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  1. There is going to be alot of players playing the merchant game, new crafters can make low end supplies for other newbies fairly easily and there's always going to be a consumables market. As you saw there's a dedicated crafting guide pinned here in the econ forums. I personally run a 'mostly' econ focused guild myself and whilst it is true major guilds will most certainly have their own 'pro' teams of crafters. There's always going to be a market to sell to the masses. The community consensus is that a guinecian or high elf are the current 'best' for crafting due to the extra jewelry slo
  2. Congratulations! Market Day was a technical Success! I'm financially ruined but thats okay cus I can just declare bankruptcy via wipe and start again fresh on the 6th! Thanks to everyone who came out and congratulations to people got epic disks for 10k and rare level vessel packs for 15k!
  3. Come join us in Gods Reach US at 7pm eastern for a new player item auction and a hand full of in world vendors selling their goods. Equip yourself and get bashing with some equipment and weapons! Depending on player participation there may even be a special secondary event at the conclusion of the auction to help spark some big field pvp in gods reach!
  4. Rangers use bows primarily, however through the use of the Archery Minor Discipline many classes can use bows. By opening the talents menu and in the lower right hand corner of that box you'll find the crowpedia. Its an in game resource with a list of all the major, exploration and minor discs.
  5. Hey Everybody! If you haven't visited this thread in a while I've gone ahead and updated some of those 'reserved tabs' from prior to include info on how the bidding will operate, a list of items to be sold in the auction proper. Again these are items for new players so their values are top end common quality. Items not currently expanded upon are still being crafted/recrafted or having their bundles completed. The map of the temple will be posted late today or early tomorrow.
  6. So i did some reflection and realized the thing here actually being attacked is the Eternal Kingdom Epeen discussion. Sure the vendors would get shafted price wise with the introduction of an auction house and the idea of pricing warfare goes out the window. But the thing that's mostly being contested is the idea that people wouldn't have to go to an ek to see the items and such. And I think that would actually bruise alot of econ players egos since we put a fair amount of effort into making our EKs look nice and at present outside of your own guild storage and crafting the only re
  7. Also Guines are great for gathering, the stats are mildly important but your tools will make the world of difference, to that effect I suggest you check out runecrafting. If you need crafting help feel free to hit me up either in game or on discord Altybear#1128
  8. Here's my take on properly bolstering the economy, player scheduled trading days. At least until vendors and EKs get the love they need.
  9. Yea that's something bugged with your client, email support@crowfall.com about that one.
  10. Oh thats all basic crafting, you don't get differences till you're crafting stuff using a crafting discipline. I'd advise doing the entire Quest chain first, then read the beginner guides on this forum then come back to crafting.
  11. I want to say this only shows up if you have a backer pack. If you're using a beta code its not there. At least that's what it appears when talking with other players.
  12. It should really come into its own after the first few campaigns as well since items like relics and parcels will be rewards.
  13. My sympathies for the expectations but unfortunately expanding your eternal kingdom is a deep time investment if you're not buying parcels from the shop. Parcels, buildings, and items for the eternal kingdom are crafted through stonemasonry and they are a resource sink and a half. It is very fulfilling building up your eternal kingdom when you work for it. But it's a challenge to do, if you want something worthwhile ya gotta work for it. Or purchase it from the cash shop since all the stuff in there provides no real in game benefit.
  14. The guild UI is 'in' but non functional. In the next patch it should be coming online in full.
  15. The command is /invite playername in the game console. A murder is not a party in the main game, it's the methody by which ti make groups for the hunger dome. If you click the question mark on the chat interface in game it shows all the in game tools. You do need to be the same faction to party up.
  16. I see this question ALOT and with the influx of new players I wanted to make some suggestions for things that can be done solo until a guild catches their eye or they have a better grasp of what they want to do. 1. Find a duel. In campaigns the center most area of a map will always have the highest level of resources. As such if you're looking for a fight, head to the center of skypoint. Feel free to announce in general chat that you're looking for a fight. Make sure you bank your gold before fighting in skypoint as when you die you'll drop it. Also, when you die, fly to the resurrection
  17. Armor dusted off, ethereal dust by the chest full, mane freshly combed, Ready! Lion Forge is back with a vengeance! Come join the party at our upcoming in game event!
  18. Hello everyone, with the upcoming release I wanted to assure everyone that Market Days is still on! However I have a personal request to the veterans of the community! I've done my due diligence for trying to make the crafting and gathering as accessible as possible. And now I need your help for a shallow attempt to do the same to combat! My reason for putting it on this forum is that come the 12th I'll be directing everyone in game to this forum post specifically. At that time I'd like as much concentrated information in one location as possible. For those of you who are exper
  19. Try pressing Ctrl+V in the game. It cycles shown faction/guild plates and I've noticed the names go a little goofy with yellow lettering when the plates aren't shown by default.
  20. Thank you. I appreciate the validation of my efforts.
  21. A Guild Cap style of campaign would be an interesting idea. One in which the number of guild members who can go in is limited and guilds basically get import tokens for accounts. Naturally I'd only advise this style to be run parallel with the larger campaigns so it becomes a case of filtering a team of top players down to a smaller arena or giving a chance for smaller guilds to participate on an 'even' playing field in terms of population. This suggestion is also HIGHLY dependent on population presence and how zerg the zergs actually get. On the idea of small guild support, I thin
  22. Since I'd like to continue updating these two with the new iterations of crafting and gathering.
  23. I'm excited to see the beginnings even if it's going to be a tad rough. I'm VERY excited to see maps that are going to be scaled for the number of players that will be coming in. Even if that ends up breaking down into multiple dregs campaigns and several gods reaches itll be neat seeing the expanded maps to explore, map, and take over. The system they have to generate those maps will get alot of use going forward especially if a single dregs ends up having something like 27 zones to accommodate for the increased player presence, not counting the temples of course. Co
  24. Let's get some versions up to live then, we got one month to break it as many times as possible!
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