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  1. From a non veteran (started less than week ago), i feel like stuffs / vessels and SB should be wiped out for the 1st sanctionned saison. However, skill points should be saved. I believe that in the other following campaigns, stuffs are going to be wiped (what the point of doing a non permanent world if people are starting a new campaign full geared ?). For me, the game is based on knowledge, and team working. People who learned about crafting, vessels and gathering spots have already a huge advantage over the other people, and thats right for me. But, no need to snowball those advantages more : isnt the most fun for that kind of games to start from crash, and to build up everthing faster than your opponent to get victory ? In the other hand, skill points are going to be permanent at some point : so, thats the point of wipping it ? Its just gonna frustate older players, which put effort and time in it, and not give much to newer players. In any ways, verterans are going to smash new players. Thanks for reading this, i hope this make some sense to you !
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