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  1. But the question is, is it true or not?
  2. I'd be happy if it worked for me at least like this :D
  3. I've read most of your comments, I saw that some of you mentioned the issue of RNG; missing the multiple crafting skills on one character. I've come up with some thoughts regarding this. tl;dr dropping RNG factor to Upgrade Discs, but still having it for fun XP system for crafting Major Disc Slot available for Exploration Discs as well Crafting RNG for fun not for improving crafting skills RNG most of the times is just annoying, but in certain scenarios can be rewarding, take for example unique drops, you have to grind, but once you get the item it feels special and can raise your reputation in the community. In crafting/gathering I'd have the RNG factor be present as a rewarding experience. It could drop a cosmetic component which could be used to make your crafted gear more unique. This could lead to different colored items, ice looking blades, fancy armors... you know what I mean. People who aren't interested in this don't have to grind since there is no stat based benefit, but people who are into this can have a rewarding experience. XP System for crafting Someone of you mentioned it in a comment before, that instead of depending on RNG there should be a some kind of a leveling system for Crafting. I imagine that while doing crafting/gathering you could level up or gain XP for the equipped Exploration Disc. This system could also lead to a "Crafting Talent" which could be kind of a mix between earlier passive tree and the current active system. What is common in both RNG and Leveling is that you have to craft "mindlessly". Which to be honest isn't such a bad thing, because if you think about it, in IRL as well you have to practice something to master it or to be better in it. Major Disc Slot available for Exploration Discs as well I've also read something that in earlier passive system you could focus entirely on crafting, even learning lot of crafting skills which is now limited to two. What if Major Disc slots could be used for Exploration Discs as well? Then you would have to sacrifice some cool combat skills with a character to have more crafting/gathering. With this you could have a character more versatile in crafting. This would lead to characters being less of a fighter but more crafter. So you still could defend yourself, but less effectively especially vs someone else who is combat focused. Maybe you should have to have someone as a bodyguard or need a group in heavy pvp zones.
  4. I found a typo in Paralyzing shout as well. "Unleashes an shout" it should be "unleashes a shout" right?
  5. Hi there! While doing the quests I've found a little error. After reading all the scrolls after getting to Infected, The Lamplighter's second text has a double shall in it. "... loot and equipment shall shall stay ..."
  6. Edit: Already found a group, thank you for the earlier messages. Hi there! Dentaer here! I'm really new to the game, but I really love the features and possibilities so far. Region: EU/Hungary (CET timezone) Atmosphere: Friendly and mature Casual/Hardcore: Dunno, between? These days with home office, biweekly I have more time, but I always do couple of hours gaming everyday after work, no kids yet Size: Doesn't matter Play-Style: I loved PVP in other games I'll see here, I love gathering sometimes is just so good to chill for a good music and gather stuff Commitment: 2-3 weekdays and weekends (if there is no specific event) Experience: AION Albion Online ArcheAge Skyforge Tera TESO World of Warcraft
  7. I'd also add, that there should be a UI similar to parcels which let you place buildings without standing on a parcel.
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