they just instead created new industries for themselves that used to be provided to them via trading... WE MADE THEM STRONGER BY FORCING THEM TO ANSWER THEIR OWN PROBLEMS.... For instance... Russia now has a Helicopter and Ship Engines industry due specifically because of the sanction in-placed upon it. Russia is without a doubt the most self-sufficient country in the world today. It's always said in the news that Russia only has 1/10 of our military spending... which is true. What they are not showing you is the effectiveness of that spending. Please consider that a big mac is Russia is 120 rubles (less than $2) and a big mac in America i $5. This lower costs translates into everything, property, clothing, food, power, LABOR. Why do you think there has been this sudden surge of space companies such as TESLA, BLUE ORIGIN, VIRGIN GALACTIC in the last 10 years... It's because Fracking Russia has been doing it for the last 50 years and has perfected it and sold their rockets to us for massive profits... Making it super expensive for us to go to space and they went very cheaply for 40 years. Now that TESLA has cut our costs to 1/10 of what they were, we can start competing again. My point is. America had been focusing on trying to build a better tank/aircraft than their enemies. Whilst Russia had been covertly building tech/industries that made everything else obsolete.... Literally like bringing a gun to a knife battle. Russia is holding the XM307 ACSW ADVANCED HEAVY MACHINE GUN and America is holding the swiss army knife (because they think it makes them look cool and prepared). Our strength as America has not been our military but our economy. We made everyone else rich and so we were tolerated. Now we are all dried up and beginning to see how fragile our actual alliances are when we are not allowing them to suck at our breast anymore. NATO is in jeapardy, just like the EU. It feels like a whole new Era is quickly approaching. If we do go through a 7+ year recession, expect war to bring us out of it. And for those of you, that are wondering about the above recession statement... Ask yourself why Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) is pulling 1+ TRILLION (WITH A T) from american mutual funds, pensions and insurance companies and putting them all into CHINESE STOCKS.
  9. If you think the Russian Military is in tatters... You've got another thing coming.
  10. I'm with Zybak, as I love to theorycraft. I joined the kickstarter because Crowfall's PVP system was intriguing, though I ended up not really liking Crowfall's combat all that much (I have very little crowfall pvp experience, as of right now). Maybe my opinion will change when i join a guild and start sieging, but honestly it seems pretty "blah". My most favorite style of pvp was actually in Atlantica Online, where you had daily and weekly 1v1 tournaments. The daily tournaments started like every 2 hours and you could join in from anywhere in the world if you wanted. It was a strategic turn based game though and ended up being ruined by the casino like cash shop. I'm rather disappointed in Crowfall's character progression. It "Feels" like my knight is really no different than anyone else's Knight. And so on for Cleric's, etc... Maybe if they ever significantly increase the number of passives and powers we can slot this will change but as of right now, you get to equip 1-2 different powers from your major disciplines and it just feels like a big "whoopdido". Supposedly they are going to implement a final fantasy X like sphere grid system utilizing the discipline runes, I suppose if they actually execute it well, it could help things but I seriously have my doubts. You know... I miss they day's where you were given a pool of points at character creation and you could allocate them however you saw fit, the good ole D&D method or for some of the other folk, the old school Madden NFL character creator. I actually ended up liking the harvesting in Crowfall, once I started progressing a bit. That has been a pleasant surprise. This will only get better with the intro of Caravan's. I find crafting tedious, but I'm happy with the design.. I'm just ready for an actual economy so I can just buy what I need. I'm sure everyone will pick one Craft to specialize in and then go into all the harvesting tree's. I don't foresee to many people trying to do all crafts... God, could you imagine how many different sets of armor/vessels that would require and all that switching to and from.... Screw that, thought about it for awhile, but then came to my senses. Maybe I would've if they hadn't made the below changes: ***The below paragraph turned into a bit of a rant, so skip if you want. The passive skill tree's at this point just seem totally unnecessary. It's become just a 1.5 -2 year progression bottleneck. You don't have a single hard choice to make. I'm sure they will eventually add specific weapon/armor branches (sword, axe, helmet, chest, etc...) but all that does is extend the bottleneck. They killed the appeal of the passive skill tree system when they removed the race's/advanced classes from it. When they made that decision and did a 180 on their kickstarter promises, I lost 90% of my interest in the game. ***More on this point, I seem to remember a forum post around the time the skill tree switch was happening and it was suggested that two separate game's be packaged (ie. Crowfall CB and Crowfall HC, use your imagination for the Abbrev.'s), If they do end up doing some shady shiite like that, ewwwwwww..... And you know they would follow the new fracking trend and call it CROWFALL UNCHAINED... Eve Online definitely did this better ***end unexpected rant. I'm waiting for news on Mounts, Bags, furniture, enchantments, etc... before I settle on my crafting specialization but it looks like you can't really go wrong with Blacksmithing... I hope to god they break that up into Weapon and Armorsmiths, heck, I hope they break it down even further into Cobbler's, Hat-maker's and Swordsmith's. I'm sure they will eventually but what's the point of waiting (they better not be trying to sell me an expansion pack).
  11. I still wish they would have left it the way they originally intended it. Choose 1. Combat Crafting or Harvesting. But Regardless of my feelings on that, it seems that the game is finally taking shape and truthfully, in the end, it may have been the best decision for the game.
  12. Lets not forget about the possibility of being able to select certain traits at character creation. They may have scraped it but it would have allowed for all kinds of options... Increases to stat caps, etc...
  13. I vote to name him Chris P. Bacon
  14. ^ yup.... IMO it was one of the worst changes to the game yet ;(
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