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  1. sorry for the late reply, didn't have much time! thank you very much for those precise answers! it's much more than i hoped! it's mcuh appreciated! though from what i understood i guess the game isn't for me, the combat seems to be more like in a "traditional MMO", and also the fact that passive training takes a while, even if it only gives a slight advantage i don't like this, imho PvP must have players on an (totally) equal footing ^^' but i'll keep an eye on it and see if there are some changes made! Thanks again for your precious answers! Have fun! ^^
  2. hi everyone! i'm curious about this game and i'd like to know a bit more before getting in, so if anyone like he has some time to answer please go on! ^^ the one MMO i really liked (despite trying many) was age of wulin beta (before they ruined it), the combat system was really great and everything was coming down to skill in PvP. is it the same in this game? can we block, dodge, guard break? or maybe some unblockable attacks? and if yes is it really useful? well, in short, is the game skilled or not? ^^' also i've read that the leveling is really fast (you can go pvp and be on an equal footing with others after 2 days playing your character) is it true? Thank you!
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