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  1. Thank you for the response Frostsword. Your answers make the most sense. Rook, I don't think the stronghold keep would degrade into ruins because like you said you could just place it again good as new. I think the stronghold keep is like the base building block that determines how many buildings you can have, tax rate etc... like Frost said and by itself it won't be taxed but also if there are no more buildings it won't do anything but sit there and be an empty throne room doing nothing.
  2. Thanks, but that didn't really answer my question.
  3. Good answers Frostsword, thank you. From what you wrote it does look like you can place a castle in another Eternal Kingdom if you had high enough rights, probably the Noble title rights. And it makes sense to tax the other buildings that would go up on the parcel or stronghold and not the castle structure itself.
  4. I found this answer on the forums. Is this accurate? My question after finding this info. If we buy a castle, keep or fort from the store we are building on the stronghold parcel. Since we build the castle, keep or fort on the stronghold parcel will we need to pay taxes on that building? Or is it extra buildings besides the Keep, Fort or Castle built on the stronghold parcel that are taxable? Second question: If we pledge as a vassal to another EK can we use the Keep, Fort or Castle on the other EK - building the Keep, Castle, or Fort as a vassal or are vassals limited to small secondary type buildings?
  5. Do we have a definitive answer on this one yet?
  6. I have this same question Leku. Did you get your question answered? With my Kickstarter pledge I have one tax free parcel. Would that be large enough to place the fort or keep on? Or would the stronghold fort or keep I purchase in the store come with a tax free parcel when I buy it?
  7. I have a question. The strongholds that are offered in the Crowfall store don't describe whether they have a tax free parcel that comes with those. Does anyone know? Essentially, my question is if I buy a castle and then what if I can't maintain it in the game because it would cost a million gold pieces in parcel taxes per week? Any help appreciated. I tried searching the forums and didn't find an answer.
  8. Anyone here play on the Deception server? I was in the Kingdom of Eleador and Defenders of Order. Most notable memories are 1) getting sent a virus by the guild Avatars of Flame; 2) learning that one of the guilds on the server were producers of Darkfall Online (yes, they kicked butt); 3) a guildmate named "Wink" aka "Uhe Sunstalker" stole 10 million gold from the guild and sold it on eBay; 4) .EXE; and 5) the epic battles. Shadowbane was brutal.
  9. I have a couple questions: I understand a purpose for EK is to sell your wares and store stuff and have a place for your guild mates or community to hang out in between campaigns. But what other purpose does it serve? Will there be anything else to do in EK? Is there another purpose the strongholds/castles provide in EK besides storage and vendor selling?
  10. Does this game have a kickstarter campaign yet?
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