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  1. Has anyone actually sold or bought a Patron Pledge from one of the Authorized Trader's? Was curious which one offers the best price? I just have no time to game on PC anymore and I have an Emerald Kickstarter Pledge. Anshex is willing to pay $1,750 usd which is a joke? They turn around and sell it for $3,000 and make $1,250 off a digital sale??? Like what!
  2. Wow,this game looks intense. Can you confirm if this is actually what the gameplay is like?
  3. First one looks a lot like the "Diablo" series of game by Blizzard. The second looks like a "Stardew Valley" remake.
  4. Interesting concept for sure but I was never much a "book" kind of guy.
  5. Is this game out already or is it in Alpha/Beta testing?
  6. I have a 980ti and I haven't had any framerate issues yet. I'd make sure you have the most recent drivers for your GPU.
  7. I believe every so often that everything gets refreshed and deleted. This is just part of the testing. Don't expect to keep your characters till launch.
  8. Ya sounded like a Windows issue to me.
  9. This game should be able to run off a HDD just fine. Check your temps on your cpu and gpu while in game and see what they are first.
  10. You might need to re-apply thermal paste to the cpu die. First check to see if your fan on heatsink is spinning and running correctly, if not check the fan header to see if its plugged in. If it still doesn't work try plugging the cpu fan into a different fan header on the motherboard.
  11. The Quadro is going to lack in gaming performance compared to a GTX or RTX card.
  12. Best thing to do is just do a fresh re-install of the game.
  13. I'm running a Nvidia 980ti and I only get 60fps in game so don't expect much with Intel HD graphics. Your CPU is also a problem here, you need higher clock speeds for a game like this.
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