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  1. Now... Scree... you know he was just using President Trump's form of marketing... Make a little minor mistake that you know everyone will blow up about and just equates to more marketing for you.... lol
  2. If interested, send me a pm.
  3. Sneak peek of Aeris Corps (in-work) heraldry... Awaiting ArtCrafts response for in-game frog/toad... Details soon to follow...
  4. So I looked into it. found it. and fixed it... Thank you Extintor.
  5. not sure what you mean or how to even check it.
  6. I have had constant issues logging into my account due to 2FA... I input the code but the log in client always tells me "incorrect 2FA code" or something like that. I've learned that I have to wait for my code to refresh and then put in the older code for the log in client to accept it. Why is this....
  7. i REALLY DISLIKE this way of dodge pip regeneration
  8. Omen

    Crafting tables

    lol.... I needed a good laugh today... ty.
  9. will cooking and planting be standalone skills at launch.
  10. + Knight specifically has a talent path that will give you a +15% increase to mount speed. Also the move speed cap of mounts is 250% and the cap of both regular in/out combat move speed is capped at 200%.
  11. by default a brigand has the ability to slot 40 skills... no disciplines required on the natural talent tree progression whilst other classes can only slot 20 It's understood that not every skill can be slotted in each bar but it still equates to double the number of skills available for use (compared to other classes.. Maybe it's intended for a ranger to be able to have 8 buffs and still have 4+ dmg abilities in each of the melee/range/stealth trees
  12. I think food meter fits perfectly into this game. It hopefully will provide some late game tactical uses but more importantly, it creates need for another segment of the games economy. Not to mention the food and drink bluffs are pretty good. Stamina only has a few uses in combat such as blocking, sprinting and retaliate that others have mentioned. Beyond that, it limits harvesting and creates a mechanic for discipline, talents and stats to play around with. Both can use tweaks here and there but are otherwise in a pretty good spot.
  13. let me know when they have a ffx like sphere grid.
  14. So your a guild leader mandalore? That's really makes me want to create a guild of my own. ya know... just because.
  15. I don't hate them.. and I'm here because I care about the game. I also didn't make an incorrect statement like you just did. When simple and quick fixes exist on issues with high-visibility, yet they remain untouched... It shouts "we don't care". And when we hear that it just isn't "high on the priority list"... know that, that statement comes with a little layer of bull sock. You did however, touch an underlying issue that scares me. With this new path that they have chosen for the game, if tons of more changes are indeed coming, then they are most likely going to continue to destroy the original vision that most of the kickstarter backer's bought into. And if ^ that happens, you may just get your little secret wish and I'll walk away... but I'm fairly certain I won't be alone...
  16. Exactly... because they have watered everything down to a wow clone from listening to the likes of krakken and mandalore.
  17. Yeah.... they dropped the ball hard on all the little stuff that showed they cared.
  18. will they be built in leatherworking? Also what ever happened to bags?
  19. real men, play dota. snowflakes play lol. z;p
  20. Oh man, don't get me started... I've felt pretty burned since the introduction of 5.8 because of this... I'm this >.< close to throwing up my hands and screaming WTF at the top of my lungs.
  21. IMO, anything is better than what we have now.
  22. Well that's just great... My character must be bugged because I've been harvesting everything non-basic for about 12hrs total now and I've only had 2 dropped... Thats some bs.
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