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  1. Thank you everybody for the quick answer! I really appreciate it! I couldn't find the reply button so I am thanking everyone who commented! The news made me very excited! Muito obrigado BarriaKarl pela resposta, ajudou muito e agora sim eu vou comprar o early access! Vi que você responde vários tópicos, então muito obrigado pela sua atividade no fórum também!
  2. Hi, my name is Vicente and I am brazilian. Everybody knows that Brazil grew up a lot in the videogames community in the previous years and nowadays it represents a great gaming market. A lot of games make their versions in portuguese, like World Of Warcraft, and most of Blizzard games. This was a really smart move because brazilians want to play games in their native language, instead of reading in a language that we don't dominate. The brazilian market is bigger than german and french (together). We have 200 million people and it would be really lucrative for you to make a portuguese ver
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