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  1. 1000 times this ^^ I'd love to feel excited by an MMO again...I think the last one that really got me going was Warhammer Online which was what? 6 or 7 years ago? Even though I managed to find fun in the game, it was still a massive let down, as have been countless other before and since. MMO's are on their arse, and though I have high hopes for this game, I can't share your enthusiasm just yet!
  2. I'm all for crowd funding, but I'd need to see something more than a character selection screenshot first. I funded Camelot Unchained because I believe in Mark Jacobs and I've enjoyed the games he's made in the past. Crowfall so far for me is an unknown quantity...I never player Shadowbane or Ultima Online etc, so I have no idea really what to expect. I hope they manage to get Crowfalls vision across to people like myself who has no previous with the teams work, and don't just rely on nostalgia or an ideal from games long gone.
  3. The thing that bugs most in MMO's is the idea of belonging to a set faction and that's it! You are either Horde or Alliance, Guardians or Defiant, Order or Destruction, Good or Evil etc, with no grey area in between or room for manoeuvre. For example in WoW you could be a Paladin who spends his days killing anything that moves for whatever reason and still be heralded as a champion of the light and a force for good, despite committing mass murder for trivial pursuits! Personally I'd love to be a human who doesn't believe in the virtues of the Alliance and wants to defect to the Horde. I remember playing Eve years back and I was Gallente born, flying Minmatar ships, working for the Amarr Navy while being hated by the Caldari...I loved the freedom that Eve allowed me to play with, nothing was black and white and your allegiances were whatever you wanted them to be. I'd like to see that kind of flexibility in Crowfall, rather than it being just a case of "you're good, you're bad, you belong with these people and it's going to be that way forever no matter what!"
  4. In this day and age things like weather and day and night cycles should just be a given. If they are looking at a real living world, then I don't see how you could be without.
  5. Exactly what this guy said ^^ Seen so many games come and go...so many promises and so much potential all wasted. I'm definitely interested as real change is exactly what's needed in this stale genre, but we'll see.
  6. No idea...got a mail asking me to complete my beta registration that I made a few weeks ago. Made a username and gave a few details etc but that's all. Maybe the beta info comes a little later on?
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