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  1. I'm not turning it into anything. I'm just informing people and asking questions I'd like answers to.
  2. I actually agree with almost everything said here. However, I think this move is a bit more telling than most realize and I just felt that people should at least be aware.
  3. On April 28, ArtCraft filed to terminate their SEC reporting commitments. Can any investor's attended the meetings help enlighten us?
  4. I was really hoping to see the annual report showing their financials and super curious on what they are going to do in regards to their lease prior to February 2022. I'm still hoping they have the launch party... has anyone received their invitation yet, since covid standards are starting to relax.
  5. So why did ArtCraft file with the SEC to terminate reporting on April 28, when they are launching in July? Can anyone help me understand this? Was it just to expensive? Do they just not expect it to become solvent? what gives?
  6. I think you may be experiencing an escalation of commitment from all the time and money already spent. I do agree with you about Crowfall trying to fill a niche that doesn’t currently have a huge showing. But they are also trying to grab whatever they can before their real competition arrives such as lost ark, ashes and new world. I mean, I’m sure I’m not the only one that can smell ArtCrafts fear. They probably shat themselves in May when new world August release date was launched and so nearly a month later announced their own launch date that is 1 1/2 months before new worlds launch. Come o
  7. Smells like they are feeling the squeeze of the money problems I spoke of previously are forcing the launch in hopes that it provides some relief and also to help bury the financials. And we know what happens next if it doesn’t turn out to be a miracle success.
  8. NO it wasn't. People just got fed up because they kept resetting the passive system with each new update, which unfortunately was a necessary evil (I guess). It didn't actively discourage people from playing.
  9. I was sad to see the passive skill system go because it encouraged you to specialize into 1 specific race and one specific class and then into 1 specific specialization of that class. without it, everyone just switches to whatever class they feel they need at the time, instead of searching for a buddy with the class they need. I would much rather be the guy known for crafting the best human leather gloves you can get, rather than the "well he's a decent healer but he can't play dps classes and i suppose he makes an okay bow and maybe boots but his helmets are trash. I mean wasn't crowfal
  10. whoa... whoa... whoa... hold up. mandalore. Wasn't it you and Krakken (and others) that were such huge advocates of changing up the systems to literally lead us down this path. It absolutely was. It was all the screaming about "feeling locked into one race" etc... etc... that created this vanilla moba/mmo/battle royal mish*mash of a game. You all very much encouraged the devs to stray from the original vision of highly specialized and individual characters, so that you could play all races and do all things equally well as others. I remember all the forum posts nearly 3 years ago. funny how i
  11. Yup. Drop character creation and add a selection screen and stop pretending it's the same game you originally envisioned, cause to me, it feels like the dev's took a hard left, threw up their middle finger and never looked back. Should've kept races and advanced classes time gated. encouraged specialization and interdependencies. We now instead get everybody can fight, harvest and craft equally well, no one knows who makes the best armor for centaurs because everyone can custard craft centaur armor equally the same as they can craft armor for humans and elves. And all that aside, THIS GAME IS
  12. Omen

    Covid-19 jab

    got the 2nd jab last weekend. still here but was hurting for a couple days after. (moderna)
  13. If they don't beat games like New World and Ashes of Creation to market, then they'll likely struggle due to having to compete heads up with them. releasing a bit early will provide them to get players a bit invested in crowfall time wise before having to deal with New World and Ashes pulling player's.
  14. well as long as the investors get their peace of the pie Though, regardless of how this works out as far as chinese publishers, it's good news because just about a year ago some serious barriers got put up as far as doing business in china.
  15. Fairly bummed out about the delay to Aug. It looks like Crowfall and New World will be going head to head. When I was playing both side by side, I preferred New World, but I was also peeved at the time due to the direction Crowfall was heading. I still think Crowfall would be a better game if they just stuck with the original vision but despite all that, I’m still rooting for it. I’m totally taking an optimistic outlook towards Crowfall now because at the very least I no longer have to log in to update my passive training. Now if they add a requirement to log in for some type of weekly/Monthl
  16. Omen

    Covid-19 jab

    I'm scheduled to get mine through the VA but I'm very hesitant, considering history. They've just linked this current Coronavirus to be very similar to what was considered the Russian Flu back in 1889 and it killed a similar % of the people infected as our current corona virus. But the scary thing is, that the Russian Flu is what made the Spanish flu (that came 30 years later around 1918) so deadly for all the 20-40 year olds. Because they had been exposed to the Russian flu, they were less able to fight off the spanish flu and died very quickly when they were exposed to it. I'm worried about
  17. I also said underperformance. It may seem extreme but it is a possibility and is a common move that companies due to survive after a catastrophic failure. One of the possibilities is that they expect Crowfall to be on life support, right from the start and have already started taken steps to prepare for it's shutdown and the second being they intend to sell the licensing/developing/publishing rights internationally and domestically through the other entity. I'm open to a more positive scenario for the creation of the company and the transfer of rights, but I've asked multiple times and ha
  18. without merit? are you serious? The fact that they went through all the trouble to create a separate company and then transfer the license to it, gives the questions merit. I suppose only time will tell, but if you think they did it to benefit the common stock holders, then I'd say you are being a bit delusional.
  19. Same. I have a ton of respect for Ape. But guys, just look at what has happened with Astellia Online and Astellia Royale. The dang near identical thing was done with Barunson and Studio 8. The same with Bless and Bless Unleashed in regards to Neowiz and round 8 studio. And on and on and on... It bugs the crap out of me that people don't see the same pattern with Crowfall. I'd be so upset if I was an investor and I realized that the company I was investing in was using a backdoor to keep me from sharing in most of the profits. People don't realize how huge the international market is compa
  20. Linda listen, divestitures happen for many, many reasons but when they happen in this way; with the assumption of the smallest amount of debt, making a royalty free exchange of your greatest asset, and no announced share transfer, it means they are preparing to file bankruptcy (or extreme underperformance), and creating a separate company without all the heavy obligations of the former. In any case, it limits or eliminates any gain from common shareholders of the parent company. I’m very curious what we will learn around May of next year when they release their quarterly. And honestly the
  21. That’s fair, do you happen to know the answer to any of these questions? If so can you share, or pm me, if necessary.
  22. I made a post on the community forums, seeking clarity from @jtoddcoleman himself. I’m sure he will be able to clean up any details for the both of us. link:
  23. I know, but could you imagine. they just went public so it was top of mind and relevant.
  24. @jtoddcoleman A lot of the community here in the forums are also shareholders in ArtCraft Entertainment. I’m sure they would appreciate some clarity in the form of you answering some questions. 1. Was a separate entity related to ArtCraft created? and why? 2. If so, was any ArtCraft asset or right-to-use asset (such as an artisan engine license) granted to the new entity? and why? 3. Will current shareholders of ArtCraft Entertainment be entitled to profits from this new entity? 4. In regards to ArtCraft Entertainment assets (real, intellectual, technology, or otherwis
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