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  1. This is a great idea and I'm willing to contribute a fort to help with land development.
  2. I am a kickstarter backer of both. Warrior Forever at CU and just upgraded to Sapphire here at CF. For me, both have advantages and disadvantages. Siege / conquer building destruction system: Crowfall addresses the issues that occurred in Shadowbane when players spend 2-3 months building up their territory/castle and then it gets wiped out in a day or two. It causes people to quit. Crowfall's adoption of an EVE system where it is risk v reward combined with campaigns and the destruction safe area of EK's is a legitimate method to fix this issue. Camelot Unchained hasn't entirely figured this part out yet or if they have they haven't released much info. In CU you can build in territory your faction controls but that is fluid. Buildings are destructible so how will they slow down the loss in time investment? They are using land masses that are like islands and that move closer together the longer the faction controls them. Not sure how this RvR is going to work out. Targeting system: Yes, Crowfall uses aim and I've played both. In Darkfall they use aim I had a tough time adapting in intense (i.e. pvp) situations. So I do prefer the tab targeting of CU here. I agree it is about skill here with aim. If players don't have tabs and targeting there are some players who will have to adapt or move on. Crafting: I'm not huge on crafting but I do enjoy it, especially when there is downtime. In Camelot there is a crafting class. (Non-crafters in CU can only repair and do some low level crafting like arrows.) So while some who craft and that's all they will do will love this - hybrid players like me don't want it. I want only one character and switching characters just so I can craft is a pain. If CF's crafting is like UO or Darkfall I will be just fine with it. Level Grinding: Mark Jacobs at Camelot loves grinds. He's said that the grind will be harder than DAoC and feels that MMO's have been too easy to level. While I'm sure it isn't to the level of Korean MMO grinds I thought DAoC was a bit much. I love the passive skill system of EVE and Crowfall. Combined with skill progression of UO I think Crowfall nails it. Subscription Model: Yes, Camelot has a monthly subscription but if you back the game for $250 you will get it free forever. At Crowfall if you spend $250 you get 1 year with VIP. Let's be honest, VIP is the monthly sub and if you're serious about the game you will want VIP. Even if you back Crowfall for $10,000 you will only get 6 years of VIP. lol. Well, at least if you're backing for $10,000 you probably don't care about spending money on VIP. The Free to Play model is probably best for this niche pvp market since you want to encourage as many people as possible to populate the servers and try it out. Speaking of servers... Servers: Camelot will have more than one server and you will need to choose one like traditional MMO's. Everyone cannot play together and there will be the hassle of trying to coordinate servers to play with allies, guildmates and other friends in other guilds. Crowfall avoids this problem with EK's and campaigns. In CF you can play with whoever you want. Development Cycle: While I was patiently waiting for Shadowbane for years DAoC popped up and was an instant hit. Mythic headed by Mark had a polished beta and release. DAoC had one of the most successful launches and polished games at release that I've ever played. And DAoC came out of nowhere. Shadowbane had a long development cycle and people were wondering if it was going to be vaporware. When SB did release it had so many bugs it was virtually unplayable. It is one of the reasons why I had to take a break after the first month. The SB.exe errors were unbearable. Having said all that Crowfall is using a ready made engine while Camelot is making theirs from the ground up. It will be a race to see who releases first and in what shape. I get update emails from both CF and CU on the same day and sometimes within hours of each other. It is awesome to see two Kickstarter Indie PvP games in development and I'm excited to see what happens. Characters: I like the traditional characters and classes in Crowfall. Obviously a heavy influence from Shadowbane. What I don't like are the cartoony looks of the characters. Some like this but I don't. Reminds me too much of WoW. So I think graphical representations of characters and world environment Camelot comes out ahead here. Even if Camelot's characters are a bit odd looking they don't have that cartoony feel and look. I have a feeling that one of the reasons why Crowfall had to take this route is the engine they are using. Communication with player base: This is a tie. Both CU and CF are extremely responsive to their backer base and community and I LOVE it. Great job and kudos to both development teams for fostering the excellent communication. A lot of advantages and disadvantages for me and I can't tell which one will come out on top but right now Crowfall is more appealing to me. My number one gripe with Crowfall is not having a reasonable price point backer model for VIP for life. Both games have a large chunk of my money just for trying to build the game I've been patiently waiting for since 2000 after playing Ultima Online and the whole Felucca split imploded. After 15 years its about damn time for someone to get it right and I think both are on the right track.
  3. I heard this is the clan where a dwarf can hit perfumed poetry-reading crybabies o'er the head. That true? Me and my old clan fighting in the dawn of Shadowbane:
  4. I will bet you it will be more than 3 months.
  5. I remember TSP from Darkfall. Good luck mates! Wait, will there be ships in Crowfall?
  6. Well, I waited for Shadowbane for three years and I wanted for Darkfall Online for three years... So industry average is about three years of development even with an alpha build. I wouldn't be surprised to see Crowfall released by Jan. 2018. We will have a good idea on development playing beta in 2017.
  7. Well I just upgraded to the Sapphire 15 thanks to J Todd's great post. I should have checked first but will I now lose my KS contributor items?
  8. lol oops yeah, that is the second time I did that. I think it is because the name is right above the avatar. I won't forget now tho.
  9. This post from Todd just convinced me to upgrade from KS Contributor to 15 Sapphire. Great post and design philosophy. Oh, and I also played Shadowbane heavily and consider SB part of my old community. The EK and vessel concepts are intriguing and I think they will work.
  10. Will we be able to use our personal strongholds if we are a vassal or tenant in another Eternal Kingdom? Say for example, my guild has an Eternal Kingdom and we want to pool our resources so I become a vassal of my guild EK. Will I be able to place and manage a stronghold, parcels and/or cottage as a vassal in another EK? Or will I just be limited to something basic like a cottage or villa?
  11. If I upgrade to a higher pledge will my little hat with the "K" on it in the forum disappear and be replaced with the "15" pledge insignia? Or can I keep the "K" hat?
  12. Are you talking about Eternal Kingdoms or the Campaigns? Those are two very different things. The parcels you place will only be in the Eternal Kingdoms. I think by pre-made they are referring to general features of the parcel such as how many spawns it contains, where placements are for spawns (i.e. nest on a hiltop) and other terrain features where you can place strongholds, villages, houses and other NPC's. Since you can add parcels the variation for each Eternal Kingdom will be extremely varied. If you refer to procedurally generated Campaigns there may be differences there after each campaign.
  13. I think it was just a mob. But a class or discipline / rune succubus would be very intriguing.
  14. Yes, of course, it adds ambience. It would not be difficult to add this mob.
  15. In Shadowbane beta the Succubus was taken out of the game at release. Can we get a Succubus in the game for Crowfall? Please?
  16. Are there any plans to allow scripting dialogue in the EK? It would add a lot of versatility to storylines if we could script dialogues with NPC's in EK's. The players could turn them essentially into mini-campaigns of RP storylines. Another way to make EK's useful and important.
  17. I am sure there will be a way to play a lone wolf as in Shadowbane. Rare but doable. There will be some who will be more like mercenaries as well moving from one guild to another.
  18. Thanks for replying Murdock. I tried registering on your forums but was unsuccessful. If you could just leave a message telling him about Preston and Crowfall I would appreciate it.
  19. Can someone send a message to Gaiden? Tell him Preston is looking for him in Crowfall. thanks.
  20. Preston pushed on the cold steel handle and shoved the heavy stone door open. The air inside the castle was cold and it was even colder inside the library. Preston stuck his torch into the room and the light flickered off the many tomes of books and scrolls lining the walls. Dust was everywhere and bookcases looked like they hadn't been touched in years. The castle was old and mostly vacant. Like many it was dark and cold with slight perfumed scents of mildew. Commander Owyn had sent his Defenders out among DoO's land to watch, wait and lead their lives. Preston had settled in this old castle waiting for word of when the Defenders would once again rally to Owyn and the Defender banner. Adventure and righteous order awaited the patient. Year after year Preston stood guard in the castle and surrounding lands waiting. He was married now with a young son. Still, the call for adventure was great. With the torchlight flickering off the books Preston finally reached what he was looking for. A large tome titled, "The Early Days: The Fall of Winterfell." "Ahh, this is what I was looking for. My son needs to understand how we can learn from history written from the viewpoint of an enemy." Preston sat down at a dusty table and lit some large candles. With a heavy sigh he opened the book and started reading: http://winterblades.net/history/chapter-one/
  21. Thank you all for your help. Jah, Frostsword and Keaggan. I think your answers are the best that are out there for now.
  22. Thank you Keaggan. I heard that the tax free parcel we got with our pledge package is just a resource parcel. Is that true or can we use our tax free parcel for the stronghold parcel?
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