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  1. EU server for 7.2 live

    Hey guys! Does someone know, will artcraft make EU server for the latest patch?
  2. Hey guys. Just joined the game and got frustrated with insane jumps which rangers have. They can easily dodge any fights and playing as mele (templar), i just got 1 jump with 15 s cd, and i cant even get her. cause she can doble jump i guess. So my question is: how do u deal with thouse disgusting rangers?
  3. 5.4 crafting stations

    Hi guys. Is it bug or u cant use crafting station before u didnt learn specialized skill for that? Cause it takes a lot of time, i guess, to get this skill for basic alchemy (for example) recipes.
  4. is ranger class overpowered?

    will it help? i dont know all abilities, but i can see obiously that thouse 2 long range jumps gives a huge distance bonus. i am playing human templar. sometimes i could catch ranger, but still he can get out easily with thouse 2 jumps. do u know any other buffs or abilities which would help?
  5. EU server?

    Thats encouraging. Thanks for answer!
  6. EU server?

    Hey guys! Wanted to ask: will it be a eu server on release and ea?
  7. Beta group 3 giftable?

    Hello guys! I've just bought the game - patron pack. I thought it contains a gift for a friend or smth, but i was wrong. However, when i checked backer rewards i noticed that i have 2 beta group 3 entilement. Is it possible to somehow gift it to a friend?