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  1. Voxel lib -> the rat like archetype who can dig throug hthe environment. and the physical stuff.
  2. When did you all register? Is it randomly generated?
  3. Can you please tell me why you allow this? Did I get that right: There is no ingame currency like one would expect?
  4. I don't get what you are trying to tell me. Sure, I know that too. That's also a very nice thing though, actually didn't think about that.
  5. But they do connect VIP with ingame services and VIP is something you bought. I understand why, but I think it's not good. They are making a lot of compromisses which I wouldn't.
  6. I don't understand your edit, as I assume it speaks against me? Actually I think that's nice. If someone looks crappy, like is wearing a potato bag, then he actually should be wearing apotato bag and not have some epixx whatever thing transformed to that potato bag. (Sure, you could argue with magic here.) funny - but I don't really get it. Explain. chinamen aren't a designed feature? I think sub would fight it more than an item shop. Really, I mainly dislike wearable cosmetics. They have ton's of other cosmetics they can sell in EK. E.g. a tournament arena for public or whatever. I still don't like it but the worst for me personnally would be wearable cosmetics. It just destroys information. I just like some kind of realism in that part.
  7. They obviously trying to get a middle way. Which is really understandable from their point of view. I'm of course talking here from my personal wish! Sure, I belife in the team. I think they are actually knowing better then I what they are doing. (Despite the fact, I'm arguing against them here) I just hope, they don't sell any cosmetics you can actually wear and I hope that if you look at your enemy, you can tell a lot about his playstyle/spec etc. If they sell items for your EK, fine, I still don't like it because you could make some bad bottom ingame features out of it, but yeah... So let me reduce my concern to this: Please don't make cosmetics wearable! Oh and sry about the starting post. Can anyone tell me more about that passive training? How it works in EVE and UO? I hope it's more like: bulding city faster (like, all ofline characters make the city built faster) rather than: It inceases you sword ability.
  8. That will happen, not through cosmetic items, they will be account/character bound (I assume) but they allow to you to get VIP by providing ingame services. That's basically the same. Tell me what gets traing and why this needs to be in the game. For me, that means: I'm doing nothing but still getting better at xyz. o.O why the heck should I play then? I don't like cosmetics for several reasons. As I stated above. I takes away a lot of information which you can use in low pop pvp, like 3v3 etc. At least, I'm used to that. But anway, for me personally, that would break immersion to some sort of level. I could live wwith it, if everything else is okay, but I still don't think that they will be able to provide the quality I expect with that model. They will just lack the money. Also, they are going to crowdfund this game, so they need to sell stuff. At some point, you just don't have enough stuff to sell and have to start selling "bad" things. Or you get pokemon like wow or a horde of pets, or an item shop like GW2 with actual ingame items.
  9. If I'm offline, my character shouldn't do anything, I don't think my character should get better in anything by nothing. I don't care what game it did, I never experienced it and I don't want to. Please don't be abusive, thanks. Then explain it to me. For me, pay once and play forever means bad quality. Never saw a game that worked and if you look how much new content they want to provide I doubt that it will work. I don't want poorly generated campaigns and I don't think, anyone else wants. Also, if I can prodive you an ingame service and you will get VIP status, I just can buy gold via that. Sry, I was in a hurry. You're right, it's very poorly written. ----- And yeah, I just think everything ingame should come from an ingame action etc. and not being bought in an item shop, for me, that just can kill the fun. I want to feel the game and just dive into it, I also don't like any transmorgh (or how you call it), I didn't even like the "change color of equipment" in GW2. I want the equipment to tell me information about the player, about his spec and about how strong he is, that's get mostly killed by an item shop. I just don't belife in this pricing model for an mmo. I just like the sub model, then everything comes fro man ingame action and itsn't oursource to a shop.
  10. Hi, So we are getting a buy once play forever system with a cosmetic shop and a few pay2win thing in it. Really, any mmo is better with just using a sub model, you can create more content. If it's p2p, then the campaings will be better, you can't create new campaings with the little budget you get with item shop and buy once. Just look at GW2. I don't like cosmetic shops, it kills immersion and I don't think it really fits into player driven economy. Remember, you can get VIP access by providing INGAME services. You want to build a big city? You want to be a lord and just rule that 10'000 people? You want to be mighty? Hah! But first please buy population/size from the item shop! you are lazy? Just use the passive training (wtf is that?). You are even lazier? Just buy VIP and get 3 passive training slots! I doubt this wil lwork, in my optinion, it's doomed. I just don't belife you can create a game with such dynamic content with that model. They fear they don't get the population on their servers thus they us that crappy buy once play forever thing, but this leads to the need of other incomes -> item shop. It's just cosmetic but it kills immersion and since they want to kill player driven economy at all they won't allow to buy ingame items but rather let you buy some ingame hogwash which also destroys immersion. I think, that a sub model would create a more stable population and provide more quality. Really, just let me pay you 10ä a month and don't bother me with any anti-immersion stuff. . . It's just not RPGish. It's not only that, I really belife the quality is just lower than it would be wit ha sub model. You can buy ingame currency: Yes. This means that people who purchase the game, but don’t want to pay a monthly subscription, can still become VIP members by providing goods and services to other players Hah, and I was told from a dev, that there won't be any p2w, but for me, that's already p2w. I can't get over it, sry: But EVERYTHING should be player driven, every single element. If you let players buy models for their kingdom: NO! Make a profession or somethign out of it and just charge 10$ a month or whatever. Just let people do some kind of science so increse what they can build, how large they can build their city etc and not just let them buy it. Imagen: "Did you see that big city from xyz?" "Yea, massiv". "What do you think he has spend on that"... isnt that better_ "they must have spend a lot of effort into researching for getting such a big city running". Isn't it better? Everything you see basically means nothing now, nothing. X has a big city -> he has spend money. Oh a nice hut -> probably from the item shop. It kills immersion and thus it kills the fun.
  11. Cosmetic Shops suck suck suck suck suck so hard... You were telling me no pay 2 win but wtf isVIP passiv training? It's ***** p2w. Really, just make a proper pay2play and get rid of that crap. This really reduces the interest because I don't think a proper RPG has any shop or any VIP stuff or whatever. You are killing immersion, you are murdering it. Just look at the polls... Yay, cosmetic shop and some p2w... never though you are going to do that, never. Horrible. You know, paying for passive training a chgaracter and having a bigger city is pay to win! "Where do you got that nice cape from?" "Oh I killed that king last summer... wait, no, I bought it from the cosmetic shop" -.- "Lets make a huge city, one that never get's taken over, one that's just epic..." -> please spend xxx $ to increase population -.-
  12. bull**** - denied, next. what abotu the crafters? That rly sucks.
  13. On ffa, i don't care, but why not get rid of it, but i faction based pvp, what's the matter?
  14. Let me tell you, they are not near any beta nor playable closed alpha. (you can! belive me in this) They probably going to give some access by backing their project etc. You probably have to wait like 2 years to get into beta.
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