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  1. If I may offer for the sake of open information I've been working to groom the vendors in the LFG Bazaar specifically to aim for outfitting new players. Its crafted maximized white gear sold at values which can be paid for with the gold one gets from new player experience. You might need just a little extra for some of the better gear. The method for getting an upgraded vessel isn't too bad at the moment I don't think. Between the MSS bodies and Princess's terrifying production levels I'm seeing alot more players with proper bodies running around.
  2. Correct, they removed it from the game. I've not yet updated the crafting guide to reflect this unfortunate change out of some stubborn hope that the devs will see the unfortunate effects of their decision.
  3. [-LFG-] Bazaar [Trade] Owned by Altybear Operated by Lion Forge Guild Emphasis on Gathering Equipment (Tools, Buff Food, Potions) With a wide variety of all goods including armor and weaponry Necromancer Commission Information on Front Board Crafting Plaza for new players to try different craftings out with cheap components for sale so you can avoid disc swapping and still get crafting EK bonuses. Training Dummies for players to test their dps out and get some numbers outside of the worlds. Use /join RPRLT to take part in our Sunday Night Role Play events located in the Red Lion Tavern in the LFG Bazaar. Look for the Manor with the Squiggly Dragon Statue on the south side of the Bazaar Circle.
  4. Attachable crafted banners for defense structure walls become unrecoverable after being placed. They cannot be moved or adjusted.
  5. Intermediate armor doesnt drop the disc. Check the General crafting bench to see a list of all recipes that dont grant disc drop. You need to make advanced gear for even the chance.
  6. OOC Information Post! The Grand (soft) Opening of The Red Lion Tavern! 5pm Eastern US Time July 16th Location: [-LFG-] Bazaar Channel: Use /join RPRLT for the Tavern Use /join RPTheWalk for the Scenic Walkway Use /join RPRLC for the Castle above the Bazaar. All channels can be exited by using /leave channelnamehere The /Say command works for an effective 15m and appears in the me tab The /yell command works for 25m and also appears in the me tab Use the / key on your numpad to enable walking when moving about. Well be using the general chat for the EK for OOC Look for the Manor building with the Brazier by the front steps and the large dark colored dragon! Further events to also be held in the future!
  7. Can we get a slight adjustment on the drops for group bosses outside skypoint. They're really lackluster for the actual challenge of the fights. Nothing major just maybe a slight increase in gold or a curiosity or enchant chance. Can we please please please please have paper recipe on the general bench back and the parchment vellum recipe back. I need a cheap name able item for the signage on vendors. Can we see about getting an auto stack feature when dumping things into chests. And can we consolidate all custom channels on chat into a single tab with a button press to cycle between them perhaps?
  8. Given the fact that a large amount of the items used in cooking currently come from a vendor specifically there's likely a bit of work to be done on that system. So we can expect some changes from it in the future.
  9. Good Catch @NeoVid, It appears when the guide was archived it saved a version that was prior to alot of clean up edits and a couple of blocks of text got bzzrped right out of existence. That particular block included. I went ahead and updated it to include the information on the Paradoxical Stitching Awl.
  10. Based on the pantheon lore, Maeve is here to destroy all of physical reality and the sentient creatures inhabiting it so that she's free of the burden of being tied to an 'earthly' domain. Honestly, so long as she survives and all that the Hunger is probably a win for her.
  11. So stonemason stuff doesnt decay, guilds that aim for top end stuff will be making common resources by the truckload as byproducts for gathering. I intend to use stonemasonry stuff as rewards for player participation and contribution myself. Right now 'Tax Free' just means theres no gold cost in the crafting recipe for combining/upgrading em. Downside, that means they can't be mixed with crafted parcels. The player economy angle is based around slots. Buildings have slots that allow for vendor placements along with afew other things like crafting decks. Those slots are needed for each shop you wanna have, unfortunately (for some weird reason) stonamsontry stuff can't be placed on vendors so this particular field of transaction is all person to person.
  12. After re-reading the current lore info... I think player skulls would go to Maeve. Incorporating the current available systems shown in game I think the preparation of specific items is in line with intent. Perhaps avoiding pack pigs though since the caravaning system needs some cleanup and spreading its focus may not be a benefit. I'd propose having low buffs that function the way they do now and having high end trials of the gods which are triggered by sacrificing a unique sacrifice item that is specific to that god, these items would function akin to the artifacts toyed with previously in that they were created by assembling multiple components. When these items are sacrificed it triggers a zone wide event that is marked on the world map, if you manage to hold control of the point throughout the event you get a moderately strong 24 hour buff. Of course the trial can also trigger scripted pve depending on the flavor of the god. Perhaps also include an Ursurpation system in which the trial can be raandomized and 'usurped' by another god so they dont become 100% predictable. It promotes pvp by intending to keep your enemy weak and a chance to steal the resources that the trial would summon.
  13. Heya, just a word of advice. Dont try to solo stonemasonry. If you've absolutely got your heart set on it then go for it, but do not look at the incredibly high recipe costs as a challenge. If you're truly committed, build a cottage, just one. By yourself. And then see if you want to do that again. Stonemasonry is very rewarding, but its rewards are meant to benefit a group. It took me about a month to build a cottage with a slightly above the curve playtime amount and some diligent downward trading. I dont know if your experience will be the same but I'm telling you now, stonemasonry (the higher tier stuff) is not meant to be done by a single person. If you wanna specialize in low end stuff like add ons, crafting decks, chests, and vendors.... go nuts. But geomancy and architecture for buildings is a rabbit hole with slime coated walls. But yea, stats dont matter for stonemasonry at all because 0 stonemasonry recipes have experimentation on them. You'll also need some source of leather for insulation if you're going to so buildings.
  14. Updated to the current patch with information, Pictures, and adjustments.
  15. If you join a guild through the in game guild UI, search out that guilds recruitment post on the forums and join their discord. If your lucky they'll have info provided in their guild description. You're only getting the benefits of being in a guild if you actually interact with them. The level experience bar eats any excess exp when you level up. If you're doing quests and just shy of leveling up, grind mobs for a moment or you'll loose out on a good chunk of the reward xp. This is also EXTREMELY relevant when sacrificing things to level up. The secret killer in this game is actually bank space. I know it seems like alot of room initially, but if you decide to go down any route of crafting you'll find yourself having to organize and specialize fast. Dont trust everything you find online in terms of guides, always check the release date and relevant patch number. Stuff changes on a dime so it's easy to find bad information.
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