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    IRL: I love gaming, game development, and anything to do with the horror genre.
    In Game: I really enjoy Crowfall. I'm really hoping to find a good group of friends to play with, (can be a bit shy, but get over it quick with a good group), and my main interest is on crafting. Mainly I'm really interested in the Necromancy in the game, and building vessels. I'd love to be part of a good group and helping support them with the best bodies I can.
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    Currently LFG - I'm interested in crafting/Necromancy
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    East Coast USA

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About Me

My name is David Ceegore.  I’m a husband, father, and blue-collar worker.  I work as an IT professional by day, however my passion has always been in gaming and game development.  Regardless of what I’ve ever attempted in life, (writing, painting, music, etc…), It’s always been the idea of making games that gets my heart pumping.  It’s that…the study of programming, the drawing of pixels, and the struggle with logic, that keeps me up at night, long after my work day is finished.  For the past 10 years, I’ve tried to learn to be an Indie game developer, only to always fall short of producing anything worthwhile.  However, I’ve decided that I simply cannot give up on my dream. One of these days I will create a game/games that other will not only play, but really enjoy.

At the same time, I also do enjoy playing retro games and attempting speedruns.  I’m new to Twitch, however I plan to get started there with that, (mostly Castlevania 1), and playing Crowfall there soon.  I also enjoy uploading videos to my new YouTube Channel… (David Ceegore).  (I don’t have a link yet as I’m new, but you should be able to find me by name, if interested).  On that channel, I talk about my love of the horror genre and gaming in general, along with anything else that interest me.  I do all I can to be friendly and meet other like-minded individuals that share my passions.

My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel

My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch



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