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  1. ofc I am a slacker @KDSProm you never know me as not slacking?
  2. We are still looking for recruits, should you have any questions, drop me a PM or look me up in the Crowfall Discord or the MA discord!
  3. Giving this a little nudge back to the top... We are also on Discord and you can find us here if you want to have a chat or feel you want some information! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/0aiD4IAA9q8VVbrS
  4. You can add me as contact person for Mystical Awakening and we will have our crafting + PvX duties in the guild
  5. Hi Moash right now we haven't looked into the faction and gods just yet. It is something we discuss within the guild so that all our members feel comfortable with it. In regards of the roleplay, we aren't a heavy RP guild, not sure if that will turn you down. For the rest, we are pretty laidback and have fun within the guild. If you want to know more, either PM me, drop by on irc or post here so I can answer your questions!
  6. Currently in the progress of redoing our website! Feel free to poke me for more info about us!
  7. pilgrim


    Oh hi Cogency! Long time no talk!
  8. Some additional info for those interested in Mystical Awakening! We are not really recruiting yet, however, should you want information, drop me a PM! Feel free to join us on IRC @quakenet #Mystical-awakening for extra chat We will be working together with Pax Maelstrom and most likely some other guilds in an Alliance feel free to PM me for more info!
  9. welp... back from my vacation... let's see what I missed
  10. you are welcome Lyk3nothx! Make sure to hang out on the forums, if needed be figure out IRC and you can hang out with the nutjobs in MA! As long as there is a good implementation of the Alliance / Guild mechanics... bring in the fun!
  11. I love your thinking and I approve! Give more hype bomb drops!
  12. hey guys! We are looking forward to working with all of you again and to see what this game will bring us!
  13. Who are we? Mystical Awakening (founded in December 2002) is an international English speaking MMO gaming community striving to build up a long-lasting reputation for being skilled and well regarded PvP’ers by the wider MMO community. We will achieve this by recruiting committed, mature members; embarking on smack-free and constructive communications; ensure our structures are focused on the players; organising well managed events; and carefully choosing allies and enemies in all games we play. Our goals are ultimately driven by the desire to engage in PvP or RvR, but we aim to offer a "full service” in our games, and utilise every aspect of game play to support our combat goals. In each game MMO we play, the guild is typically subdivided in to three areas, or Spheres: Battle (PvP and PvE); Social (Diplomacy and guild members) and Crafting (Logistics, crafters). Each Sphere is overseen by guild officers who are responsible for ensuring members are reaching their potential, having fun and realising the importance of their contribution to guild life. Mystical Awakening Guild Charter Our guild members strive at all times to Participate in organised guild activity and create their own groups, rather than follow the path of a loner Maintain a long-term outlook, especially in developing grudges toward our enemies Avoid griefing, cheating, feeding trolls or engaging fools in smack talk Deal with real life first. It interferes. Maintain a sense of humour alongside a gamers’ serious, committed nature Ensure their conduct reflects maturity and intelligence of their guild whenever possible Have fun and enjoy the games lucky enough to host our guild and move on when it’s time Remain an active community member, move with or rejoin us when new games are announced Avoid drama. It does not enhance the quality of any game, not even WoW Understand that perfection doesn't exist and when room for improvement is identified, or criticism raised, communicate it. The guild will find at its disposal a varying degree of resources through the years, but core to its activity will be A continuous and solid representation of the Mystical Awakening name. Never merging, falling back or allowing its good name to be eroded through ignorance or design A Guild Council to assist in maintaining stability across all our games, and to provide GMs in new games Officers ensuring successful operations in one of three spheres: Battle, Social and Crafting Opportunity for all to input to the day-to-day activity and longer term direction of the guild, regardless of member’s guild rank A guild size that is most relevant to the requirements of the game, be it small and nimble or large and powerful, though never of the size that detracts from the individual skill required to overcome our enemies A professional voice communications service for all our games, and when required, our alliances A website located at www.mystical-awakening.net to act as a home for all our members through the years Opportunity for RL talents to be put to use to support the development of the guild and the wider community. Guild website: http://www.mystical-awakening.net/ Recruitment page: http://www.mystical-awakening.net/forums/crowfall-recruitment.25/ IRC: Quakenet, channel #mystical-awakening Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/0aiD4IAA9q8VVbrS
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