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  1. I am really concerned about the emphasis on crafting being such a dedicated role in the game.  Yes, I understand the arguments for interdependent loops and all that jazz but for those of us who are hybrid combat/crafters it means that to have fun at both it is impossible in Crowfall with a single account.  If I want to be decent at all with crafting I will have to do it on a separate account to train the skills.  I think it would make more sense to allow an account to at least be able to master 1 or 2 crafting skills alongside the combat skills.  It doesn't have to be all of them or even more than a few.  Leave the mastery of more than two to the dedicated crafters.  Please don't kill off the hybrid players or force us to have a second account.  I have always detested how I have to do that in so many games.  Log out/Log in on another character to gather resources; Log out/ Log in on another character to craft; Log out/ Log in another character to combat.  Since we are limited to the offline skill training system such as in EVE it will result in people with 2+ accounts. 

  2. What I wonder personally is what the tax figures are going to be for said medium keep. I would like to know mainly since I would be purchasing one for myself and my friends to use, so the maintenance cost would be nice to know.


    What I have found out is that the Keep stronghold itself is tax free.  There will be no maintenance on the keep itself. Once you start upgrading the surrounding land that the stronghold (keep) comes with like adding other buildings, then that is when the tax comes into play.  So the tax is scalable and you can build up your EK according to how much tax you can afford.  An empty Keep or other stronghold won't benefit you much though aside from the aesthetics. 

  3. How rude calling them ratmen though... .



    LOL sorry, saw that art and thought it was interesting.  My total bad for even creating this thread since I found it in the FAQ. 

    Yes, Preston needs to check the FAQ before posting.

  4. I like the idea of an auto off timer for combat mode. As an example there was a new player in test today who kept trying to get healed by the fire but he didn't because he was still in combat mode.  Sure, he can learn how to toggle the combat mode on and off but that example goes to show how it isn't a natural thing to do.  As long as it is fluid to get in and out of combat I'm good with it. 

  5. Your comment just raised a question for me. If your crow is basically your ghost form, it's invulnerable to damage right? Does that mean you start CWs like the dregs in Crow form (since there is no import) or do you get a default body? Also, what's to keep people from scouting in crow form? Is there a consequence for staying dead for too long?


    I am pretty sure you get to choose the vessel you go in with since you won't be able to kill anything to get a vessel otherwise.  But there may be a campaign rule where your vessel is naked going in. 

  6. Hmm, so you won't lose any progression by losing a vessel if you die.  Though, going back through the FAQ, this game is pretty brutal lol, though that is a good thing, vessels will probably always be in demand since they decay.  Kind of a neat twist, you die, you keep all your skills, but you have to either retrieve your old vessel if you can, or if you can't you buy or find a new one.  Though, I wonder if they're just laying about in some places because it would suck to have no money, no vessel, and have yours decay or get lost during battle.


    I bet here's always some really basic vessel you can get. 

  7. I'm pretty sure D'Orion is a demigod, so making your character one might not quite work with the game's lore. I can't really think of a name for what we are other than Crows. The only level I can think of that is below demigod, but still part of the same theme would be whatever dryads are, and we don't really match that roll.


    lol ok then that's out.  I guess a Crow in the Crowfall universe will have to do.  ;)

  8. Thanks for reporting this. The old newsroll page isn't supposed to be used at all anymore, and only exists because of the peculiarities of our cobbled-together publish system. We had also originally intended to move the store over to the new site as well, but ran out of time.


    At some point we'd like to clean up these things and finish the work on the web site. But for now, we are focused on building the game. I hope you agree that's the most important thing  :)


    Yes, if you let us know you are aware of stuff and need resources instead devoted solely to the game.  Go for it.  Take your time.  ;)

  9. Wow that is intense.  I really like the fact Crowfall gives options to VIP players instead of power.  I was worried about that. 


    It looks like the skill capping only comes into play depending on vessels and other factors so theoretically you can train indefinitely. Is that accurate?


    The FAQ mentioned setting skills to train.  Will you have to log into the game to set or reset skills?  How far in advance can you set skills?  In EVE before they allowed advance setting on skills it was annoying if your skill training ended in the middle of the night and you lost 8 hours or more of skill training because you weren't available to log into the game. 


    After reading the FAQ again it sounds like the 24 hour training service might be something like a mobile app you can use to train your skills.  Is that true? 

  10. I hope a primary concern is the prevalence of gold farmers/sellers being in the game and the EKs with PvP off as the method to be viable...  in CWs we should be able to thwart farming enough to make it untenable to any but real players and guilds but the EKs need to be limited to a gold value of resource spawns per hour that just doesn't make it profitable compared to other games.  Originally we were to have a barter market and no currency but that has changed and any in game currency gets exploited IF it is farm-able without risk...   EK spawners have to have limitations on value to outside game sellers or the economy gets fooked.


    Even Shadowbane had gold sellers and that game was high risk for unprotected farming. 

  11. I sure hope so...  in fact if you become a complete forum dumbass and do this, I hope to come pk you for fun and take your stuff...  on a regular schedule.   FYI, What you say on the forums will bite you... unless you have good team backup.


    Keaggan pointed out to me in this thread that the EK management tool currently allows PvP zones by region or province within the EK and pvp rules are not set necessarily at the EK level only.  http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/10704-fla-town-crier-pvp-pve-rp/?p=254820


    So theoretically you could have safe and pvp regions in a marketplace EK. Probably not a good idea in case unsuspecting shoppers enter the wrong region but it can be done. 

  12. One of my strongest MMO memories is actually from Star Wars Galaxies when me and a friend wondered around in the middle of the night, found a guy sitting in a fire camp ... relaxing. We joined him, started to chat and I guess except from that nothing else really happened.. but that was the first time I understood the power of an open MMO where I felt I could do all the things that I wished for as a kid playing single player games on my C64 and Amiga.


    With that I hope we will have beautiful sunsets and really dark nights that will force us to put up camps. :)


    I had this same experience around 1998 playing Ultima Online.  It was when I first started and I learned about taming.  I was just outside the city limits herding and taming kittens trying to get my taming skill up when a player with a red name pops up out of nowhere and starts hitting me.  I thought it was a strong NPC and started to run.  I ran right into the middle of a campfire where there were other red players standing around it.  They started hooting and hollering and gave chase after me.  By this time I figured out they were players and not NPC's.  I have no idea how I got away but somehow made it back to the city limits and safety.  Looking back on it I think most of them let me get away out of pity.  But it was my first introduction to PvP and ever since the early days of Ultima Online (before Felucca) I've been searching for that great PvP game.  It came close in Shadowbane and EVE but its still yet to be made. 


    Here's to hoping for the best for Crowfall and campfires.  :)

  13. @Bevrwolf36 & CharlestheRammer


    I've been looking at it differently from the two of you. I was going to completely embrace the ability to change bodies, and make it part of my RP. Crowfall has done well so far at explaining everything through lore, and so it made sense to me that your character would carry over between vessels. I look at the spiritual crow as the distillation of your character's soul and personality. I was only planning on having slight changes in personality between vessels, such as a longer temper, or hasty decision making. I was also intending to have my character refuse to inhabit vessels of the beast-man races like centaur or guinecean, even though it means I won't get to play as a Duelist. I guess it's really just up to the people you're RPing with, whether or not you include the ability to change bodies.


    Good post Infynis.  I may just RP as a Demigod and that will solve the whole issue with switching vessels. 

  14. I'm not trying to say I like CU at all.  I just thought it was pretty incredible to see a game that supports that many people without any indication of a performance degradation.


    Publicly they have stated they use lots of bots and they are using very high end rigs to show this stuff off.  One of the most important distinctions is that CU has not released any info on sieges or building destruction other than there will be islands that move closer together.  lol what?


    Crowfall learned from Shadowbane and designed a game where you take all the destruction out into a campaign and bring your spoils back to your Kingdom.  Thus the lesson learned in Shadowbane - you can't sustain a game when guilds lose all their stuff in a day or two after building it up over 2-3 months. 


    From the fans to the devs at CU I don't think they have a good feel for what its going to take for sieges and destruction to work in a wide open world because most of them come from the world of DAoC and flag capture.  The seasoned Shadowbane vets who have been through all this before seem to understand the importance of CF's mechanics   Its like 2001 all over again.  lol. 

  15. I've never really been a big fan of running alts, just something about it ruins the fun for me, and now that we can inhabit multiple vessels, I have even less desire to. I'll stick with 1 account.


    Same here.  I hate running alts and even in Shadowbane where you could stick a healer on yourself on autofollow it really only helped in PvE.  The way they have the skills set up tho it might benefit people in the long run to save money by running multiple accounts.  Will be interesting to see how they solve that. 

  16. This is something that we don't have a definitive answer on yet.  Of course having tools that give us the freedom to not just design the layout and name parts of our EK but also structure how other players can interact with it would be ideal.  


    However, since we don't have all the details yet that is why we are starting this discussion thread to work out some ideas. So when we do get the tools we'll have a very solid direction and plan. We will work with what we are given to accomplish our goals!


    Wow, you are right.  Those tools do include that possibility.  That makes EK's even more customizable.  That is awesome. 

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