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  1. I am a kickstarter backer of both. Warrior Forever at CU and just upgraded to Sapphire here at CF. For me, both have advantages and disadvantages. Siege / conquer building destruction system: Crowfall addresses the issues that occurred in Shadowbane when players spend 2-3 months building up their territory/castle and then it gets wiped out in a day or two. It causes people to quit. Crowfall's adoption of an EVE system where it is risk v reward combined with campaigns and the destruction safe area of EK's is a legitimate method to fix this issue. Camelot Unchained hasn't entirely f
  2. I heard this is the clan where a dwarf can hit perfumed poetry-reading crybabies o'er the head. That true? Me and my old clan fighting in the dawn of Shadowbane:
  3. I remember TSP from Darkfall. Good luck mates! Wait, will there be ships in Crowfall?
  4. Thanks for replying Murdock. I tried registering on your forums but was unsuccessful. If you could just leave a message telling him about Preston and Crowfall I would appreciate it.
  5. Can someone send a message to Gaiden? Tell him Preston is looking for him in Crowfall. thanks.
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