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  1. Lets not forget about the possibility of being able to select certain traits at character creation. They may have scraped it but it would have allowed for all kinds of options... Increases to stat caps, etc...
  2. I vote to name him Chris P. Bacon
  3. ^ yup.... IMO it was one of the worst changes to the game yet ;(
  4. Which is more useful as far as maxing out crafting stats. I have zero experience with jewelry and I'm currently locked out of my account due to new phone and waiting for the 2fa reset. I ask because I'm torn between a High Elf and Guinecean crafter. I assume each offers a different set of stats, so I'm curious what those stats are and also what the typical value of legendary's would be. For Min/Maxing. Thank you all.
  5. Now... Scree... you know he was just using President Trump's form of marketing... Make a little minor mistake that you know everyone will blow up about and just equates to more marketing for you.... lol
  6. If interested, send me a pm.
  7. Sneak peek of Aeris Corps (in-work) heraldry... Awaiting ArtCrafts response for in-game frog/toad... Details soon to follow...
  8. So I looked into it. found it. and fixed it... Thank you Extintor.
  9. not sure what you mean or how to even check it.
  10. I have had constant issues logging into my account due to 2FA... I input the code but the log in client always tells me "incorrect 2FA code" or something like that. I've learned that I have to wait for my code to refresh and then put in the older code for the log in client to accept it. Why is this....
  11. i REALLY DISLIKE this way of dodge pip regeneration
  12. Omen

    Crafting tables

    lol.... I needed a good laugh today... ty.
  13. will cooking and planting be standalone skills at launch.
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