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    IRL: I love gaming, game development, and anything to do with the horror genre.
    In Game: I really enjoy Crowfall. I'm really hoping to find a good group of friends to play with, (can be a bit shy, but get over it quick with a good group), and my main interest is on crafting. Mainly I'm really interested in the Necromancy in the game, and building vessels. I'd love to be part of a good group and helping support them with the best bodies I can.
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    Currently LFG - I'm interested in crafting/Necromancy
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    East Coast USA

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  1. Thank you for communicating with us. It goes so much further than you know. We really appreciate it. Being open and talking with us is what makes ACE so great. Keep it up guys, and thanks for working so hard on the next build.
  2. Okay, I'm very late to this post. I've just jumped back into the game after a bit of a break, in prep for the new inc update. I've gotta say this is one of the things I was actually hoping for. Really excited to see the Fae race with the Knight Class. Thanks ACE. :-D
  3. Hey guys, I wanted to share my latest video with everyone. In this video, it's mostly just me rambling on about my current thoughts for the game. I'm loving the game and I've gotten to meet some really great people. However I think it's important that everyone remember to keep your morale up as we go through testing and things change. I talk a little bit about the importance of making friends and the social aspects of an MMO, and I also touch on the topic of the new campaign war (Trial 3), and the shifting population. I hope you guys enjoy. Thanks, Ceegore
  4. I have a feeling that this 3rd campaign might be a little more 50/50. 😉
  5. Corrupted Essence is an easy going guild looking to build a player base.  Message for an invite.

    1. Ceegore


      Thank you for the invite.  At this time I've joined a group of people that I believe I can work well with.  🙂 

      Thank you again. 

    2. Devonic


      ok good luck and have fun

  6. You guys have been awesome to chat with and I really thank you, I can be shy from time to time, but since I jumped into the Discord, many of you have chatted with me and made me feel welcome. If you guys would have me on your team I'd like to take this next campaign duration to join you guys, and we can try to get to know each other and see how things mesh between now and the end of it. I've submitted a request to join on the guild page on the forums, and I'm willing to do any interview type thing that you guys would like to do. I usually get online at night around 8PM EST, and I do have a mic and can do voice. Please let me know how you guys would like to proceed.
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Ceegore. I’m a husband, father, and blue-collar worker. I work as an IT professional by day and I've been in on the testing and fun of this game for a little over a year now. (Only really lurking the forums). I've been in and out of the game a lot over the past several months, however now with 5.8 and the trials, I find that I'm dumping hours into the game and loving the hell out of it. With that said, I really wanna get deep into this game, and I know I can't go it solo, so I'm yelling ..."Does anyone need/want a dedicated Necromancer?" 😄 I'm practicing and testing so many parts of the game that I know quite a bit, but at the same time I don't know jack, yet I'm learning. I do know I want to focus my attention on being the best Necromancer I can be, and I'm looking for a good group of people to become friends and play with. I usually play and prefer Balance, however I'll go where the group that I mesh well with is. Please send me a message and/or let me know if you are recruiting and would like to chat. Thank you. Edit: Thank you everyone for the welcomes and invites. Right now I've joined a good group of people that I believe (and I'm hopeful) that I will mesh well with. Again thank you all.
  8. Just wanted to let everyone know, that if you come across any of my old links for "Academy Arcade", please know that those links are now dead as I've changed my name and channel.  (I decided I wanted a more personal brand so went with my own name).  That said please note the new channel links below:

    My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel

    My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch



  9. Thanks for allowing each of us an opportunity to talk about ourselves and giving us the chance to be featured. Here is the interview video I've just completed and would like to share with everyone here. (I will be submitting via the proper email channel, I just wanted to share here as well). I'll also be submitting a video without the old NES images, in case those could be seen as against copyright terms. 😛 Thanks all, and hope you enjoy my video. My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch
  10. Hi all, Just wanted to send out a mass invite to my new Stream. I'll be going live today at 12:30PM EST (in about 10mins from now). Just as I'm new to video creation, I'm very new to streaming, so beware the newbness lol. 🙂 Of course I'll be playing Crowfall and trying to get better at the game myself. Please feel free to drop in and say hi! www.twitch.tv/ceegore
  11. Hi all, I wanted to share this next part in my video series for Crowfall. In this part I talk about (EK's) Eternal Kingdoms, and I try to go into a little detail about what they are, where they currently are, what they are designed to become, and explain a bit about them. Warning to you all......I talk and ramble A LOT! LOL 🙂 New Info: 2/20/19: I wasn't happy with older videos, so I've removed it. I have a new YouTube channel. Link below. My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch
  12. Ran into this issue again last night. Was looking here to see if anyone has found a fix yet. I'd successfully placed it (my throne room) the night before last while preparing for my next YT video, however I picked it back up, along with my parcel, so I could record it. Yet while recording last night I was unable to place it on any parcel yet again. I was getting that slope error. I tried repackaging all items, logging off and back on, and even allowing the server to shutdown again and me relaunching it, but it still didn't work. Does anyone know of a trick that will help or should I just keep messing with it until it sets someplace? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
  13. Wanted to share the first part of my LP series where I will be playing through the game while trying to explain things with everyone as I go. The first couple of videos are directed to talking about the skill trees. (I didn't plan it that way, it just sort of happened lol). In this series I'm gonna be focusing on the path of a human wood-working crafter. (I think it'd be easier to use wood working to help instruct). Also wanted to thank you guys for the constructive advise on my past couple videos. (I'm trying to apply all the advice I've received in these newer vids). 🙂 Hope you enjoy. New Info: 2/20/19: I wasn't happy with older videos, so I've removed it. I have a new YouTube channel. Link below. My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch
  14. @Kraahk thank you very much for pointing all those out to me. I'll make sure to address these in the next videos I do. :-) Even after trying to make it as simple as I could, it's amazing just how much you don't think about saying when trying to cover it all. :-p Thanks again.
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