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  1. I am assuming that you have the XS building tokens available to place down your benches? (to cover the obvious first troubleshooting step)
  2. Hello Everyone! Glad to see everyone out and about and being sociable! For those curious we at LFG have been playing balance recently and are slowly getting back to having just as much fun as before. If anyone has any questions about the game (even if you don’t intend to join -LFG-) please feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll help fill in the blanks the best I can for ya! Also I’ll (hopefully) be selling Runetools out of the central city soon, get them out there in the hands of gatherers so that everyone isn’t clumsily trying to use -10 tools.
  3. Hey Everyone, Sorry for not being super active recently! But while I'm around I wanted to show off our recently established [-LFG-] Bazaar 5.6 edition! The not quite tree of life located in the keep is named Chester and he'd appreciate if you wipe your feet before coming inside. Now without freestanding booths because i guess that was a glitch even though it looks super good and way better then sticking them to these giant blocky forts... ALSO: Were really on the lookout for players who would like to set up their own shops! We've got plenty of spots still open and are setting up our own trading town parcel specifically for a shopping row!
  4. Feel free to stop by the [-LFG-] Bazzar, it’s been closed since until the most recent patch we haven’t been able to get players in and out without several attempts. But we can open it up a little early for this.
  5. Always love seeing new players showing interest!
  6. Heya Everyone! Just a super awesome little announcement, Earlier today we officially went live with our new Guild Website http://Lionforgeguild.com I'm super excited to say that we'll be slowly but surely updating this site with new info each patch, images from our goofy get together, and various community based calendar events that we plan to put together! A super giant special thanks to Topgeza and XGraceX for spearheading this project! And of course thankyou to all our members who contributed with feedback and support
  7. Be sure to actually mention when you find your skull in there to me in EK, if I'm not AFK I've got a prize for ya!
  8. Here are a few ideas that I've had mulling around in my head that i would love to see in the game, of course very far far down the line since the team has their own development schedule and such. Shrubs of Life: This idea is to help divert from the single front siege format that would occur against player created cities and such farther down the line in very large scale campaigns. My suggestion here in is that throughout the city you could craft up to four additional saplings or shrubs or some other foliage based additive which would grand the tree of life additional armor/invulnerability/debuffs on enemies and the like. These items could be crafted through a very expensive method which would become a resource sink for the group establishing this location as well as provide incentive for enemies to siege frequently and early before additional defenses are added. My thinking is also that it would mean that the possibility for siege squads whose entire purpose is to infiltrate and seek out these shrubs either prior to a siege in order to know the route needed to be able to take them all down in time before the siege ends or during the siege as dedicated roll squads for the purpose of providing wider spread small group skirmishes. A minor idea to run with this is that the shrubs would be limited by a cumulative distance rather then an individual distance, you could craft one 600 meters away from the tree, however the remaining three would only be able to be placed a cumulative 400 meters away as to not allow an extreme variance of distance in which the additive four trees are so spread apart, even if each tree does add a little additional time to the siege clock, that for anything less then five dedicated squads it would simply be too much. Raised platforming: A very simple additive for EK in which it is a large flat stone panel block which other buildings can be placed upon and ramps can be connected to the sides. I wouldn't expect its overall elevation to be raised significantly higher in comparison to the surrounding ground, but it would provide a nice platform construction area and would aesthetically break up some of the visual line. Message board: Probably already in the mix of things, but I'd love to see a system in which a player can post a request for a job and other players can apply and in doing so send a mail response to the player who posted the job consisting of a brief contact info in game and their correspondent stats to the request. The player who posted will receive a notification that there was a response but naturally would have to check the job board in order to read the contents there in.
  9. Sorry for not giving any big updates recently fellas! We've been toiling away getting stuff set up. if 5.6 doesnt hit by the first weekend of May on live, expect something really fun in the Bazaar! I just wanted to share a screenshot of the bazaar since alot of peoples time and effort is going into keeping those vendors stocked up with goods and not to mention the time it took to get this parcel build and some of these houses upgraded!
  10. Currently, considering we’re a market crafting group we’re not firmly cemented in any one faction orientation across all campaigns
  11. I’ll be offline for the next four days or so (Business trip) if you don’t see me in game don’t worry I’ll be back soon enough! In the meantime feel free to add me on discord Altybear#1128 if you have any questions or such!
  12. Vendors do have an upkeep at a rate of 10 coins every half hour it’s active.
  13. So little update! A recent project I decided to undergo this patch. See if i could Upgrade my Cottage into a Villa! This was a decently large project for me to solo but I'm super hyped since it helped me recruit a few new members! The Roof segments and the Wall segments alone costed over 10K non basic wood let alone all the other parts in the mix so this was a pretty big undertaking. I wanted to give a special shout out to Ozavic, Lazyturtle, Wiidad and Wiison for kicking it and keeping me company while I wheeled and dealed my way out of a one bedroom cottage! I don't know if this is the first villa crafted in Live, but I asked around and nobody heard of anyone crafting another, so for now I think i can say First Documented Creation of a Villa I wanted to make sure I documented the Crafting process so that I couldn't bluff and just have bought this thing, Its also got a unique item name because I'm sure as heck gonna custom name my Villa after working for about three weeks on it! Brought some friends in who were around fro a group shot! And then... Wouldn't ya know it, we ended up on the roof like all great parties do!
  14. We are a community-oriented guild with an intention of focusing heavily on trading, gathering and various unique aspects of Crowfall. We will take gatherers, crafters, combatants, scouts, and all types of self-classification because we want players who are excited about what they want to do! We are looking for members who are willing to work with new players to help then enjoy the game to the best of their ability. Lion Forge is also looking to be openly interactive with other guilds promoting community and player coordinated events, events, and trading. Each campaign we plan to set a group goal to help foster a common idea over and above just contributing to our faction, this can be from creating X amount of a specific gear with certain stats, or gathering X many supplies to support our up and coming crafters and of course were always open to suggestions from our player base! As the game is in Pre-Alpha so are we, at present Lion Forge Guild is still getting its running start. If you would like to join now and work together to start fanning the flames please reply below or feel free to reach out to me on Discord at Altybear#1128 We do have a discord channel currently and coordinate group events, request supplies, or dictate strategies and necessary info for campaigns there in. Above all else, Lion Forge Guild is here to have fun and support each other in that pursuit. Some basic requirements for the guild will be: Activity: We just ask that ya play when ya can and try not to leave people hanging. Civility: Everyone argues or has disagreements; this is a simple fact of reality. We want players who are capable of admitting when they are wrong and are capable of holding debates rather than arguments. Helpfulness: We need players who are willing to go out of their way to help their fellow guild mates and to help new players to Crowfall get on their feet. Discord and Crowfall Website: You need to have a discord account, as this will be the primary form of in guild communication and of course we will add you to our Roster here on the Crowfall Website. Regarding in guild supply distribution and management of guild funds we operate as a self-hold collective. Everyone has their own personal stash and anything your willing to share goes into the community pot. Players found taking a harsh advantage of other guild mates generosity will be reprimanded and possibly removed.
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