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  1. I'm not new, but newly returning after early alpha stages that (wmtfo) wore me out. Looking forward to beta and hopefully LOTS MORE new CROWS joining the fold. I generally play a Femtaur cleric. It may not be the best race for it, but it's what I enjoy playing as I mostly focus on crushin stones and building something with em. I also like the idea of chewing my enemies twice. *wink wink* I'm not certain how much time I have these days for hardcore gaming, but if you see me in game, say hi! If you're Balance, of course! Cheers!
  2. Well, bloody hell then. When you do @crowfall and you see the logo it makes you think it's official compared to the others listed. *smh* It's strange because it has 4 or 5 members associated with it so I figure it was reaching more ACE peeps.
  3. Then they're using the official crowfall logo which I think would be against the rules.
  4. Maybe they should make you a moderator since you care so much what tag I used.
  5. @CrowfallCentral can you address this in your next video update? Any updates regarding EKs and their future functions would be awesome. Thanks!
  6. I agree with allowing /whoguild to see who's online in guild. While most of us do use Discord there are still a few people who can't or won't for whatever reason which shouldn't completely alienate them from being in a guild.
  7. @CrowfallCentral Can you please address this in your next video update. Thanks!
  8. @ZYBAK @Zybak2 @Zybak3Maybe you wouldn't require having 3 accounts if General was reinstated. Here's some real Tea Zy: You've ganked me while I was running to central city in the nude with no weapons. While your ganking may not be discriminatory, it's not very honorable either. The fact you play all three sides using multiple accounts doesn't make you a winner in my opinion. On a more positive note, at least you're not hiding behind different names which would be even more atrocious! I do agree with you regarding player reputation though. *cough cough*
  9. I would like to see general chat return rather than being forced to join the various discord channels. Seems silly to keep factions from talking to one another and frankly I miss the community feeling it had. Having a general chat makes for more engaging gameplay and is more helpful for new players. I don't feel that General should include all servers though. Each server should have its own dedicated general chat. It might look like this: General/Faction/Zone/Guild/Group/Trade/Combat/Whispers(Me) Add the ability to move tabs in order of preference as well as settings for each tab for toggling the various available channels to a tab including adding/deleting tabs.
  10. As a crafter/gatherer, I don't want to wait longer to cast for a mount, that's ridiculous. However, I do agree that you should be able to use CC.
  11. Weight or encumbrance should only effect movement speed. That is all.
  12. I really like the look of the new art for the cooking items with the exception of the wild rice. Maybe try a raw version as the brown bowl just kind of looks like a blob to me, but I have really old eyes. I do like the complexity of the recipes, please don't dumb them down. Because cooking doesn't require any skill there should be something that makes it a little more complex. Purchasing cooking materials from system vendor: Please offer the ability to purchase in larger quantities than 1 at a time. Buying 20 potatoes takes far too long, for example.
  13. During an ACE stream last year, I brought up the same idea of using a banquet table where people can gather in a group to dine for a bit while receiving a unique long lasting buff before going out to battle. I'm just curious how my femtaur will sit, perhaps I could have a feedbag instead?
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