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  1. Thank you everybody for the quick answer! I really appreciate it! I couldn't find the reply button so I am thanking everyone who commented! The news made me very excited! Muito obrigado BarriaKarl pela resposta, ajudou muito e agora sim eu vou comprar o early access! Vi que você responde vários tópicos, então muito obrigado pela sua atividade no fórum também!
  2. Hi, my name is Vicente and I am brazilian. Everybody knows that Brazil grew up a lot in the videogames community in the previous years and nowadays it represents a great gaming market. A lot of games make their versions in portuguese, like World Of Warcraft, and most of Blizzard games. This was a really smart move because brazilians want to play games in their native language, instead of reading in a language that we don't dominate. The brazilian market is bigger than german and french (together). We have 200 million people and it would be really lucrative for you to make a portuguese version of CROWFALL (many other companies already got to that conclusion). I like the game and think it's gonna be really famous!! So, enough blablabla: I am here to ask for a portuguese version and if u are intending to do it, please tell me. Me, my sister and my friends are going to buy the game, we are just thinking if we should buy the early access or not. I just need to know with certainty that, if I buy the early access, I will be able to play the game when it's launched or if the early access doesn't include the game when it launches. Thank you for your attention, and please think about what I said regarding making a portuguese version of CROWFALL, I bet I will be a great success in Brazil.
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