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    IRL: I love gaming, game development, and anything to do with the horror genre.
    In Game: I really enjoy Crowfall. I'm really hoping to find a good group of friends to play with, (can be a bit shy, but get over it quick with a good group), and my main interest is on crafting. Mainly I'm really interested in the Necromancy in the game, and building vessels. I'd love to be part of a good group and helping support them with the best bodies I can.
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    Currently LFG - I'm interested in crafting/Necromancy
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    East Coast USA

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  1. Corrupted Essence is an easy going guild looking to build a player base.  Message for an invite.

    1. Ceegore


      Thank you for the invite.  At this time I've joined a group of people that I believe I can work well with.  🙂 

      Thank you again. 

    2. Devonic


      ok good luck and have fun

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