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  1. Huh, well glad that I just discovered the qualifications to use factories. It was probably in the patch notes and I just missed it. The game is pushing you into dregs in the current iteration regardless of whether you're guild is ready or not. The foremen disc is a good example of this. With a group of 4 players taking down a rank 2 motherload is a pain without a foremen. Foremen can only be gotten in the dregs campaign right now. Also I'm not talking about crafter progression speed in reference to dregs, I'm explicitly talking about gatherers and the necessity of advanced runetool
  2. I very much agree that the chaos dust method should be the sub optimal way compared to just gold farming, but the added influx of lower end mats to help bolster a raw economy would be a great tradeoff. I would need to compare notes with more gatherers as I suggested 5 earlier but that is with the intent of getting up to epic for gathering as quickly as possible. Put advanced rune tools equip on Rare gathering discs instead of epic and the 10-15 range becomes much more reasonable. A big part of this suggestion is to get newer guilds dregs capable a little faster. Even if Shado
  3. In all reality this conversation is ultimately about the fact that gold is both 'Too useful' and terribly useless. The existing gold sinks in the game are domination dust, vendors, and stone-masonry. Vendors only work for people who already have established EKs and come launch will be a VIP Exclusive thing, Stone-masonry is not a solo player thing, the gold sink recipes are explicitly designed to be guild undertakings. If the game needs to have gold sinks, put them into fort upgrades, put them into gate locking building upgrading, put them into investments in a campaign rather then being
  4. Thanks for the plug on the gathering guide. I'm working on something similar for a crafting guide and I'll let you know when its finished.
  5. After doing a nominal amount of farming on dregs as well I think I've settled that a rate of 5 chaos embers to 1 domination dust would be the way to go. Their drop rate is consistent enough that gathering 15 chaos embers is a goal rather then a challenge and can be done more reasonably by people who only have 2 or 3 hours to play a day without breaking their personal bank. With the doing away of passive time training I really do think there needs to be less time investment for the initial getting started part of the game. Sure I'm all for some grind at mid to late game
  6. I don't actually know if this is intentional or not The item Planishing Hammer of the High Forge is the ONLY additive slot type recipe unlock item from the crafting set (I'm not including the mount recipe here because thats a general crafting thing) that doesn't require a trait unlocked by the Rare level crafting belt. You can use the item as soon as you equip a armorsmithing discipline. Its just odd that its out of line with all the other ones so I think it may be an oversight perhaps?
  7. Using the Foremen Discipline power 'Take it Down' causes the gathering wheel pip counter to occasionally glitch where in it stops showing the correct number of pips on the outer wheel but continues to show the correct symbol for the current buff on the interior.
  8. Would it be feasible to make a transmutation recipe to turn 2 or 3 chaos embers into a domination dust in order to help cut down the gold grind for advancement? Thoughts? I think this would also bolster the Alchemists crafting recipes.
  9. This one is actually really easy! If you open the 'Details' button on your inventory (its present on your equipment tab) youll get 3 seperate sections of stats, including crafting. If you hover over a specific stat it will tell you which core stats (dex, str, spirit, etc) feed into it.
  10. I'll add that information in on the crafting guide to break down some of the inter-dependencies and the 'goals' for gathering. But that's a project for another day. I don't see adding information that no newbie is reasonably going to be able to acquire without getting late game help, I was iffy about including the info about foreman, but I see the question asked often enough in General chat on Infected I thought it'd be worth the explanation. Essentially I tried to stick to resources that could be self sourced (aside from foreman) on your very first day of play for this explanation.
  11. First things first my apologies for the roughshot nature of this guide, tis my first time making something like this in a long while. So you've managed to make it up into infected, you've been following quests this entire time and now you're left aimless. Once you get to infected, your first goal should be getting up to level 30, this can be done by going through either of the 2 adjacent runegates. Do not take the runegate to Skypoint as that is the central pvp area with mobs around level 27-30ish. Go through the runegate and find yourself a camp or two using the map, farm yourself up some
  12. Hello Everyone! Sorry for being away for so long, but life is what it is! Anyway, L.F.G. is coming back and doing its wind up work to be familiar with the game systems and how they've changed! If you're interested in a group of goofs like ourselves please feel free to reach out!
  13. Small note, The Duelist ability that causes bleed on hit does not drop the bleed when you die whilst fighting bosses. Against both a mega boss and a king Ive had instances where my bleed effect was still applied after resurrecting and I was flickering between harvesting mode and combat tray on about a two second interval. This had the effect of me coming within a hundred meters of either boss and them auto locking onto me, even when in stealth, and immediately killing me as we were in the process of resetting. The boss resets otherwise but just continually takes the small amount of damage.
  14. After being away for a little over a year and finally toe tapping back into the pool I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed. >The new player experience is fairly solid for explaining the bare of things. A little bit more 'show' would be appreciated rather then just tell and point, even if its some more basic in game pictures. I had a particular issue with the 'crafting tutorial' since you made a basic ring that doesn't even use the crafting mechanics in its assembly. I also found the keep table 'mission' somewhat unimpressive since it told me what to do, but since the keep didn't
  15. I am assuming that you have the XS building tokens available to place down your benches? (to cover the obvious first troubleshooting step)
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