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  1. I don't mean for this post to be taken negatively, but the art assets for Elken armour need to be re-worked. Heavy armour is actually nearly perfect, and easily the most refined, and so an exception. Medium armor is by far the worst. While it technically looks close to it's concept art (which is lovely), the textures are stretched out in a way in a really awful way, and the armour itself looks awkward and not at all bespoke. The light armor doesn't have texture issues, but again looks awkward, and not quite bespoke. The colours for both light and medium are also really muddled, and don't compliment the scheme at all.
  2. The Brotherhood may be a good fit for you. We're a bit of everything; casual, RP, pvp, crafting. We also do roleplaying on the weekends.
  3. Great fight last night with Order vs. Balance. We had a lot of fun in our first keep battle!
  4. Extending everyone a Happy New Years on behave of The Brotherhood!
  5. My guild is looking for more members! Our full details can be found here Send me a message if you have any questions!
  6. We are a multi-game and tabletop role-playing group. We are extending our activity into Crowfall, and we are looking for other people to join on in with us! We play a variety of games on steam, blizzard and origin, so it won't always be Crowfall either! So why should you join The Brotherhood? Because we play all sort of games, and our members determine those game, so you won't need to join half a dozen clans or guilds for each game you play. We are multi-game, and very flexible about that. So, with us, you keep the same friends, and play whatever games you want! What we offer is community first, games second. Our goal is to be a place where you can make friends, and have a welcoming community to be part of. We don't care if you're good at games, or bad. Here, it's just about having fun with the friends you've made! If you're intrigued by what we have to offer, and want to learn more, check out our website: https://thebrotherhoodofgames.com/ or, check us out on the Crowfall guild directory https://crowfall.com/en/guild/view/0045bfdd-ab64-4ef0-b025-755a412f1df1
  7. Whenever I try to launch my EK, after a few minutes it just stops trying and acts like nothing happened. Are the EK's not working?
  8. I bought, then gifted my friend the patron starter pack so that he can try the game. He's saying that his "play the game/download client" green button thing is greyed out, and he can't download anything. Did I miss something? Can he not be in the alpha yet?
  9. Well then! I decided to trek through that mess of text, and I was not dissapointed. Not sure if this was serious, trolling, or a joke, but I sure was entertained and had a few laughs.
  10. I appreciate any videos exhibiting the potential of the class; but man, that choice of music is a bit cheesy, and quite honestly a bit pompous.
  11. I'm brand new, and I'm okay. I can see this being a problem if it was a fully finished product, but I know that my quality of life isn't important in a test environment. I'm not here so much to have a good experience, as I am to help improve the unfinished product with my testing and critiques.
  12. The Brotherhood is a community focused, multi-gaming clan. We are not about winning at all costs, or about rushing through content to be the very best. The Brotherhood is about providing gamers with a community to make good friends (or even a second family) and have a place to hang out, chat, drink some beers, and have a good time playing some games! The Brotherhood, and it's name, was inspired by a close friend of mine- Timmy Blumer (also known as "TimmyB"). Timmy taught me that a clan can be more than a collection of gamers. That they can come to be life-time friends, even a second family. He gave everything he could to support those he considered his friends, and he treated us all like real family members. When Timmy succumbed to brain cancer, the loss devastated me. It taught me to cherish those friendships, and to show others what he showed me. His name will be honored through our actions, and is represented in our clan tag "TB". Our website and application can be found @ http://thebrotherhoodofgames.com/
  13. Hi guys, I'm really honoured to join this community! I have a lot of high hopes for this game. I go by Byron in most games, and I run the gaming clan "The Brotherhood". This is our site http://thebrotherhoodofgames.com/
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