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    I am the Founder of Shadowhorn Gaming, the parent company to many leading MMO fansites such as Crush the Throne and Tales of the Spiral. SHG also covers news in the video game scene.

    As mentioned, I run the Crowfall Forum known as Crush the Throne (www.crushthethrone.com). CTT is the central hub where you can find anything Crowfall related including guides, tips, guild info and more while also interacting with others. I am also the Co-Founder of the guild, Knights of the Dragon Rose (www.dragonroseknights.com) while also running the unofficial Wizard101/Pirate101 blog - Tales of the Spiral (www.talesofthespiral.com).
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    Orange County, California

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  1. Lots of exciting changes coming to Crush the Throne over the next 2 weeks!

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