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  1. I am really concerned about the emphasis on crafting being such a dedicated role in the game. Yes, I understand the arguments for interdependent loops and all that jazz but for those of us who are hybrid combat/crafters it means that to have fun at both it is impossible in Crowfall with a single account. If I want to be decent at all with crafting I will have to do it on a separate account to train the skills. I think it would make more sense to allow an account to at least be able to master 1 or 2 crafting skills alongside the combat skills. It doesn't have to be all of them or even more than a few. Leave the mastery of more than two to the dedicated crafters. Please don't kill off the hybrid players or force us to have a second account. I have always detested how I have to do that in so many games. Log out/Log in on another character to gather resources; Log out/ Log in on another character to craft; Log out/ Log in another character to combat. Since we are limited to the offline skill training system such as in EVE it will result in people with 2+ accounts.
  2. What I have found out is that the Keep stronghold itself is tax free. There will be no maintenance on the keep itself. Once you start upgrading the surrounding land that the stronghold (keep) comes with like adding other buildings, then that is when the tax comes into play. So the tax is scalable and you can build up your EK according to how much tax you can afford. An empty Keep or other stronghold won't benefit you much though aside from the aesthetics.
  3. LOL sorry, saw that art and thought it was interesting. My total bad for even creating this thread since I found it in the FAQ. Yes, Preston needs to check the FAQ before posting.
  4. Is the little Ratman in this concept art still in development? The one with the torch on top of the wagon?
  5. Yeah, Gordon helped me too. They are really taking good care of us.
  6. I am pretty sure you get to choose the vessel you go in with since you won't be able to kill anything to get a vessel otherwise. But there may be a campaign rule where your vessel is naked going in.
  7. lol ok then that's out. I guess a Crow in the Crowfall universe will have to do.
  8. Yes, if you let us know you are aware of stuff and need resources instead devoted solely to the game. Go for it. Take your time.
  9. Wow that is intense. I really like the fact Crowfall gives options to VIP players instead of power. I was worried about that. It looks like the skill capping only comes into play depending on vessels and other factors so theoretically you can train indefinitely. Is that accurate? The FAQ mentioned setting skills to train. Will you have to log into the game to set or reset skills? How far in advance can you set skills? In EVE before they allowed advance setting on skills it was annoying if your skill training ended in the middle of the night and you lost 8 hours or more of skill training because you weren't available to log into the game. After reading the FAQ again it sounds like the 24 hour training service might be something like a mobile app you can use to train your skills. Is that true?
  10. I think the Trusted Trader thing is a good idea. Great news on testing, looks like a pretty fast schedule.
  11. Even Shadowbane had gold sellers and that game was high risk for unprotected farming.
  12. I think practicing pvp tactics and having tournaments will also be a nice social draw to the EK's.
  13. Keaggan pointed out to me in this thread that the EK management tool currently allows PvP zones by region or province within the EK and pvp rules are not set necessarily at the EK level only. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/10704-fla-town-crier-pvp-pve-rp/?p=254820 So theoretically you could have safe and pvp regions in a marketplace EK. Probably not a good idea in case unsuspecting shoppers enter the wrong region but it can be done.
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