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  1. I don't seek out PvP so it's all mox-nix to me. I chose Balance because I like the banner. It's right up my tree-huggin, fence sittin' mentality. Balance Forever! Eat at Gaia's Good Eatz She's got lots of good treatz Whether you're weak or tough Her cookin' will give ya a really nice buff!
  2. I wish I would have read this before making a stall that's now taking up more inventory space than needed atm. Here's hoping they fix it soon.
  3. Big news for ArtCraft !

    @jtoddcoleman So glad you're getting your other arm back! Welcome Crow Josef! Ka-kaw!
  4. Thanks for the update ACE! Really looking forward to testing 5.7. I've been around since February and it's amazing how far the game has come along. It is feeling more and more like a finished product even though there is still so much more on the horizon. You mentioned the armor sets will be in for all races. Can't wait to see what my Femtaur is going to look like wearing her garb.
  5. Gamescom Video Event - Call the Banners!

    [-LFG-] Bazaar is now set to public for your filming pleasure! Our most noble of vendors are waiting for the next shipment of goodies coming soon! Currently we have tools and our most famous catalogue of disciplines available along with a grande crafting centre! Welcoming All Crows! [bazaar loc] 1486.6, 6021.2, 502.4
  6. Thanks to everyone who participated in harvesting enough materials to craft our second vendor on 5.6 Live. A little "birdy" told me one was looted. Which means it was actually our first vendor only it was obtained in battle. The spoils of war....I'd say that's pretty good! We appreciate the gracious donation! I look forward to assisting this community of crows in many spectacular ways! If you're new and interested in stonemasonry, feel free to send me a message. Feedback: Thank you ACE for seeing the craziness in crafting carpentry nails. That takes a bit of a load off now only having to use ore vs metal bars. Looking forward to factories, but if you could just sneek in a woodchipper and grinding machine now that would be sweet!
  7. This has been happening to me as well as other guildmates. Random disconnect to lobby but easy to get right back in. We experienced this on the EU server last night and today.
  8. Vendor stalls & vendor recipes still not appearing in skills for stonemasonry. Also just curious why the crypt takes an additional 4 NBR stone? Please consider taking that off or adding 5 or 10 more stone. 4 is kinda strange considering the requirements for the other parcels.
  9. Market Concerns

    I do hope they up the token numbers of buildings, vendor stalls, etc. per parcel. Currently in 5.6 on a shire parcel I have a fort, cottage and can only place 3 crafting stations when the fort itself will support 4 stations. This will be the one thing that puts a kink in a nicely designed market style EK. I'm glad they came out with the crafting deck and hope they will do the same for vendors. Having them attached to a building is not the most functional for a marketplace. Currently in 5.5 you can place a cottage, attach a vendor stall then pick up the cottage leaving the stall by itself is somewhat of a workaround, but makes it more challenging to get them lined up. I have not been able to test this in 5.6 since vendor stalls are missing from my recipes along with the larger parcels.
  10. Market Concerns

    That's the Spirit! It never hurts to put an idea out there to see where it leads.
  11. Market Concerns

    One of the things that attracted me to CF the most is the community and potential for crafters. If you're in a well-versed guild of crafters and pvpers you likely will never need to seek wares outside of your own guild anyway. Most of the marketplaces will be there to serve the player who just wants to log in get some decent gear and head out to bash heads or those solo harvesters needing their tool fix, for example. I do like the idea of having the EK browse area where the most active EKs will be bumped to the top. Or even showing the online EKs at the top will be good. I feel if you want to bargain hunt, you should have to be forced to communicate with others and find the best spots, not from some easy-mode market list. Besides, I would rather the money that would be put into developing something like that go into other fun stuff like a pink tutu for my guineacian.
  12. Market Concerns

    I don't like the idea of CF having an auction house or a single market list in which to trade that totally defeats the purpose of people actually interacting more with each other. There will be plenty of opportunities to find what you're looking for by asking others and getting to know those markets with good reputations. Feel free to check out LFG Bazaar when you get the chance. As far as having a list in an EK. Once you become familiar with the big market EKs you will learn which vendors you enjoy shopping at most. I wouldn't want to see a market list for the EKs either. I would hope that you can ask in the EK chat and someone will be available to reply and provide assistance or take your order so you can get back to the fight.
  13. Not all stonemasonry recipes are available to craft when maxed out on research. Also crafting speed doesn't seem to make a difference. Was at 6s before I put points into speed, still at 6s currently. Wanted to try creating a city parcel, but not available to craft it even though I should be able to. The recipes for the bigger buildings are also not available when they should be. Vendors & stalls are also missing.
  14. My FPS on test is approximately 10pts less than it has been on 5.5 live. I've tried adjusting settings to lower graphics and saw a small improvement, but nothin' to write home about. It's low enough that it's affecting much of my movement. Map is also very slow to open/close. Guards at Brookhurst are not attacking and fort can't be captured. It's my understanding that currently only Blackmire can be captured. Was hoping to be able to test out more crafting, but not as viable with the inability to take a fort for the sake of mulchin'. So far the vassal system has been working in the EKs with the commands. However, while getting tokens back does work after removing a vassal, you have to log out and back in to notice the change. I haven't retested this since the last patch we had recently. Hopefully 5.6 is going live soon, definitely looking forward to it. I really like the latest additions including the improvements to spending skill points.
  15. I've been having this same issue and submitted to support. It does seem to be a visual and only in the exploration tree as secondary have I found this to happen. I haven't tried switching it around yet to see if it's that spot or just an issue with the tree itself.