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  1. The fact that crafting is inspired by Star Wars Galaxies, thrills me to no end. I still think that was the best of all crafting methods. However, Crowfall looks very likely to take the crown.
  2. My lack of impatience? Not so sure about that. I do want my toys NOW like anyone else. However, if you play games long enough you learn to hate shovelware and appreciate "it will be done when it is done." Plus in addition to Crowfall, I am an early Star Citizen Kickstarter, so if I wasn't somewhat patient, my arteries would have burst by now! Have to confess, this morning I was merely curious about Crowfall's status, now I am chomping at the bit to get into it. So much for patience lol.
  3. Thank you for the fair warning. It is good advice. I have been in a few alphas and betas and that has never bothered me. What did bother me was when restarting, I would wind up doing the same beginning quests until when launch came, I just wanted to "get through them". Which sort of kills the immersion. That is why I asked about spoilers. I was there on the last minutes of the Star Wars Galaxies Beta, my virtual body is still being dissolved in the bowels of the Sarlacc.
  4. Thank you Frykka! Good to know, it seems I have good timing.
  5. Guilty! Backed via Kickstarter (1,322)! Once it was successful I sort of put it on the back burner with the expectation that I would until - around now - to check in and decide whether to dive in or wait. I have been keeping up via email updates. But now I see I should have been checking out the forums. What a cool community! better late than never! FTR - Crowfall is hitting on all the things I love about MMOs and avoiding much of what I dislike. Color me excited
  6. Fantastic answer, thank you. Not sure why my banner isn't showing, but I am a Silver level supporter from Kickstarter with another $50 invested, so too late for that LOL. However, I could see the potential right from the start. The latest email from the Devs about RNG made me coem her to look deeper because their take lit all my fires. I think I will take your advice and jump in at 5.4. Thanks again!
  7. I am a long time MMO player, who has burned out on too many MMOs to list. As such, I haven't been active since Guil Wars 2 Season 3. Once upon a time, getting involved with Betas and early access was a huge part of my life. Nowadays, I use early access to get deals and to test drive games, but I usually wait until launch. Most recently it was Subnautica, a game I loved when it came out but resisted playing until complete. With its launch this week, I am happy that I did so because I was afraid that I would burn out on it before it was done, having to restart each time they updated the
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