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  1. Can my laptop handle the game?

    Generally as far as CPU's go, the higher the clock speed the better the CPU is geared towards gaming. Still no need for more than 4 cores for even todays games.
  2. Can my laptop handle the game?

    I would upgrade a little man. Once the full-release game comes out your laptop will not even come close to running it. You can purchase really nice laptops with at least a gtx 960m for under a $1000 now.
  3. Post Your Computer Specs!

    Intel i7-5820K EVGA Hydro Copper GTX 980 ti 32 GB G. Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 1 TB Toshiba SSD(Data Drive) 250 GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD (Boot Drive) 27in BenQ 2560x1440p Display
  4. Druid

    Thanks mate!
  5. Rangers: Animal Companions

    Those of you that have played the hunter class in World of Warcraft know that pets can be very frustrating at times but it is a very fun aspect of the game. There was nothing like camping out and waiting for Loque to spawn. Beastmaster specialization was great dps for legion but 2 pets??? That's too many. I just hope they implement the pets in a different way than WoW.
  6. Rangers: Animal Companions

    Get a better PC !
  7. Rangers: Animal Companions

    That does sound pretty damn cool. I'm sure they have something in the works but they are probably gonna try and stay away from making this class seem like the WoW Hunter.
  8. Druid

    Hello fellow Crowfallers, I cant wait until Druid is playable on Alpha! What are your guy's thoughts on this class? Will you be able to shapeshift like in WoW?
  9. Ranger ability Rapid Fire doesn't seem to be doing any damage and shows no hit marks.
  10. Can we all just agree...

    Should be a setting in the game. If your the kind of person that doesn't like profanity make it so you can censor it out with a setting for the in-game chat. Makes it nice for some people I guess if they have kids playing the game.
  11. Name Reservation

    I thought some of the higher kickstarter packages offered name reservations for characters? If so, where do you do that at?
  12. Basic Tools

    I agree that we should be able to upgrade the basic harvesting tools for testing. Its a very slow process which will be a good thing at launch but for testing? We need to be one hitting these damn tree's and stone's so we can test out the other aspects of the game.
  13. Noticed when harvesting basics like Knotwood, Cobblestone and Slag that the items harvested would actually run away sometimes. Also, the sound effect for the wood chopping doesn't sound like wood being chopped at all. It sounds more like a hammer hitting a tree. All other sound effects seem legit for basic harvest.