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  1. ahh ok cool didn't research enough to see reskilling everyone. thank you for clearing that up. I wish WoW was never made ive played since Ultima online release and EQ. I want reward for my grind is what I'm saying. I enjoy grinding when I first jump into a game kinda like a pre program to myself cuse of all the older style MMOs but the one game I talked about before just felt like it had a good idea for casual and hardcore. this skill style just feels like there is no progression for the amount of time I'm willing to put into it. But I love that it resets maps and such kinda like a long drawn out MOBA which is why I'm here still got a bad tast in my mouth from EPIC betraying ppl in them going to close down paragon. But thank you again for clearing it up for me at least if the skill doesn't change we will be put on par and hopfuly new guys will have a chance to not feel out in the cold from start
  2. if you put the time into the game and gind why not just give me my skill or what ever its called in this game for my work? its a game not a job with time based leveling its now just another app I open up to click a few buttons then log out
  3. So watched some videos on crafting and gathering and saw the cool stuff they adding and what not. Non of that showed me I had to wait hours and hours just so I might be able to crafter better gear. So basicly I'm playing eve online and just log in every month to check skill progression then some day when my skills are high enogh I can jump in the game and actualy play.. Wait I'm a new player that just downloaded the game tho... its ok pick your skills log out come back in a month.... The videos sound great jump in no levels everyone kill everyone have fun doing it.... well until they find out you hit with a brick wall to start???? Sorry that was just my feelings on it may not effect others like me. I enjoy hopping into a new game and just grind fest so I can get to play with the big boys but in my opinion the big boys just started a long time ago so now I have to wait real world time ( lol real world that's why I play games) to level sorry skill up ( sad face) I love crafting so to find out I have to not only skill up the tree under exploration I also have to skill up the crafting tree... talk about brick walls... Oh also not sure if I'm lagging but would be nice if Hot bar moves would intrupt me holding down LMB so I would not have to completely stop moving so I could go into the gather resource buff or so I could hit a skill while fighting. Being able to move around while resource gathering would be cool too.. like out in the wild some ones coming at you I start straifing away during a swing on resource action to start getting away instead of completely stopping out of the action so I can start moving again. Toned it down some was really (mean words) mad that ppl even used this kinda skill based system the only game that pulled it off how you would even want to use this kinda system was Mortal online because the time based skill system is used for ppl who don't have time to play and so you work you gain skill you off line you gain skill but at the pas of the time based skill system
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