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  1. Keep up? You have to pay extra to keep up. It's a different form of pay to win. VIP status will have to be maintained full time to be competitive in all areas from crafting to combat. Say what you want it just a money grab. You can passively fall farther behind every day unless your paying. In which case you still have to wait.
  2. 5 minutes of my time is just as valuable today as tomorrow. The fact that the game values the logging in and clicking train more then me actually playing is stupid. Idle Hero's?
  3. why waste your time harvesting trees for 3 wood when you can wait for a day or two and then harvest 10+
  4. The whole account time training is absolutely stupid. I log in i set my account to train i log out because Im not wasting my time playing a game where i am already far behind the other people. I forget about the game for awhile come back, Have to many points in one tree. Move to another tree.. repeat process. A month later have absolutely no desire to play. This is one of the worst ideas i have seen in a mmo. I despise the rate of which this game is being developed and the place it is currently going. Can i get a refund?
  5. Anyone else feel like there are just wasting time waiting on skills.. I havent crafted or harvested since 5.4 just waiting on skills. Dont see the point in harvesting 1 tree for 1-3 lumber when you can get all your skills and get 12 or 15 with high end material as well. Find myself killing pigs in town and experimenting with different builds... Anyone else found a good way to kill the time while waiting on skills?
  6. Templar really only good with a group. 1v1 vs any ranged class cleric,ranger,confessor ect you will lose.
  7. The game has me intrigued, but left uninspired. Things to fix. The crafting system can be in depth and require lots of items but if i have to keep re-crafting items so much that it take away from the enjoyment of the other parts of the game its really pointless. So sick already of items breaking... Where do i buy a repair bot to follow me around??? lol The current durability of low lvl items is way to fast to break. They do low damage but really should my bow break after killing like 8 monsters? incredibly frustrating! I have done quite a bit of albion online and this feels like a bit of a remake in same direction. But the farming/crafting was more rewarding in there system because i could at least repair my items. Please implement repair of items. Increase durability. I Spend more time running from point x to point x then i did crafting farming or killing anything. Mounts/speed songs... something. i found myself placing the kids toys on my keyboard just to run across a pvp zone because it takes so dam long. Wood elf and bard song are must have. The blink they get makes it a must have for pvp. Needs reduction to 8m its not to escape combat its to avoid damage right? If you expend both charges withing x time frame the first charge timer should be increased by x seconds. The kiting in the game made pvp feel long and uneventful. Like running with a zerg in GW2. It wasnt quite that bad but just really spread the fights over great distance seems like the opposite of a fight. I will be curious what happens with overpopulated realms who control all the resources. Another GW2 type problem with people overloading one side on purpose. The melee classes felt a bit the same. swing swing.. be nice to see a greater diversity. Tank, Dps/Tank. Mage/tank. Support Aura/tank Simular to DAoC, Also would like to see different levels of speed songs on the bard make running designed groups for pvp in open world and give a particular class a much needed role in the group. Ranger Question. Why do rangers require arrows? they already require Three weapons to be crafted. In addition to that they have to craft and restock arrows? seems like a high materials consuming class compared to say a mage that requires 1 staff. Will they do a lot higher damage for going with elemental arrows compared to a elemental mage? Whats the reasoning behind making them craft a fourth item? Druid, Why does the druid basic attack require essence? Can essence be used to Increase base damage by % of essence? That way its not required for me to heal before i attack... im throwing orbs on the ground for no reason just to attack...... Healing after a fight? NO! Stand there and wait? Food is full. Wait. Wait... Waiting.... Burn 12 wood on a fire? OK! yay! full health. Kill 1 mob. turn around.. WTF where is my fire? SON OF A *****. Wait. Wait. Waiting...... tick tock. 12 hrs is up. Rough Ride. I didnt address some of the things i have already heard you cover in the upcoming 5.4 patch.
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