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  1. @Xpade Yes I see your point and I agree with you, you have to specializ, no doubt . Maybe you got me wrong... I like the skilltree as it is. The only problem I have with this system is, that it is completely and exclusively time-dependent. Time is the ONLY factor... I choose the skills I want and wait, and wait, and wait... Will be hard to catch up for new players. (And yes I read about the timebank and buyable timestorage mechanics) We'll see how well that works.
  2. I dont want to complain and yes, I am very aware about the early stage. But that's exactly why I share my previous experience here. And precisely because the game is in this early stage I want to give feedaback. and as I have said: And I thought maybe other players had similar experiences. I just thought it would be a good idea that could help the game to get even better than it already is. I did not want to offend anyone here and was not prepared for such a defensive community. Sorry
  3. Yes I know what you mean and agree with you too. And grind should not make anyone overpowerd. Nevertheless, one could for example reduce the passive bonus and add a "maximum grind" bonus. So you can get instead of 10% from passiv only 5% from passiv and the other 5% you can achieve through grind. At least for me it would be more motivating to support my guild as a specialist. So people in the EK will know, that you are the guy to go to if you need a good bow or something.
  4. Yes of course. Nevertheless, I think that a skilled lumberjack or a skilled blacksmith should have better chances of success or a higher quality of the items. As in real life too. You'll be better if you do something more often. Otherwise, it can be frustrating very quickly.The success curve should be available, even if there are only minimal increases. Qualification and specialization should also take place in the game itself not only in the skilltree.
  5. I am not very happy with the current progress system. At least not as the only system. I see it more like a nice bonus on top. It just does not feel really rewarding to get progress offline over time. A system like in Albion Online gives the player a completely different feeling of progress. It feels much more rewarding and logical when you get better in something while doing it over and over again. In Albion Online you level your lifeskills and professions by doing exactly that. If you have done something 1000 times, it should feel like that and be rewarded as if you had already done that 1000 times. Being a good blacksmith just because you made a check mark in the right place overnight does not open up for me. I do not know if something is planned in the direction but I would be very happy about such a system. Maybe it's already implemented and I just did not notice it. Than I am sorry for the post.
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