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  1. Why I am extremely dissapointed (waste of money)

    Hey bro I feel ya, I am pretty much dissapointed with what I've seen so far as well...I've just decided to use the game as a training skills simulator...I've tried to pve to moderate sucess, pvp on the other hand is extremely hard...Clerics especially destroy me as Ranger...I cant even scratch them, mind you Im in basic armor and intermediate weapons...but regardless...for the 50 bucks I blew to try this pre-alpha...which is does indeed feel like a pre-alpha...I feel like the odds of this game releasing within a year...maybe 2, are slim...but 50 bucks is 50 bucks...I just hope they dont cash out and can the game before release...and just take the money and run. I don't hate the game, just had higher hopes for something I'd been following for years. =)